Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Smirnova to Ken (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Ken,
I am so pleased that such a sweet and charming man like you got interested in me. You have made my day today and I am looking forward to get to know you better. I feel so excited about writing to a man from so far away. I have never done anything like that before. I broke with my last boy-friend in April, 2003 and have been single ever since. I have been advised this way of meeting by one of my friends. She met her husband on line and now they are happily living together. I have read your ad and I do like very much what you wrote in it. You sound like a very good man and I'd love to stay in touch with you. I know we are living in two different countries, so far away from each other... but that does not mean we have to start looking for that special someone living at a distance of 10 miles only or so. After all, you never know where happiness is waiting for you. Though, I do not put a lot of hopes in correspondence. I have to admit it is a good way to get to know as much information as it is only possible about each other but there are also lots of other ways, which are far better in my opinion. What do you think, say, about having a phone talk arranged? I'd love to talk to you on the phone as it is something close to real, close to normal, rather than virtual and that is all I want. Dear Ken, I apologize if I sound too forward. I have always been open and honest with people about everyting. Truth is always better, no matter how bad it might be. You see, I have heard lots of terrible stories about meeting people via the Internet and although, my friend has proved me wrong, I have no desire to fall a victim to some fraud, therefore I am offering you to have a phone talk arranged. Words will always be words, while human voice is something pretty unique, something that might reflect all the emotions and feelings... Besides, I have always thought it is interesting to discuss something talking to a person for real and that is all I want with you my dear Ken. You know, I understand I have to tell you something about myself but I have no idea what you are particularly interested in, so, I will be short. My name is Svetlana. I was born on January 5, 1980. So, I am 23 years old. I am currently living in Ekaterinburg, Russia. I have spent all my life moving from one city to another as my dad is working in police. I am still living together with my parents as I have not met that someone special, I would love to share all my life with... Hopefully, it will change soon. Anyway, the time will tell.
My Dearest Ken, you can ask me any questions you want. I will answer them all with big pleasure. I do not think I have to conceal anything from you. I am not that sort of person. We have chosen such a special way to find our halves and I think it is not reasonable to conceal anything from each other in such a situation. I have got a few questions for you. Hopefully, you will find time to answer them all. When is your birthday? What has made put your ad on the site? What sort of a relationship are you looking for? What things are the most valuable for you in a relationship, in people? Is there anything you cannot imagine your life without? That would be also great if you could send me as many pics of you as it is possible, Ken as I am sure it will help me feel closer to you my dearest. I am leaving you now for a while but before I finish my letter, I want you to know that it was my pleasure talking to you today and I hope with all my heart we will use every single opportunity to get to know each other really good and probably, it is the beginning of something new, something beautiful and long-lasting...
All my tender kisses and warm hugs,
PS. By the way, my personal e-mail address is

Letter 2

Hello my dearest Ken,
You can't imagine how pleased I am to get such a lovely and warm letter from you today. I apologize for being a few days late with my reply. Unfortunately, I have no permanent access to the Internet. But I hope I still have chances... you sound so sweet to me Ken... You know, I was wondering all the time, whether you will write me or not. I must tell you that I'm seriously attracted to you with such a wonderful feeling in my heart. When two hearts meet for the first time, there must be an attraction and I can tell you that it is there for me. Certainly, we will need to get to know one another better and I definitely want to know all about you. It is sad we cannot talk at the moment but I will wait as I am sure it will be nice talking to such a charming man like you. I can give you my cousin's phone, just in case. It is 7 902 84 12553. You see, I have neither computer, nor phone at home. I normally come to my cousin to use it. I am very often here as we are very good friends. She is one year older than me. By the way, I have attached a picture of us together in this e-mail You know, my dearest, I am grateful to you for the opportunity you have given me to know you and maybe some day we can develop it into something beautiful and real, something long-lasting... I feel it is time for me to settle down. I am tired of being alone, I am tired of lonely nights and days... I can't say I'm an unhappy girl. I think my life is great. I have got so many friends... My parents are wonderful people. But it is not everything to feel complete. I am sure you will understand me my dearest. I think I read your e-mail million times and you know, I have got the feeling as if I myself wrote it because there are so many thing we agree upon and I am sure we will find even more... So, hopefully, we'll stay in touch and see as to what might come out of it.
I hope this letter finds you enjoying the day. Thinking of you...
Warm and tender thoughts of you my dear Ken,
PS. I am sorry I forgot to answer your questions. I am currently working as a teacher in school. I adore my job. It was my dream to work with kids but I have also dreamt of becoming a visagiste/hairdresser. But unfortunately, I had no chance to study all those things professionally. So, it is still a dream of mine only.

Letter 3

Hello my sweetest Ken,
I am so sorry for being unable to write you before. I have had such a crazy week. I am working in school, teaching English and holidays are coming up and there are so many things I need to do, paperwork and etc... I adore working with kids but paperwork is dull and boring. I just had no time to come to my cousin and check my mail box. Besides, the weather is awful here today. It looks like our autumn is over. It has been snowing all day long and the temperature is freezing. I am afraid even to think as to what is waiting for us ahead.. We have got winter six months a year normally and it makes me so sad that warm days are over and now I have to put on a lot of clothes to keep myself warm. The day today is grey and cold. I hate going outside in such a weather but I had to. My sweetest Ken, you have really made my day with your lovely and warm e-mails! Thank you for your photos. Why do you think I might laugh at your pics? They all are great. I like the one with long hair particularly. Hopefully, you will send me even more... You are such a sweetheart, Ken. It is terrible I have kept silence for so long. I enjoyed reading your e-mails. I think I read them all million times. You are such an amazing person, so sweet and so romantic... I feel that we have much in common. You make me so happy my sweet Ken. You have sparked something inside of me, something that I have never felt before. Believe me when I say it is a great feeling! You know, I used to believe in love at first sight, now I also believe in love at first reading. I just hope now we will arrange a phone talk soon. I am sure it will be wonderful to talk to you on phone. Please let me know when we can do it, my darling. I do like you Ken and I hope with all my heart this feeling will grow into something beautiful and long lasting...
I am looking forward to your reply.
I kiss you with all my tenderness I feel for you,
PS. You asked for my address, darling. I can give it to you. It is not a problem. I have nothing to conceal from you my sweetest.
620 000
Blyuhera Street, 55a - 248
Svetlana Smirnova ( that is my full name )

Letter 4

Hello my darling,
My working day is finally over and I can write you again, my sweetest Ken. Thank you very much for the photos. I am going to have them printed tomorrow and take to my home so that I could look at you whenever I want. Your cats look cute. You know, I have also a cat at home. She is cute. I will try to send you some pics next time. Ken, I am so happy to know that we can have a talk for real soon. Once you have your phone available, could you please give me the day and the time convenient for you to call me. I am so impatient to hear your voice darling... My sweetest, I really feel something for you. It is wonderful and I do not wish it to end. I think about you all the time. I always want you near and it is amazing as we have yet to meet each other, if all is ok between us. But anyway even when we can't exchange e-mails, I find myself daydreaming about if we were to meet or what the future could be like. It is hard to say what our future holds for us, but Ken, I want you to know as GOD as my witness that I am very serious about you and I feel you are the one for me. I hope you understand my feelings for you are true. I want them to stay that way and never do I want to give you mixed signals or make you feel that you are anything less than important to me. I hope you can understand what I have been trying to say. Sometimes when I feel things strongly it may not come out exactly as I feel it, but I do hope it gives you some understanding. I hope you have been having a wonderful day. Thinking of you always...
Love and tender kisses,

Letter 5

Hello my sweetheart,
I am so sorry I could not write you earlier. It has nothing to do with you Ken. One of my friends had a birthday yesterday and I was just too busy all day long, at work first and at my friend's house later in the evening. For that reason, I could not come to my cousin and write you my darling. You cannot imagine how surprised I was yesterday when I came to my house and found flowers from you. Thank you very much my darling. It was such a pleasant surprise for me, Ken. You are such a sweetheart! I just cannot understand as to how I could be that lucky to meet such a tender and caring man like you. I do apologize for the confusion with flower delivery. It was my grandmother. Unfortunately, I could not be there because of my friend's birthday. I am so sorry about it my darling. I really feel upset because of that. By the way, this is untrue that I am not living over there. I do not understand why they wrote it to you. My darling, you have done nothing wrong and I hope you are not angry I could not write you immediately. My sweetest, I do like you very much and I hope with all my heart we will continue our correspondence. You have become so precious to me Ken and I hope with all my heart it will work out between you and me. Please let me know if you can call me on Saturday, 7pm my time? I will be waiting for you my sweetest. You cannot imagine how impatient I am to talk to you for real. I want to know you are for real, my darling and not just a dream... I often think that you are too good to be true... You are the most amazing man I have ever met in my whole life...
I adore you Ken,

Letter 6

My sweet adorable Ken,
You even cannot imagine how much happy you made me feel by calling me on Saturday! I am sorry I am writing you today only but the Internet was not working properly and I could not send you a letter. My dearest, I hope we can have another talk soon. My sweetheart, I feel so good now as I do not remember if I have ever been happier. Your voice is magic indeed I kept thinking about our talk all that time... I am blessed to meet such a man like you my darling. I feel my dream is coming true and you are my man. I have never met anyone as tender and sweet as you are! You know, a few days ago I could not even imagine I am able to tell a man all these things. But you have become so special to me honey and I just hope now that we will make it all come true. I know it might sound strange to you since we do not know each other for a long time. It is strange to me to some extent but I do not care. The most important thing for is what we feel for each other. I like you so much Ken. I am sure you can understand me my dearest as well as we have understood each other by phone. You are so serious, so sweet and charming and I am sure you will not hurt me. My heart is yours only now...
Please write me soon darling.
I kiss you with all my tenderness I feel for you,

Letter 7

My dear sweet Ken,
I miss you, miss you, miss you...... It is terrible I cannot talk to you every day. I need that but I can't unfortunately. I just do not understand why life might be so unfair. But my sweetheart, it is such a pleasure for me to come to my cousin as I am sure that I will find your incredible letters in my mail box. Ken, your loving words are what I have always wanted to hear in my life. And you are not a fool. You do not sound silly. I so much love the way you are my sweetheart... your care, you love, your gentleness... I wish I could look into your eyes, finally, and see the smile that is upon your face. For us meeting must be destiny. And you know that by now I love every thing about you. I can hardly wait a day to talk to you, to be with you for real... I know I will be overwhelmed with joy when we do meet. I am looking forward to that special day, my dear sweetheart! I feel our lives will be changed, and a new wonderful beginning for us both will start. The dreams we have dreamt will become reality and the excitement will not cease. The love and the care will never stop and as the years go by, we will grow to love and respect each other so much more These thing I say are real and true. These are things I have felt from the bottom of my heart, and only now can express it with you. I am a romantic girl, and I adore you for who you are, Ken. I wish us to be together. I feel my darling that we are already a great support to each other... We are always here for each other and I hope it will stay the same in future... I wish you a very nice weekend. I wish I could be there with you my dearest Ken. In my heart and in my mind, I am always with you but you cannot imagine how much I want it to be real one day soon. By the way, my sweetheart, can you call me on Sunday, 11 PM my time? I will be waiting for you my darling. Love and tender kisses,

Letter 8

Hello my sweetheart,
I am so sorry to keep you wait for so long. My cousin was pretty busy for the last few days and I just did not want to disturb her. I am so happy I can finally write you my love. I missed you, your letters, talking to you... I need you like air to breath... I need you for real my love. You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed reading all those beautiful letters you wrote for me. I am going to have them printed. I so much like read all your e-mails over and over again... This is such an amazing feeling, Ken! I feel I am falling in love with you and it is so deep as I do not remember if I have ever felt that way before. I love you Ken. I feel it very deep in my heart and soul and I am pretty sure you are the man I have been looking for so long! I just hope we can meet each other as soon as it is possible. I do understand that it is going to be quite complicated for me to get a fiancee visa. I was also trying to get to know some information and it is really hard and is going to take a lot of time. I am glad to hear you can come to me in January or February. This is certainly amazing! But my darling, I have found out that I can come to you sooner, if we apply to the travel agency. I have been advised that agency by my parents' friends They used to apply to them and everything was just perfect. My love, I have been explained that they can help me arrange my coming to you in two-three weeks maximum and the most important thing is that their services are guaranteed. We can even celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Can you imagine my darling that we can be together so soon? You see, I need a foreign passport and a visa so that to be able to travel abroad and normally it takes a lot of time to have it issued if to arrange everything directly via the Embassy and some other governmental offices over here. But if we apply to this agency, they can do everything fast and we can meet at the end of this year my sweetheart. I have been told that a foreign passport might be done via that agency in four days only. I can be granted a tourist visa with the help of that agency and it will take a couple of weeks only. But the main problem is that their services are pretty expensive for me. To have a passport issued costs 250$ and to be granted a visa that will let me stay with you up to three months costs 485$ and up to six-months costs 670$. But my darling, everything is guaranteed and I will get my documents for sure and in no time at all. I know that it is a lot of money Ken but it looks like that it is the only way for us to meet each other fast and it is my biggest dream and wish and I am sure this feeling is mutual and you want the same, my love. Darling, I have checked everything possible and a tourist visa is the best way out for you and me. I hope that there will be a possibility for us to meet each other soon. I really want it Ken and I hope with all my heart that it is going to happen. I can give you the contact information of the agency in case you want to know something else. Ken, I do hope you can call me soon and we will discuss everything. Just let me know when. I really want to see you, to be with you and never leave you. I do not know why I feel this. I just feel it. My darling, everything in your letters makes the fire inside me grow up and get higher. I feel I love you and if it is a dream I do not want to wake up because it is so sweet and I know that I can make you happy my dearest. I close my eyes and imagine you next to me. It is so sweet. I can feel you. I feel your nice kisses... Wish we were together right now. It is a torture not to be with you and feel so much for you. I feel I am in love. I know I love you, but it is so strange and new for me. I've never felt like that before. I can give you everything I have. I mean there is nothing in my life I wouldn't like to share with you my darling and your every letter assures me more and more. I keep thinking of you and can't be concentrated on anything but you my sweet Ken. And you know what? I am happy about that. I want all the world to know about my feelings and happiness you've given me. Ken, there is so much I want to write you about and tell you and I agree that it would be just wonderful to meet in person and share our most personal feelings and desires. I do hope we can arrange my coming to you soon through this agency and I will fill your life with my love and care that just overfills my heart for you. But my sweetest, I certainly understand that there is too much money involved. You know that I cannot afford it and I will not be able to do it without your help, my sweetest. I just do not have so much money and I am sure it is a lot of money for you too but if we use that agency, we can meet faster my love. Isn't it wonderful? But my love, I want you to feel absolutely comfortable with me and our situation, therefore I have made up my mind to send you a copy of my Russian ID so that you could be sure that I am for real and that my feelings to you are true as well. I love you Ken. I need you and I want us and our relationship to become a reality! I leave you now for a while but I will be awaiting your lovely letter and keep thinking and dreaming about you and I together.
Many sweet kisses to you my darling Ken,



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