Scam letter(s) from Olesya Korgan to Randy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello,my dear Randy!
First of all I'd like to send you the best regards from my parents and sister Natasha. They are very interesting in getting to know you better. I'm very optimistic about our relations, and you? How are the things go on with you? Yesterday evening I thought about you. I thought, what did you have on your breakfast,what did you watch on TV,did you think about me or not etc. I don't know, what's happened,I cannot think about my study at the University at all. All I can do is just to think about love and tenderness. Many of my friends can go for a walk till midnight and kissing no matter with whom. As for me, I don't understand them at all. What can be better, than a dear man's kiss? I guess, nothing compares to this feelings. Do you agree with me? You know, when I re-read your letters over and over again, it seems I can feel your mood and read your thoughts. I'm afraid to hurt you via letters or make you feel discomfort. But I have one thing I worry about. Today the manager of internet cafe I use told me, that the entrance fee I paid for our correspondence is over now. It means, I used to pay for my next letter toyou. I paid 4.59 USD for each letter to you. This price including translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English, operator's services-computer composition,scanning and making photos. But they told me, I can also pay 98.99 USD for unlimited letters per month. Yesterday I discussed this problem with my Mom, but she told me, unfortunately she cannot help me right now, because it's very expensive. She told me:"Olesya, you are already adult and you have to solve your problems yourself". I really don't know, what can I do to continue our correspondence. The price is too high and I cannot afford it myself to pay our letters now. As you know, I'm just a student yet. Anyway, you have my home address, here it is: 91000, Ukraine,
Lugansk city,
Eremenko block, 1/33
To: Olesya Korgan
I really very interested in you, but we have to solve the problem with payment for our correspondence.
I'll be waiting for your quick response impatiently.
With tenderness, Olesya.
P.S.I send you the photo of my parents in this letter
Letter 2
Hello,my dear Randy!
Thank you very much for your care about our correspondence. Now I'm going to the Western Union. I spent a wonderful week-end. Suddenly my friend (former class-mate) phoned me on Sunday and proposed me to go to the river to bath and havw some sunburn. We have a hot weather now. +32 C. I gladly accept her offer, though I had so many things to do. If I was married, i took a decision with my husband!:) To tell you the truth, I wish to have my dear man with me so much. If I had you, we could go to the river together.. I cannot say, that I had so much fun there. Unfortunately my friend couldn't swim well, so we decided to play ball. But our play was over, we started to splash water with each other. We looked like little girls. We laughed so much, if you only could see us!!! If I was with you, I guess we could find something more interesting, than playing water. Honey, after these plays we were very hungry and we used to back home. So, this day was over and I was very tired. But,I was very happy, that tomorrow will be monday and I'll see your letter again.
Waiting for your soon reply.
Kissing you.
Yours Olesya.
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