Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Richard,
How are you? Hope you are doing well and enjoying your days.
Today as I write this letter here I have monday 18 September
I would like to share with you how my day went. In the morning I woke up early. I made myself coffee and had a light breakfast to give me energy for the day.
I usually prefer instant coffee with foam, usually Nescafe Crema, do you sell such coffee in your store?
My breakfast consisted of a couple of slices of bread and 2 fried eggs.
I usually have something light for breakfast every morning, usually butter biscuits, cheese and of course coffee!
Then I got dressed and went to work, you already know that I work as a lawyer
Today the day has passed and now I have evening and I had a very busy day in which I deal with various legal issues,
I advise clients and help them protect their rights.
This requires not only deep knowledge of the law, but also the skills of analysis and problem solving. I am so passionate about my work because it provides an opportunity to help people and solve difficult situations. Being a lawyer requires responsibility and a thorough approach, but it also gives me a sense of fulfillment and achievement. I would like to know what you think about my profession and maybe you also have experience or interest in legal matters. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss this topic further. In the evening I decided to spend 30 minutes outdoors as the weather was perfect.
I went for a walk in the park and enjoyed the wonderful views. There were many people walking, sitting on a bench and talking about something or just relaxing.
I even saw someone kissing. I also wanted to, but I do not have a partner with whom I could do it on the bench.
I took a walk and got some fresh air to de-stress after a long day. I am single and I am looking for my other half, because I so want to be hugged and kissed on the cheek and on the lips, and I do not have a beloved man who could take care of me.
I want to meet a man to be happy, I want to spend a lot of time together and I just want to sit together in front of the TV, watch some kind of romantic saga and slowly kiss, getting an unforgettable feeling of love from this.
But I don't have that kind of relationship and I'm single.
It's embarrassing to ask this, but I know that I will regret not asking you about it.
Would you like to sit on the sofa in the evening and kiss?
I think that at this moment you can get a lot of positive sensations. I like to take pictures in the evening and I will send you some photos with me so that you can see me in different images and in different clothes. In general, my day was full of various and interesting moments.
I'm glad I can share them with you.
Tell us how your days are going and what are you planning to do in the near future?
Letter 2
Hello Richard,
Today I checked my email and found your letter. To say that I am happy is to say nothing.
It is with great pleasure that I would like to answer your letter.
First of all, I want to say what day it is today, today is Tuesday here, 19 September.
Autumn has come and when I go to work I see how the leaves begin to turn yellow and probably tomorrow these leaves will already begin to fall and fall to the ground.
The cool season begins in which, as usual, I will climb into a warm jacket and wear it for a very long time.
Here is where I live, and I live in the city of Kara-Balta, maybe you don't remember from which country I want to remind you I'm from Kyrgyzstan. Since I told you where I live in what country, it's probably time to ask you.
Please tell me about your hometown, I am in my country, what habits do you have in your country, what could you learn from the life and customs in your country??? I already told you that I work as a lawyer and my job is to monitor the quality of the goods and at the moment when customers are dissatisfied with the quality, I have to make an examination
and protect my firm's rights because I already told you that I work as a lawyer for a door manufacturing firm.
It often happens that customers buy doors and then hire an installer who has no experience.
and a master without experience tries to install a door but spoils its mechanism and often it fails. I often encounter the fact that people try to save on everything they can.
This is probably because everything has become very expensive and when people buy a door they are looking for a master who could install them cheaper, so recently there have been more cases that a good new door is simply spoiled, and then they say that it was of poor quality, something I encounter daily in my work. So I said where and what I do.
Tell us what you do what kind of work do you do every day?
What do you do to earn the money you live on? I spend a lot of time alone, so I am free to communicate with you and I want to tell you a lot of things,
After a working and tiring day, you always need to put your thoughts in order and calm down somewhere in the park where there is no noise and loud sounds from surrounding people, usually such a place is the nearest park. I was in the park where I saw how many people were walking or rather, they were couples in love who held hands, sat on a bench and even kissed.
I haven’t had this in a long time and therefore I was very pleased to even look at it.
I even closed my eyes when I sat down on the bench, and imagined that one day I would also walk holding hands with someone and kiss.
But now I don’t have a man, I’m a lonely woman, I can’t afford it to kiss someone because I don’t have anyone, I’m alone, I’m very lonely If you saw how I live, you would see that in my soul I am not as happy as I would like to be because I am very lonely and my soul too and I will tell you honestly in the future I would really like to meet a loved one with whom I could share my the joy of your warmth and share with your loved one everything that I have in my soul, perhaps you could become if you wanted it The fact that I'm lonely and I'm going crazy from loneliness, I'll show you this on video
I bought latex clothes for myself, I always wanted to try wearing them,
But now I’m dressed in it, but there’s no one to show it to, only you and me are watching.
There is no husband, and never was, otherwise there would be eyes who could look at me in the evenings so today you can see me going crazy alone,
If I had a husband, I would dress for him so that he could take off my latex.
Do you like latex? And in order to somehow destroy the loneliness and feel a little better, I try to please myself with something, I like to take pictures of myself and shoot videos of myself on which I dress in front of the camera.
I would really like that I had a man who loves me, maybe you can be it.
Letter 3
Hello Richard,
Yesterday I wrote you a letter, but you never received it because you still haven’t answered me.
I don’t know the reason why you don’t answer me back.
I just suspect that my emails are not arriving in the correct folder in your mailbox.
I want to ask you to check all the folders in your mailbox and find my letter.
Please remove my email from the wrong folder and mark it and move it to your inbox.
This way you can receive new emails from me in your inbox.
Today, when I write this letter to you, it’s Wednesday, 20 September.
I am writing you this letter to remind you of myself, I hope that you will answer me soon.
Now I will continue my work. I will think about you.
Letter 4
Hello Richard,
I am glad to receive your letter, I really like the way you write!
What a pleasure to read your letter this morning, your words warm my heart. Did the latest video I sent you shock you?
Did you probably get a heart attack from the video I sent you in my last letter? Yes, I like to dress up, but I do it in secret from other people, I do it at home, you see my latex clothes
I really like to wear latex and stockings at home and take different photos with him
But I can confess to you that I never dress like that and do not go out into the street in such clothes. Because other people might think that I'm not normal or *****.
All my clothes that you see in the photo I wear only at home and these clothes are only for my eyes.
I can have fun like this every night at home.
It's all because I'm single and I don't have a family I don't have a husband I don't have children I'm not in a relationship.
And at home in a calm environment I do what I want. This morning, when I was getting ready for work, I accidentally caught my tights with my nails and accidentally tore them.
What a shame that my favorite tights, which I still felt comfortable walking in, were torn, but that’s okay, now I’ll wear them under my trousers. Now it’s autumn, you need to warm yourself there when you go outside.
Now I’ll wear tights under my pants, I’ll show you today that my tights are torn
I hope you won't be shocked by my photos?
Honestly? Did I shock you? Or were you speechless when you saw my torn tights? I also want to confess to you and I don’t want to hide something from you,
My English is not as good as I would like
You probably want to hear my voice on the phone, to be honest, I would also really like to talk to you on the phone, but due to the fact that I know little English words,
I’ll just be ashamed that I can’t understand skipping your words and not hearing all of them.
But I try very hard and study English so that in the future I can understand well what I hear with my ears. You already know that I work as a lawyer and you probably already guessed that I have a mobile phone.
Yes, I have a mobile phone.
But I can’t give it to you, since this is my work phone and a lot of people who speak the Kyrgyz language call it. If I give you the mobile phone number of my work, then you will call there every day and you will distract me from work.
And even if you call, I will hardly understand what you are saying. Because it's much easier for me to write. Now, when I write this letter, I write many sentences myself, I type them on the keyboard, but sometimes I look at the translator to fully study the meanings of all the words. Why did I decide to study English so abruptly?
I'll tell you honestly here where I live, I'm not quite happy with my life because I'm not satisfied with the salary in my small town.
Since childhood, from an early age, I have always dreamed of living better than everyone else, And when I turned 31, I began to understand even more how life works.
I realized that there are things in life that you need to live and see, for example, I realized that you can live life somewhere in a remote village where your hands will hurt from calluses due to the fact that you have to keep your garden in which I would plant potatoes onions carrots peppers cucumbers and tomatoes,
But for myself, I always always wanted a better life for myself, one in which it would be possible to work in my specialty and receive a good stable salary, which would be enough not to dig the earth in the garden, but to enjoy life and raise children with a healthy husband somewhere abroad. maybe you don't notice but my eyes, what's wrong with my eyes?
My eyes are sparkling with happiness because I met you on the Internet, and I would be even more glad if I could meet you in real life somewhere in your native land.
Letter 5
Hello Richard,
I honestly confess to you that I want to move to live in another country, in which I will receive a stable normal salary several times more than I receive now, because the money that I earn now is not enough for me to live, I don’t have to take small loans, and sometimes pay them back sometimes there is simply nothing to pay so the salary is not enough.
If I still had a family, I would have no idea how you can survive in my country.
I spend all my money on utilities, clothes and food. Since the salary is small, so my money quickly ends.
I know that if I move to live in another country with a normal civilization where the salary is much higher, then I can already start a family, have children, live normally, raise children and love my future husband. I’ll say right away that I don’t think it’s necessary to get married and go to the registry office if I meet a man suddenly it will be you, then I can live without a registry office, but at the same time I would like you and I to have something in common, I want to live as a family and be happy next to my loved one, I keep thinking that you can become this person, would you have a desire to take me and start living with me? The fact is that I already thought about it and came to the conclusion that I could move to live in another country and could get a job and take some other language for training that will be necessary in your country so that I can work in all areas and start getting a normal salary to support our family with you, for example. I can share this salary with my future husband and have a common life.
If you and I lived together, I could earn money and share some of my money with you so that we can have a common life and shop together so we will depend on each other and so we can create our common future together.
What do you say to that, what are your thoughts on the matter? My dear Richard, please don't ask me for my phone number as I'm not sure if I can talk on the phone.
I will be ashamed when you call me on the phone and instead of my voice you will hear only my breathing.
I will try to learn English even better in the near future so that we can understand each other.
Maybe after I learn English even better, I will agree to a call with you, but for now you have to understand me that I don’t want to breathe into the phone, so I’ll better write to you here because it’s much easier for me.
I think you will understand me. Thanks for understanding. I want your day to be filled with joy and happiness, I want you to see something very beautiful after reading my letter, so I will be open to you, I will send you my video
Letter 6
Hello Richard,
I hope you received the video file that was in the last letter.
If you don’t see it and letters with it, then it must be somewhere in your other folder just look at all the folders in your mailbox somewhere in them there should be video and my letter in which when I wrote I put all my emotions What new happened to you on this day?
Autumn has come, I see how good autumn is in its own way.
I see the leaves of the trees starting to turn yellow, and this is that time of year when you can take an armful of yellow leaves from the ground, throw them in the air and take a great photo outside on a sunny day.
It would be nice if you and I could take a photo together like this. What do you think about it? I want to tell you the good news
I want you to be as happy as I am
I have a big event in my life.
I'm tired of working every day. And I really want a weekend.
I looked at my work schedule and see that I can take 14 days of vacation and be free during this time and can fly to you Richard.
I would like to spend this vacation to meet you and get to know you personally.
I want to fly to your country within 14 days. My vacation begins on Monday, 25 September.
I will come to you on the passenger plane on 30 September.
I will fly from Kyrgyzstan from Bishkek city to meet you. I will fly to your country and airport on 30 September.
I want you to be ready to meet me
Schedule in numbers 30 September 2023 - 7 October 2023
And on 7 October I'm flying back to Kyrgyzstan !
We will be together for 14 nights!
Just you Richard and I am Gulnara. I ask you to write me your home address in full;
This is a necessary action, so that I know your name and know where you live in your country Please write to me the name of your nearest international airport?
write me the full name of your second nearest international airport.
I want to see all possible flights for the 30 September. I want to fly to visit you and get to know you personally,
I want to be your guest and I want to see how hospitable you are and I want to see with my own eyes how you treat me in real life.
I want you and I to become friends during my vacation and become more than just friends. I want you to know that I trust you and I want to become more than just friends with you.
Did you watch the video I sent you yesterday?
I want to show you how much I trust you,
Below is a photo from yesterday evening, I think you will be happy to look at my photos? If a man and woman love each other and there is trust between them, then why not take advantage of this moment?
That's why today I want to show you how much I trust you, I hope that you won’t tell anyone that I’m sending you photos of myself in pantyhose?
I can trust you with the most valuable thing I have, right?
And the most valuable thing I have is my reputation, and now my reputation is in your hands.
I hope that you will not show my photos to anyone!!!
My photos and my videos are for your eyes only.
I believe you and I trust you with my property, these are my photos!
Look at them as much as you want!
I kiss you Richard, best regards Gulnara
Letter 7
Hello Richard and good morning my dear friend, into this night with Friday night until Saturday.
I can't sleep and the reason for my insomnia is you Richard.
I tried to fall asleep but it doesn't happen to me, it's all because I'm thinking about how I want to visit you on my vacation. What a wonderful atmosphere I have on this day.
I would like to tell you again about my journey to you.
I will fly to you to meet you in person.
I will fly to you on a plane on 30 September
This afternoon I go to the cash register and buy a ticket for your airport. I have to clarify again.
Write to me again. The exact name of the airport where you will meet me. Write me your name and surname.
I would like to know your full first and last name so I know who I am flying to.
I need your full first and last name just for this. Please write me your full home address.
I would like to plan a route from your airport to your home.
If you don't meet me at the airport, I can come to you by public transport.
I just need to know:
Your nearest airport
Your street and house number
District and city name
Postal code I look forward to seeing you again on 30 September.
I'm waiting that you don't mind meeting me, at your home?
If you don't let me into your house, then I have to spend the night on the street, near your home or looking for a place where I will spend the night near you. Can I trust you? I hope you won't show my photos to anyone.
Because my photos are for your eyes only.
Today I want you to imagine how I change clothes at your home, I even took a few photos of me for you especially for this purpose, so that when you look through them you can imagine me at home, when you open my photos you will see how I change into different clothes, but in the photo you will see how I undress and what I usually take off first.
I have already told you that showing my ******** is unacceptable for me and I confirm my words I do not and have never had a desire to photograph them, since this is still not acceptable to me
But I can send you a photo of me in my underpants, I think that every person has underpants.
I think you also have a photo in your ******* and you can also safely send me a photo of yourself in your *******, because there is nothing shameful in that. In the first photo it looks like I'm wearing a pad, but it's not a sanitary pad.
This place in all tights is called the gusset.
The gusset on tights is a piece of material located between two stockings.
This is an important feature of quality tights for women.
It reduces the load on the middle seam. I think more and more about us, I often have a lot of fantasies about what we could do together, like, for example, we go on a nice evening walk along a river together, everything is comfortable, we shook hands but when a bench came up we took a seat and then what has to come comes, I took you in my arms and don't want to let you go and then I started kissing you beautifully and you returned the kisses, that would be nice, right? I want to show you what awaits us when we are together.
look how I walk in warm weather this year, Last and most importantly!
Write me the name of your airport!
Today at noon on Saturday I buy a ticket to your airport.
So write me everything correctly without errors.
The exact name of the airport, no errors! I'm just glad that in my life who - it appeared, who understands me and shares my dreams. Richard you, my dear.
I thank you and God that we met each other.
I very much wait for your answer to my letter.
Love and Kisses! Gulnara
Letter 8
Hello dear Richard, have a nice sunny Monday.
Are you ready for good news? If so!
Then I will try to describe all the news I have for you today
I'm so glad I have news to share with you today
I bought a ticket to your country, but there was no direct flight to your country.
and I had to buy a flight with transfers. This morning I arrived at the airport to pick up my ticket, which was lying with the airline ticket office employee.
I wrote a letter to the airline company and they booked me a flight for September 30th, all you had to do was come and buy a ticket at the airport building.
And I'm writing to you right now from the airport's Internet café. Now I am writing to you from Internet Cafe at Bishkek Airport.
I am writing you this letter so that you will be happy for me.
The fact that I'm alive and everything is fine with me.
And now I'm waiting for a flight to your country. to your airport My departure will be by plane from Bishkek Kyrgyzstan on 30 September.
as there are no direct flights to your country on other days.
And I arrive at your airport on 30 September.
My plan is that I want to meet you in person.
and spend 14 wonderful days with you.
From 30 September to 7 October I will live in your house or in the nearest hostel.
My return flight to Kyrgyzstan is on 7 October. I couldn't find and buy a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to them was via international airport.
That's why First I fly to Turkish airport, then I fly to your airport.
I would like to introduce you to the details of the flight from Kyrgyzstan to Turkish Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, FRU → Istanbul, SAW
The airline - Pegasus Airlines, aircraft: Airbus A320-100/200
Departs Saturday 30 September, 2023 05:30 local time
Plant Saturday 30 September 2023 08:15 local time
Flight PC-705, tour duration 4h 10m I said that the flight to your airport has transfers
And from Istanbul, SAW I fly to your airport
Understood? I'm so waiting for you to wait for me with open arms and after we see each other's eyes
You take my hand and hug me.
I expect you to give me feelings and emotions that I haven't had in so long.
And I'm waiting for you to say a lot of nice words to me and you will kiss me and smile at me.
After all, your smile and kind words will be the best gift for me. I will send you a video so you can imagine me next to you.
Last night I recorded this video clip especially for you. I have a great longing for you and also many fantasies that drive me uphill unchecked, but I would first like to say what exactly I want. I want to love you without restricting you, appreciate you without judging you, take you seriously without committing to anything, come to you without forcing myself on you,
Give yourself something without expectations. Now I will wait for a flight to your country.
Wish me good luck!
Be patient..See you soon
Your Gulnara
Letter 9
Hello Richard! How are you today my sweet heart?
I have news for you! I bought a ticket flight which will take place this Saturday. You will see me on 30 September.
I will be wearing blue jeans, a black sweater with a white lettering, yellow sneakers and purple luggage. This was good news.
The other news is that... I just returned from the Customs Committee. I was upset today and I don’t know what to do now.
Perhaps you can help me.
My documents will be ready soon, but I was so upset when I was informed that my tourist visa could not be approved.
How can I tell you that I must have the required amount of money for each day of my arrival in your country. I must have 30 dollars every day. I am traveling in your country as a tourist.
In other words. I need to show Customs Committee that I am a legal tourist and have money.
In order for me to be allowed into your country, I need to show that I have this money in my hands.
I really don't know what to do now.
For me this is a very large amount of money.
I am going to visit you for 14 days.
I need to prove it. Show only 420 Dollars. I was so upset about this. I thought for a long time today.
What should I do now. And I came to this.
What I want to ask for is your help. I don't like asking for money.
But I understand more and more.
That the situation now forces me to do this.
I'm embarrassed to ask, but I have to. In other words. You must know an important thing!
You're probably thinking. Am I going to spend your money or something like that?
No. I won't waste your money.
You should know that I just need to show in Customs Committee money cash and that’s all.
I have to prove that I have cash. Therefore, there is no need to spend them. So I'll repeat myself again.
I won't waste your money. I'm going to show Customs Committee here that I have 420 dollars in cash.
And then they give me a guarantee that I will be able to fly to you on 30 September.
They give a 100 percent guarantee. Please if there are Western Union or MoneyGram offices near you.
I ask you to go to the Western Union or MoneyGram office and make a money transfer on my first Name and surname GULNARA KACHKYNALIEVA. You said you would love helping me. I hope this all holds true.
I want to come to you! I ask you to help me!
Don't worry my love is money, I would need something just to show!
When you meet me at the airport on 30 September. I'll give you your money back. You have nothing to lose.
When you meet, the money will come back to you! Send me money via money transfer, because I don’t know how else you can send money to me here in Kyrgyzstan.
I think money transfer is the fastest way. I was at the nearest office and was instructed that the most reliable and fastest way to send money is through the official website Western Union or MoneyGram.
It will be even faster than through the office
Choose yourself through which website you will send me money, send me money via Western Union or via the MoneyGram website Please open the website and register there or Then find the “send money” tab on the website
there you need to indicate which bank you are sending the money to,
As the recipient's bank,
indicate Bakai Bank of Bishkek, it is here located nearby. Bakai Bank
Kalyka Akieva, 57
Leninsky district,
Bishkek, 720010
Kyrgyzstan when sending me a money transfer on the website, please indicate my full name and surname GULNARA KACHKYNALIEVA
After I receive your help, I will go to the Customs Committee and get a green light there.
I won't spend your money, with your help I can only get the green light.
and when we meet, I will return your cash to you personally,
Don't lose them! Because I will return them back to you! So remember this so that I can get your help for my first and last name in Bakai Bank and I ask you to send help with money to me, as indicated in my passport
GULNARA KACHKYNALIEVA And that you would believe my words.
I will send you a copy of my passport to prove that my words are true.
I don't want any misunderstanding between us. Please help me. I am very lonely in this life.
And I have no one but you.
That's very sad.
I want to be with you.
I'm waiting for you to hug me in person at a meeting.
Please help.
We can do this together and I’ll come to you. Promise me you won't leave me now.
I want to spend all the days we have with you.
Take cash in hand and go to office now.
I am waiting for information from you about transferring money to me.
Sending you lots of love and a big kiss
Letter 10
Hello dear Richard,
Yes, I myself did not expect such a turn of events
Please forgive me for having to ask you for help
All of this makes me feel bad and unpleasant
I never ask for help because I do everything myself
Since I am lonely in this life and I am used to doing everything myself.
But now when I faced this problem
I had nothing else to do, how to write you the whole truth about me
The truth is, I can't do it alone without you. I confess this to you when I open your letter today.
then I thought I would see that you sent me help with money.
But after I opened my mailbox.
then I will not find any information from you with a money order. And I also realized that you don't trust me because you think that all women are the same.
And you know what I'm going to tell you. No! Not all women are the same!
I'm not as bad as you think of me!
I'm never the first to ask for help!
Because I'm used to living alone!
Fall asleep and wake up alone!
Wash yourself in the shower in the morning!
I do everything alone!
And now that I'm faced with this problem then you immediately decided that you had to turn your back and abandon me and leave me alone with the problem? How can you even do this to me?
If you were in such a situation and I was waiting for you in his hometown.
then I would definitely find money to help you.
I would borrow this money from a neighbor, friend or relative.
But what are you doing?
You simply refused to help me, but how can you abandon me like that? I'm not deceiving you. I have never traveled to another country.
I ask you to help me. Because I have no one else to turn to!
If you refuse to help me again today!
I just don't know what to do!
Letter 11
Hello dear Richard,
In the letter before last, I noticed that I incorrectly indicated the day of departure from your country
From 30 September to 14 October, all together 14 days.
I didn’t write correctly in the letter before last because I’m very worried about my trip and my hands are trembling and I’m just broken.
So I hope you can forgive my incorrect numbers in the letter before last. I beg you! Be kinder to me!
Do not leave me! and don't throw me out of your life!
I'm not a bag of trash that you can pick up and throw out the door!
I am a living woman. And I have feelings for you!
And I really want to meet you.
My flight to your country is on 30 September.
And I still have some time go to Customs Committee so that they give me permission Please send me help with money today
I ask you for only 420 dollars.
This money is enough for me to get the permit
And then wait for my flight and get on the plane and a flight to you on 30 September. Be kinder and more merciful to me.
Now, right after you read my letter.
Or rather, it is the cry of my soul.
Yes, I wrote to you what is now in my soul.
After you read my letter.
Take the money in your hand and go to the nearest office.
Find Western Union or MoneyGram near you
And while you're there, send me money here to the address that I will write to you. And I'm waiting for you to make a money transfer to my name and surname, how in the passport GULNARA KACHKYNALIEVA GULNARA KACHKYNALIEVA
Mira street, 11
724400 post code
04.10.1991 And send money to this address.
Because I'm here at the airport
And I can get your money right here
Here is the address Western Union and MoneyGram where I can get your help: Bakai Bank
Kalyka Akieva street, 57
city: Bishkek,
Post Code 720010
Phone: +996 312 651 538 And I'll ask you after you make the money order.
Send me a photocopy of the money order.
or make a high quality copy of the document where I could read with my own eyes
How did you spell your name and surname?
What is the exact amount of the transfer. Because I was just here in MoneyGram
And the employee told me that I should know exactly how you spelled your name and surname
Then I need to know the exact amount of the transfer
And I need to see in the document that you wrote my name and surname without errors. I'm not going to spend your 420 dollars here.
I just need to show in Customs Committee
I just have to prove that I have money cash.
that I have within 14 days the total amount is 420 dollars
This is 50 dollars per day, for a period of 14 days. Understand?
All together I need to show $420 usd cash. I'm just going to show that I have cash and all
Immediately upon arrival to you, 30 September, I will refund you immediately in hand, your money.
I'll give you back your 420 dollars!
You don't need to lose anything.
I am waiting for your help with money today
Sending you lots of love and a big kiss,
Letter 12
Hello dear Richard
Today, when I started opening my mailbox, I started searching through all the mailbox folders for the treasured letter with information, in which I would see that you sent money to me.
But I haven’t found such a letter from you anywhere, and I immediately realized that you didn’t send me anything.
You can’t even imagine what my condition was like after that.
I was ready to cry right here in the Internet cafe from where I am writing this letter to you. To say that I had tears rolling down my eyes is an understatement. And so it was.
If you had seen my face at that moment, you would have immediately wanted to hug me, pat me on the back, and soothe my tears and say something nice.
I think that you are an honest person, and I know that you also have a heart, and I still count on your help and support. You probably think that I will spend your money?
No, I won't spend your money.
I am asking you for 420 dollars, just to show Customs Committee that I have cash, and then my tourist visa will be approved and I can fly to you on 30 September.
And as soon as you send me the money, I will write to you the exact time the plane will arrive at your airport.
I ask you to help me in the amount of 420 dollars, just to prove to the Customs Committee that I have cash in my hand. I want to visit your country as a temporary tourist for two weeks, which means 14 calendar days.
And I need to show 30 USD cash for each day you are in your country.
As required by law. All together it will be 420 dollars. Why am I describing all this to you, just so that you understand what goals are needed, I ask you for help.
You won’t even lose this money, but on the contrary, you will get this money back this Saturday, 30 September, because I will fly to you by plane and return your money to you personally.
With your help, you will find me next to you and get your 420 dollars back.
I swear to you, I promise that this is the absolute truth. I will be waiting all day today in the Internet cafe for a letter from you in which I would find a copy of the document where I will see the details of the money transfer.
Please send, I'm waiting!
Letter 13
Hello dear Richard
Today for the third time I open my mailbox and can't find anything anywhere that you sent me help with money. And my joyful and optimistic mood immediately sinks much lower than the ground.
Because I have already done so much to be with you.
But you don't want to understand that. How can you not do anything for me?
I bought a plane ticket
Despite everything, I'm flying to meet you!
But you didn't appreciate all this? I also want to tell you that I won't waste your money here.
I won't waste your 420 USD on rags like *******, shorts or a ***.
I want to write to you so you know why I'm asking for your help. I ask you to help me to prove Customs Committee that I have cash money and then I can continue traveling. and at the meeting on 30 September I will give you your money back.
Because all I have to do is show cash.
That's why I don't spend any money.
I need your money to show cash. and all!
At the meeting the money will be returned to you.
And that means that on 30 September I will give you your money back. I urge you to be kinder and more merciful to me.
After all, when you and I fight and argue with each other,
It could be the beginning of the end of our relationship.
and then I have to be disappointed in you Richard
And then my heart will forever be closed to a man.
Because I want to let you into my heart now and give you an open door where you can come to me.
The way to my heart is open, I have no threshold and no lock on the door for you.
And I ask you, do not stray from the path, give me a chance to let you into my life.
I want to follow this path to the end to get to know you in real life
I urge you to hold on to each other and then we will meet on 30 September. Please take the money in your hand now
Remember from memory where you have an office nearby MoneyGram or Western Union then put your cash, credit card, or debit card in your jacket pocket and go to this office now
And when you are there you have to ask the clerk to send help with money me,
This is the address of Western Union, In this office I can get your help: GULNARA KACHKYNALIEVA
Mira street, 11
724400 post code
04.10.1991 after finding multiple MoneyGram or Western Union offices near you
Go there and don't forget to write my first and last name on a piece of paper.
Please just write on a piece of paper without errors
And when you're in the office, send money to me here
here at this address: Bakai Bank
Kalyka Akieva street, 57
city: Bishkek,
Post Code 720010
Phone: +996 312 651 538
420 USD I ask you to remember this.
That I won't spend it here.
I just need your help to show it. show cash money
Immediately upon arrival to you,
I'll give you back your money!
and you have nothing to lose! Since the money will return to you on 30 September! At our personal meeting! Because just to prove that I have money cash.
And upon arrival 30 September, I will refund you immediately in hand, your money 420 USD
I am waiting for your help with money today
Letter 14
Hello my dear Richard,
if you have a copy of a document from the office or a screenshot that you made a money transfer, please send it to me in expanded form, so that I can read the sender's first and last name, recipient's first and last name, the exact amount and transfer control number. Only if I see it all with my own eyes, only then will I write this information down on a piece of paper and I will go to the nearest office to get your help. My dear, I once again ask you to send me a copy of the document stating that you made a money transfer, because without a copy of the document it will be difficult for me to get your help, since I need to know all the information completely in order to get your help. Because when I’m in the office, suddenly I’ll be asked an awkward question.
and I won’t know the answers to it, that’s why I ask you to send me a copy of the document in expanded form
I will read everything carefully and remember all the necessary information in order to receive your money transfer. Without a copy of the document from the office or without a screenshot, I will not be able to get your help. In order for me to confirm the time and flight number for 23 September,
I need a copy of the document stating that you made a money transfer. I will be waiting for a copy of the document from you stating that you sent me money right now
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