Scam letter(s) from Elena Suvorkova to Paolo (Italy)

Letter 1

Privet Paolo. I am ok. everything goes well.
I hope you are also well. That is good that you study Russian.
I am sure you will be sucessfull in it.
And why are you studing it?
Do you have a serious aim? As for the English, I can speak quite well.
But it can be the problem with understanding.
As you know the prononsiation of every person is different
And can you talk Russian?
Letter 2

Hello my dearest Paolo It is pity that you may not to call me on Tuesday.
but I shall hope for the better. In any case, we shall speak with you.
Tomorrow or some other day. am I right? I hope when you will come back, you will write me about your trip to Germany.
I like to read about other countries Have a succesful trip and a good mood I am thinking about you, don`t forget about this.
I wish some day we shall travel together
Letter 3

Hello Dear Paolo
I missed you really
And didn`t you feel this? Didn`t you feel me near you all the time? I was thinking about you
So I dream to speak to you again.
Can you call me Wednesday at 18.00pm my time? I shall be happy to speak with you
So hope to hear your voice
We shall bisscuss everything by the telephone
you will tell me more about your trip Have a nice day
Letter 4

hello dear Paolo Nice to hear from you again
How are you? As for me, I feel better today
and I have a good mood Paolo, I shall be waiting for your call
But try to call exectly at 18.00 pm or 19.30pm my time
It will be nice to hear your voice tomorrow
the number is +380972265565 As for the distance between Kiew and Lugansk, I do not know this. I know it will take 12-15 hours by train
And why do you ask this? Have a good day
A lot of kisses
Letter 5

Hello dear Paolo how nice is to talk to you
You are really a nice man YOUR RUSSION IS PERFECT I am sure we shall speak again in the nearest time As I have promissed, i write you my adress 16th Line Street 7 / 99
Ukraine my name is Yelena Suvorkova So hope to get some cards from you Have a nice day
I miss you, now more than before the talk kisses Lena
Letter 6

Dear Paolo How nice is to get get the letter from you, so soon after our talk by the telephone.
I like to talk to you. I dream to have the mobile telephone, in such a way we shall be able talk all the days and nights long.
But now the only opportunity is to use my friend`s telephone. So, it is impossible to talk on Sunday because my friend does not stay in the city on weekends.
Paolo, chose any other day and than we shall arrange the time for talk. As for the hearing while our talk, so there were problems with the connection, but not with your hearing :):):):)
I hope next time everything will be ok. Paolo, you asked to find out the information about the opportunity to come to Italy.
So, I have gone to the travel agency and they told me : That it is difficult to get visa to your country.
The problem is that I am a young woman, single one.
The ambessy will not give me visa The only way to go to you is to do everything with the help of the travell agency. So you see, Paolo, there is a chance for us to meet. I have gone to the travel agency and they told me that:
there such tours to Italy:
1. for 8 days - 760$
2. for 12 days - 994$ The agency will make my passport, visa, tickets to the plane All these can be done in 15-17 days But if we want to use the tour that will start before the New Year and end after it, so we must pay for it now.
It is because a lot of people want to go to Italy on Holidays, so nearly all the places in the tour are reserved. So we should hurry in order to book the place for me This New Year can be best holiday of my life and the begining of our real (I mean in the real world) relationships. I shall be happy to spend some time together with you.
It will be nice if you will show me some cities of Italy
Think of all these and write me your opinion. Read everything very carefuly and write me all your thoughts. Yours, Lena
Letter 7

Dear, my dear Paolo Thank you for so warm and honest letter.
Thank you for trust and respect to me.
You must know that it is mutual. I trust you, I know that when I shall come to you, you will do everything in order me to feel comfortable; I know that you will take care of me: that you will not leave me alone; that you are serious about our relationships, about our future.
So I hope soon we shall meet and everything will be understandable for us. Now about the meeting. 1. you are right that the tour for 8 days is better. Firsts because it id the cheapest way, second that it will be really enough time for spending together for the first time. Am I right? 2. We can use the tour from 26th of December till the 2nd of January.
I think it will be best time for you and me.
So it will be not so difficult for me to take the vocation for 8 days. 3. Dear, it is not comfortable for me to tell such things, but you asked to feel free in any thing with you, so: I can`t pay money for the tour. The money that I have , I must pay for the flat and I need to buy some presents for my sister, parents, family for the New Year. So, I do not know wnat to do...
If it is not so much money for you and if you will pay for the tour, it will be the greatest present for me on the New Year, that I have ever got. 4. I have gone to the travel agency and the managing director of it told me that you if you want to send them money for my tour, these can be done in two ways:
1. by Western Union
2.on bank account.
I send you the copy of their bank account as an attachment.
Olena Logvinenko is the managing director of the travel agency. Dear Paolo if we decide to use this tour, we should pay as soon as possible. Can you call me on Thursday 8.00pm my time?
I hope this will be the best time for you??????? Paolo I thank you once more for giving us an opportunity to meet each other. It will be the first New Year out of my country, but I hope not the last With hope Lena
Letter 8

My dear Paolo How happy I was to hear your sweet voice again.
It is always so exciting to talk to you.
You are so nice man.
it is difficult to stay here and wait for going to you
But not so much time is left. I shall be patient Dear, today i was in the travel agency and told Olena Logvinenko
that on Friday she will get money from you. I have explaned her everything. As for the city where I shall stay, it is - Florencia. Is it near to your city? Dear, I shall be waiting for our next talk on Monday.
Have a good weekeng
I shall be thinking all the time about you Kisses, sweet, very sweet
Letter 9

Dear Paolo That was really an awfull night. I couldn`t sleep, all the night I was thinking and only bad things were in my head. Today in the morning I came to the internet club to chek the site , but I didn`t find there anything about me . I am sure the report that you have seen is somebodies ****** joke. And I hope this joke will not spoil all the relationships, all the dreams, all the future of both us.
I trust you and I want you to do the same.
In provement I send you the copy of my passport. Hope it will make you sure, because from day to day I feel more sad. You can imagine how I feel when I need to prove something, when my word, my love is not enough...... You can call me on Wednesday at 7.30pm my time
Hope till Wednesday all the problems will be solved. Today i saw Olena Logvinenko and asked her to book the place for me, and told that you will try to send money on Wednesday (as you told me), so next week she will get the money.
She advised to do it as soon as possible, because none knows how much time will transfering of the money take. But they need money because they must do the documents for the tour, and book tickets. Dear, I hope you believe me now. I have never done this before (profe ) for anyone exapt you.
It is because you are very important for me
Yours Lena
Letter 10

Hello dear Paolo Everything is ok. Money are here We shall talk today and I`ll tell you everything
Yours Lena
Letter 11

My dear Paolo Sorry taht I write you so late. But I tried to find any way out of this situation myself. I can`t solve this problem myself. I asked all my friends to borrow money. But because of such not understandable situation in my country, none can borrow money to me, espesially so big sum. The only way out is to ask for your usual :) I saw Elena Logvinenko and we agreed that you will send money on her bank account as at the previous time.
If you send money tomorrow, so it will be ok. We have a week for transfering.
As I have told you, I need 250$ I can understand that it is rather big money, but we have no the way to go back...only go on.
We shall meet, it is for sure, because my documents are already at the travel agency. Hope to get the news, pleasant one fom you tomorrow.
I shall be waiting for your letter with inpatience Yours Lena
Letter 12

Hello my dear Paolo todaywe shall speak on the telephone, but i came here to write you some news.
So, there is a change in my coming.
I shall come not on the 26th of December, but on the 27th of December.
We shall use the plane Kiew- Rome.
So , I shall arrive to Rome at 6.10pm Ukrainian time
Then the bus will take our group and we shall come to Rimini
What time it will be, i can`t tell you now, but I shall write you later. So, Elena Logvinenko told that the money have come to the bank, so on Monday she will take them.
It is nice that all the cost of the tour is payed now. I am calm. The adress of the travel dream agency is : Sovetskaya Street 4/17
The mobile number of Elena Logvinenko is +380973195070
You can call her Ok, I shall stop, because we shall talk soon
Yours Lena
Letter 13

Dear Paolo I evev don`t know how to say everything to you. I know that you called me yesterday for several times, it is pity that we haven`t talked.
But i had and still have a problem.
Yesterday when i was going to my friend to talk to you, I felt down, it is very slippery , and felt a very strong pain in my leg. One man helped me to stand up, but I couldn`t go, step any more.
He called to the ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. I spent there the whole night and now I am at home. I can`t go anywhere because my leg is broken and i can move only around the flat. My roomate helps me , but soon my mother will come to take care about me.
Another friend, Oleg , brought me the notebook inorder me to write you the letter today.
I don`t want you to have a spoiled holidays, that is why I hurry to write that you can change your plans and go to your friends for the New Year... I know that it sounds very strange after everything you have told me by the phone.
But i didn`t do my best in order to breat my leg and stay at home for the holidays.
You know that tthe tour is ready and i was going to come to you, but I didn`t know that it will happen don`t worry about me...the doctors tell that in a month I shall be able to walk already, so only the most coldest month I shall spend at home I don`t know how often I shall be able to write you, but i`ll try. I wish you Merry Christmas...sorry that I have spoiled everything , but it is not my fault
Letter 14

Paolo it is pity to read your letter. It is pity you think in such a way. You have tried to blame me a lot of time ago, and now you try again. You have hrt me with your words, with everything you have written.
You wrote :'It is better for you to reply to this letter with your apologies " i am writing not to give you appologies, but to tell what has happened.
You are blaming me, even if you don`t know what has happened.
everything i told you, i wrote you was true. and now, during January i was at home with the broken leg. The phone of the friend was stollen in the bus and i couldn`t arrange the talk.
Yes, you can tell:"oh, and why your friend hasn`t written me?"
She has some problems with her privat life, so she has no time for me.
it is pity, but the time plays not on me.
i wanted to contact with you, but i couldn`t go out. we have a terrible weather, and you can see from the tv programmes. We have a lot of snow, and our transport doesn`t work well.
there are a lot of reasons why i haven`t written you earlier. but i am sure you are not going to listen to my reasons, so there is no sense to write you them.
You are going to blame what can i do???????????????
you can continue Lena
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