Scam letter(s) from Irina Matveeva to Eduardo (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi dear friend Eduardo I have received from you the letter and was delighted very much that you have written to me. I do not have in house the computer therefore we can't speak with you on the phone in the future. I have no in house neither computer nor telephone. We with you shall correspond with the help of my girlfriend.She has at home the computer. I shall go to her to write you the letter. She very good man.I think she will allow me to use the computer. My girlfriend has told that it is possible to find the favourite man abroad through the Internet. She sees as me hardly. Therefore has offered me to use the computer. I was never married.Many my girlfriends for a long time already send in marriage for Russian men.But their husbands begin to drink much and to beat the wives.I see that their family break up.Therefore I would not meet in Russia of the worthy man for who I marriage. I think that I can find prince abroad. I have scanned some photos. I hope that after long correspondence we can with you meet. You can not worry. My girlfriend can not read your letters as she does not know the password mine e-mail. You can write to me everything. I apologize that I can not write to you much as I am badly familiar with the computer. To write to you the letter to me a lot of time is required as I very slowly type the text.If I would have houses the computer I wrote to you much more. It is inconvenient before by girlfriend that I shall use constantly her computer. I think you will understand me. In the following letter I shall try to write to you more concerning myself. Eduardo it is interesting to me also to know about you more. I very much would like to see your photo. Write me. Your friend Irina
Letter 2
Hello dear Eduardo. I am very glad that you write me . It is very pleasant to me to read it. I go to the girlfriend every day to see your letters. I live with my mum and brother .His name Sergey. He is 21 years. My father has died but it is a very sad history and I do not want to recollect it. We live three in a small two-room apartment. Near our city the river Volga flows. It is one of the largest rivers in Russia. There it is very beautiful. Did you hear about it? My city not so large but very beautiful. I very much love it. If you want I shall send you a photo of my city in the following letters. It will be very difficult to me to leave my city if you invite me to yourselves. I have been living in this city since the birth. Eduardo do you remember I spoke that now I study in institute? In July I was in holiday. This year in the summer I have entered to institute. As in July i had a rest I has decided this year to enterred in institute. I have enterred to correspondence branch of economic faculty. I very much want to receive the second maximum education to find the best job. With the second maximum education I hope to find the best job. Thus since the first of September I worked In school and study in institute simultaneously. What do you think about it? Whether how you think correctly I has acted? On it I shall finish the letter to you. I think that you will understand about what I spoke you in this letter. I spoke that I very slowly type therefore I can not write to you too much. The god with us.
Letter 3
"Dear Eduardo i have a small problem It is very inconvenient to me to speak you about it and to ask you about it. You remember that I spoke you that this year I have enterred in institute on correspondence branch to receive the second maximum education. I have enterred on paid branch where am necessary to pay 650 $ per one year. I the day before yesterday went to institute and i have said that it is necessary to pay money till december 20 all sum. I was very much surprised. Whether I have asked it is possible to pay only half of sum but to me have answered that is necessary to pay all sum. I did not know what to do as had only approximately 150 $ (it approximately of 4,5 thousand roubles). Whether today in morning I have asked the brother can he give me money but he has said that will give me only 130 $. I know what to ask money the mum the very small salary is useless as at her. I do not know that to me now to do. I do not know where to me to take 370 $. Eduardo what you think in this occasion? Where I can take this money? I am very much upset. Kiss
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