Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Gibadullina to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
Today I checked my email and found your letter. To say that I am happy is to say nothing.
It is with great pleasure that I would like to answer your letter.
First of all, I want to say what day it is today, today is Friday here, 8 December. I'm going to ask you a few questions. And then I will answer them myself.
I would also like to receive answers from you:
How many relatives do you have???
My answer: I have no relatives. I am alone now.
I don't have any children, I don't have a brother and I don't have a sister. How much alcohol do you drink? I do not drink alcohol.
what kind of alcohol do you drink then?
My answer: I don't like the smell of alcohol at all.
I don't drink anything. I have only tried red wine 1 time in my life, but after tasting the wine after myself, after 5 minutes I got a headache and I lay down on the bed and lay there for half a day.
Do you have bad habits? My answer: I don't have any bad habits.
Do you smoke cigarettes? My answer: I don't smoke and I don't like smoking. I've lived my whole life here in Russia, and I live in my City Novosibirsk.
Since I told you where I live in what country, it's probably time to ask you.
Please tell me about your hometown, I am in my country, what habits do you have in your country, what could you learn from the life and customs in your country??? What do you do at work?
I have already said that I work as a salesman in a cosmetics and perfumery store.
The name of the store is Letual. If you Google, you will probably find the Letual chain of stores.
I work in one of them in my city.
I won’t say that my work will bring me a stable income, but I’m trying to survive on this income but I work for a company and my salary is standard, no more, no less After work, I receive women by appointment and give them massages, this is just additional income to survive in my country, since after a special military operation, food prices and utility bills have increased by almost 40 percent.
Everything just became very expensive. So I said where and what I do.
Tell us what you do what kind of work do you do every day?
What do you do to earn the money you live on? I was in the park where I saw how many people were walking or rather, they were couples in love who held hands, sat on a bench and even kissed.
I haven’t had this in a long time and therefore I was very pleased to even look at it.
I even closed my eyes when I sat down on the bench, and imagined that one day I would also walk holding hands with someone and kiss.
But now I don’t have a man, I’m a lonely woman, I can’t afford it to kiss someone because I don’t have anyone, I’m alone, I’m very lonely If you saw how I live, you would see that in my soul I am not as happy as I would like to be because I am very lonely and my soul too and I will tell you honestly in the future I would really like to meet a loved one with whom I could share my the joy of your warmth and share with your loved one everything that I have in my soul, perhaps you could become if you wanted it The fact that I'm lonely and I'm going crazy from loneliness, I'll show you this on video but there’s no one to show it to, only you and me are watching
There is no husband, and never was, otherwise there would be eyes who could look at me in the evenings so today you can see me going crazy alone,
If I had a husband, I would dress for him in the evening so that he could undress me with his eyes
Have you ever undressed the woman you love with your eyes? And in order to somehow destroy the loneliness and feel a little better, I try to please myself with something, I like to take pictures of myself and shoot videos of myself on which I dress in front of the camera.
I would really like that I had a man who loves me, maybe you can be it.
Today I have a surprise for you.
Today I am sending you my live video clip where you can see my live dance with your own eyes.
just please don't laugh at me
I dance as I can.
I just suffered for a long time trying to send you this video file in a letter.
My email box kept refusing to attach the video because it was too big, and using the application I tried to compress the video and then when it was smaller I was able to attach it. But I uploaded the original video here so you can watch the video in better quality I would like to share these photos with you.
I'm sorry that my photos seem too candid to you. I'm not ***** I'm wearing clothes. more specifically in a swimsuit.
And I am a normal woman and will never send photos of myself without clothes.
Surely you also have photos in which you are wearing swimming trunks?
Send them to me. I would also like to look at you in your underwear. I look forward to your next letter.
And I'm waiting for you to send me your underwear.
or maybe your dance? On video or you show me what you're doing this evening
Tell me about your relatives.
If possible, show me your relatives.
I am waiting for your reply letter
Letter 2
I am glad to receive your letter, I really like the way you write!
What a pleasure to read your letter, your words warm my heart. Did the latest video I sent you shock you?
Did you probably get a heart attack from the video I sent you in my last letter?
All my clothes that you see in the photo I wear only at home and these clothes are only for my eyes.
Although what I wear at home can hardly be called clothes, these are most likely tights, ******* and a tunic, In the morning, getting ready for work, I’m always half dressed. I can have fun like this every day at home.
It's all because I'm single and I don't have a family I don't have a husband I don't have children I'm not in a relationship.
And at home in a calm environment I do what I want. This morning, when I was getting ready for work, I accidentally caught my tights with my nails and accidentally tore them.
What a shame that my favorite tights, which I still felt comfortable walking in, were torn, but that’s okay, now I’ll wear them under my trousers. Having lived some part of life alone and understood the meaning of life
I realized that there are things in life that you need to live and see, for example, I realized that you can live life somewhere in a remote village where your hands will hurt from calluses due to the fact that you have to keep your garden in which I would plant potatoes onions carrots peppers cucumbers and tomatoes,
But for myself, I always always wanted a better life for myself, one in which it would be possible to work in my specialty and receive a good, stable salary, which is enough not to dig soil in the garden, but enough to enjoy life I honestly confess to you that I want to move to live in another country, in which I will receive a stable normal salary several times more than I receive now, because the money that I earn now is not enough for me to live, I can barely survive a month if I only work 1 job, here you simply can’t survive with just one job, that's why I work 2 jobs in rotation every day If I still had a family, I would have no idea how you can survive in my country.
I spend all my money on utilities, clothes and food. Since the salary is small, so my money quickly ends.
I know that if I move to live in another country with a normal civilization where the salary is much higher, then I can already start a family, have children, live normally, raise children and love my future husband. I’ll say right away that I don’t think it’s necessary to get married and go to the registry office if I meet a man suddenly it will be you, then I can live without a registry office, but at the same time I would like you and I to have something in common, I want to live as a family and be happy next to my loved one, I keep thinking that you can become this person, would you have a desire to take me and start living with me? The fact is that I already thought about it and came to the conclusion that I could move to live in another country and could get a job and take some other language for training that will be necessary in your country so that I can work in your country and start receiving a normal salary to support our family with you, for example. I can share this salary with my future husband and have a common life.
If you and I lived together, I could earn money and share some of my money with you so that we can have a common life and shop together so we will depend on each other and so we can create our common future together.
What do you say to that, what are your thoughts on the matter? I want your day to be filled with joy and happiness, I want you to see something very beautiful after reading my letter, so I will be open to you, I will send you my video And you can watch these videos here:
Here are videos with me maybe you don't notice but my eyes, what's wrong with my eyes?
My eyes are sparkling with happiness because I met you on the Internet, and I would be even more glad if I could meet you in real life somewhere in your native land.
Letter 3
What new happened to you on this day?
It's the first month of winter, I see how good winter is in its own way.
this is the time when you can roll around in the snow, throw snowballs at each other and rejoice and laugh together during this exciting process.
and this is that time of year when can you take a little snow from the ground throw them in the air and take a great photo outside on a sunny day.
set a timer on the camera 5 sec and throw snow into the air and have time to take a photo
How do you like this idea?
It would be nice if you and I could take a photo together like this. What do you think about it? Why I want to take a vacation and why I want to relax there was a lot of work, I was simply torn between jobs, I had no energy at all,
You can’t earn all the money, as the famous proverb says, but in order to survive here where I live, I need to work 2 jobs, I had a lot of unpaid bills, and I worked hard to cover my financial debts.
But honestly, I’m so tired of work that I just want to take a vacation from work and take a break from all the routine, I urgently need a break from work. I want to tell you the good news
I want you to be as happy as I am
I have a big event in my life.
I'm tired of working every day. And I really want a weekend.
I looked at my work schedule and see that I can take 14 days of vacation and be free during this time and can fly to you.
I would like to spend this vacation to meet you and get to know you personally.
I want to fly to your country within 14 days. My vacation begins on Monday, 11 December.
I will come to you on the passenger plane on 16 December.
I will fly from International Airport Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk) I will fly to your country and airport on 16 December.
I want you to be ready to meet me
Schedule in numbers 16 December 2023 - 30 December 2023
And on 30 December I'm flying back to Novosibirsk!
We will be together for 14 nights!
Just YOU and I am Kunduz. I ask you to write me your home address in full;
This is a necessary action, so that I know your name and know where you live in your country Please write to me the name of your nearest international airport?
write me the full name of your second nearest international airport.
I want to see all possible flights for the 16 December. I want to fly to visit you and get to know you personally, I want to be your guest and I want to see how hospitable you are and I want to see with my own eyes how you treat me in real life.
I want you and I to become friends during my vacation and become more than just friends. I hope you received the video file that was in the last letter.
If you couldn't find this letter or couldn't open my video, I am sending you my video again only this time in high quality and through a file sharing site Wetransfer especially for large size videos
I hope that you were able to open the link and watch the video with me?
If you don’t see it and letters with it, then it must be somewhere in your other folder just look at all the folders in your mailbox somewhere in them there should be my letter in which when I wrote I put all my emotions I want you to know that I trust you and I want to become more than just friends with you.
Did you watch the video I sent you via the link?
Were you able to open the video from that link?
I want to show you how much I trust you,
I am attaching to this letter photographs from the very evening when I filmed the video for you,
I think you will be pleased to see my photos? If a man and woman love each other and there is trust between them, then why not take advantage of this moment?
That's why today I want to show you how much I trust you, I hope that you won’t tell anyone that I’m sending you photos of myself in pantyhose?
I can trust you with the most valuable thing I have, right?
And the most valuable thing I have is my reputation, and now my reputation is in your hands.
I hope that you will not show my photos to anyone!!!
My photos and my videos are for your eyes only.
I believe you and I trust you with my property, these are my photos!
Look at them as much as you want!
I kiss you, best regards Kunduz
Letter 4
I hurry to tell you the latest news
What would you be about all events.
I flew by plane from Tolmachevo International Airport (Novosibirsk), to Bishkek Airport this is Kyrgyzstan.
And the second piece of news
I just got back from the Migration Committee here in Bishkek. Today at the Migration Office after checking my documents,
It turned out that I did not fill out the migration document correctly, I filled out incorrectly and provided incorrect data and the head of the migration committee issued a fine after my checks, and now I have to show by Saturday that I have money and can pay a fine., my problem can be solved, I just need to show the cash, convince the Migration Office that I have cash on hand
And as soon as I show the cash, the fine will be deducted and then I will have the opportunity to leave Bishkek and continue my flight to you. I really want it to end asap, I'm just asking you to help me now.
My problem can be resolved and I can continue to travel to you. The worst part is that I am in a foreign country.
I did not expect any additional costs.
I don't have enough resources to solve this problem
I can only buy rolls or french fries in the cafeteria
With this money I can only pay one hour entrance to the internet café here at the airport MANAS, because I need to keep in touch with you. I have no mother and no father, I am a single woman.
I have no brother and no sister.
I just have no other option to borrow 470 dollars. So I ask you to help me.
Please help me.
I am very lonely in this life.
And I go to you so that I am not alone.
I want to be with you I ask you for these 470 dollars in debt (borrowed).
I just need your money to show the Migration Committee here.
and when i get to your place this saturday i will refund your money
I swear and promise
I give you my word of honor.
I really hope you will help me today.
Please step into my situation and show sympathy for me. I didn't think I'd have to tell you that.
But apparently it has to!
I ask you to help me. I know asking for money isn't nice, but I have no other choice. I was just here at the nearest remittance office, and I found out that you can help me, can you send me help with money via money transfer
this can be done only by 2 known systems that are here now and they are open. Try right now to remember from memory where you have the nearest Office near you
Moneygram Or Western Union
because here where I am located only these 2 offices are open and I can get help from you with money if you send me a money order only via Moneygram Or Western Union and make a money transfer in my name and surname KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA
Because I can get your money here in Kyrgyzstan country Go there and try to send me 470 dollars today.
send me money by moneytransfer to Bishkek city to Bishkek on my name and surname: KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA therefore, I ask you to send money to me today using these data and this address: FINCA BANK KYRGYZSTAN
Bishkek, 720010
Telephone +996 312 645 031 This is the address where I can get your help
Make a transfer here
Because I am now in Kyrgyzstan country in Bishkek city I know that you will respond to my request, and that you would not doubt the honesty of my words, I want to prove my words, send you a photo of my ticket
This ticket shows that I flew to Bishkek today from Novosibirsk Tolmachev International Airport and am now here.
you can make sure that I am now here in Kyrgyzstan country at the Manas airport.
open the attached photo, and once again I'm sorry that I ask you to send money to me, it's just the only way out now. Remember that I am a woman from Novosibirsk .
I have never been to Kyrgyzstan country and this is the first and equally bad experience of getting to know Kyrgyzstan country.
I will even tell you so that, now I hate Kyrgyz laws. No matter how much I say, how much I dislike Kyrgyz laws and the Kyrgyz government, but that doesn't fix the problem for me, I still have to get out of this problem.
Please help me now, please don't postpone my problem until Saturday. Make a money transfer for me so I can negotiate with the Migration Committee.
With these words, I ask you not to hesitate, for you still have to do for me what I ask. I have just been to the nearest office moneytransfer and consulted with the director and I was told that you can make an online money-transfer to me,
without leaving home, or while at work.
All you need to do is go to the official website of MoneyGram
by my link below, and then follow the instructions on the site.
First you need to register there Try sending money online now
via the official website.
Open the official website and try to transfer me 470 dollars.
I will give you a link to the official website: OR Western Union Once again. When you are there for a personal visit at MoneyGram office or Western Union office then you must have my full name and surname with you
I ask that you make a money transfer in my name and surname:
KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA amount of 470 dollars, and send this money to Bishkek city here in Kyrgyzstan country.
And then I can get your money here at the Bishkek airport, it is called MANAS Airport.
And upon arrival to you, I will return your money back to you, you have nothing to lose, because I will return your money back to you on 16 December. Don't leave me here alone and don't leave me alone
I want to fly to you on Saturday 16 December and I will patiently wait for the flight to meet you and when I'm with you I feel like a stone wall.
Cause you're the man I've been waiting for all my life
Kind regards and send you a big kiss, Kunduz
Letter 5
Hello my dear,
Sorry that I didn't answer you as quickly as you wanted, today I just fought for our meeting, but due to the fact that today I could not get permission
Due to the fact that the plane took off, I had to change my flight to another day
I acted wisely, and I was at the airport ticket office and asked the employee at the cash register and they changed me and the ticket office agreed to change for free, but only the choice of free flight change was only for Wednesday, December 20
when there is a flight to your airport.
Now I have a ticket for 20th of December 2023, now I have more time left. Because I did not fill out the migration card correctly.
A restriction has been placed on me
Restriction on leaving Kyrgyzstan country.
I just had to show cash.
And when I show the money. Then I can immediately convince customs that I have money and can pay a fine.
And then the customs authorities immediately lift the exit restriction.
And then I can safely leave Kyrgyzstan country
And a flight to your airport to give you your money back. I cried at the thought that we are still not together.
And I feel so bad without you
I really want to hug you and hug you to your chest.
I know that your and my patience is running out!
But I ask you! Stop! I miss you!
your wife Kunduz
Letter 6
Hello My dear, Yesterday was is my birthday, but I still haven't received your birthday wishes from you.
You probably just forgot about me, but I won't fall down, but I feel bad now because I consider you the most dear and close person I have now, even now when I have not received a birthday greeting from you.
Congratulations to myself 🎂🎀🎉 with yesterday Happy Birthday, I think this is also possible. Happy Birthday to Me🎂🎀🎉 may God bless me with a brighter future, good health and long life.🎀
It would be better if you were next to me now.
It would be better if you wished me a happy birthday, but you still haven't done it.
Well, since you didn’t congratulate me on my day, then I’ll do it Wishing me a Birthday in this December 16.🎉 Kunduz💋💋💐🌹❤️💕
Letter 7
Today when I started writing this letter here Monday 18 December
I'm sorry that you didn't receive many letters from me yesterday,
I stood all day yesterday in queue at Migration Committee
I needed to get permission, and I was released only in the evening, and last night I went to the Internet cafe here at the Manas airport, I wrote you 2 letters, I hope you found and read them???
And after that, last night the Internet cafe was closed for a technical break and I couldn't write to you earlier from it
And just this morning on Monday, 20 December,
Internet cafe is open again and there will be no more technical break Today I cried all night and my hands were even shaking from grief, this is all because we are not together
This night you can say I didn’t have it, because I didn’t sleep all night, I just suffered here all alone
I wanted so badly to sleep. And I wanted to sleep soundly. But I didn't succeed.
That's all because I don't have any money for a hotel. Two things in my head now that I dream about this is to fly to you as soon as possible, and I will finally do it on Wednesday 20 December, and upon arrival I will hug you as a dear and close person to me.
This is the very first thing I want to do for you and me and the second thing I dream about now is
I want to wash myself in a warm bath, take off all your clothes and lie down in a warm bath with water and wash yourself for an hour in the bath.
I am wearing underwear, which is high time to take off and put on clean *******, socks, and an ***.
it is also necessary to wash all the clothes that I take off because I like to wear only clean clothes I want to wash my head and my hair with shampoo and put on a clean robe after the bath
Do you have a bathrobe? And I think that this week on Wednesday my wish will be granted.
let's be patient together and together we will wait for Wednesday 20 December and then together we will go through what I wrote in a letter today. I think that you also have thoughts about which you now want to tell me?
If you have such thoughts, I would love to hear from you?
just write me back, a reply letter and I will read your letter with pleasure I want to remind you one more time. I changed my flight to on wednesday 20 December.
And Wednesday I'll fly to you. To your airport
I couldn't postpone my departure to an earlier day.
only the choice of free flight change was only for Wednesday, 20 December
All I could do was change my flight to on wednesday 20 December.
Letter 8
Hello Dear,
Today when I write this letter to you here is Monday and here is 18 December.
What day are you having when you received this new letter from me? Since I did not have time to fly to you as planned from the very beginning, so I asked at the airport airline office to change my ticket for the last time
Thank God the cashier changed my ticket, absolutely free
And I can fly to you on 20 December, and then we will arrange a party - Meeting day.
and so we will celebrate day - The day we held hands!
I think that you and I will sing songs together, and then we will eat something delicious, such as cake or other delicious foods.
And then we will celebrate Christmas Eve and other holidays associated with the New Year together. I know that your mood drops and you feel uncomfortable because I change my flight all the time, but I won't change my flight anymore this is the last time
You should know that I still have the ticket in my hands and I will be flying to you this Wednesday. I start my flight from here and I take off first thing from Manas airport
Then I fly to another airport to change aircraft.
And so gradually, with transfers at other airports, I fly to you. I now want to introduce you to the details of the flight that I know at the moment.
I am leaving this Manas airport this Wednesday and my first flight will Wednesday be early in the morning.
So there's not much time left and I'll be flying out of here Manas Airport, Bishkek city, FRU - Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen,SAW
The airline - Pegasus Airlines
Airplane: Airbus A321
Departs 20 December at 06:20 (local time)
Landing 20 December 09:15 (local time)
Flight PC-701
Flight Duration 5h 55m Then I'm from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, I'm flying out for a transfer to the next airport Then I land in Dusseldorf, Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen, SAW - Dusseldorf, DUS
The airline - Pegasus Airlines
Airplane: Airbus A321-100/200
Departs 20 December at 13:30 (local time)
Landing 20 December at 15:00 (local time)
Flight PC-1003
Flight Duration 3h 30m and then from Dusseldorf I fly to your airport. And the last plane to land at your airport on 20 December is this Wednesday I'm just writing you these flight details so that you know the time when I start my flight from here from Manas Airport.
My flight starts on Wednesday and I start my flight from Manas airport.
and I'll fly to for a change flight
And I'll wait to meet you Kunduz
Letter 9
Hello my dear,
I have news that I want to tell you
I just got back from Migration Committee.
There when I was in Committee
I tearfully asked for my fine to be reduced
They saw how upset I was and I said that I really want to get to know you and I said that it was my first time when I travel somewhere so far and that I can be forgiven. Because I accidentally did not fill out the migration card correctly.
said I had never been to Kyrgyzstan and this is my first time
I said I have a boyfriend and that's you
I said we will have a family with you soon
I said that I come to you.
And only because I know you
I was reduced the size of the fine.
Due to the fact that I did not fill out the Migration Card correctly.
A limitation has been placed on me
Restriction on leaving Kyrgyzstan.
I just have to show the money.
And when I show the money.
Then I can immediately convince the customs authorities that I have money and can pay a fine.
And then the customs authorities immediately lift the restriction on leaving this country.
And then I can safely leave Kyrgyzstan
And a flight to your airport to give you your money back. I just don’t have anyone in the vicinity and I don’t know anyone here.
I don’t know anyone and I don’t have anyone to ask for help,
I ask you to help me, I am asking you for only 300 dollars. I have just been to office of MoneyGram
And I got acquainted and learned everything in detail about international money transfers.
And it turned out that the easiest way to send me money is if you make a personal visit to their office Here I am writing you link to addresse on the Internet, on link you can find where you have MoneyGRam
Just enter your home address in the search bar. Open: Now take 300 USD in your hand and put it in your pants pocket and walk or drive to their office that you found near you.
Only MoneyGram
And through the office to send money here to Kyrgyzstan
I ask you to send money on my name and surname: Recipient:
Surname: CHOLPONKULOVA My phone number +79961008271 I ask you to send money here
this is the address of the office COMMERCIAL BANK KYRGYZSTAN
Bishkek, 720073
Country Kyrgyzstan
Telephone +996 312 511 834
Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Amount: 300 dollars US (USD) In this foreign country Kyrgyzstan, I simply have no one near me, and I feel very lonely.
I don't know anyone here who I could turn to for help and support. You are so important to me and I believe that you can help me.
I really need your support and understanding.
Please be by my side during this difficult period.
You are my rock and I sincerely hope that you can help me overcome this feeling of hopelessness.
Letter 10
Hello dear,
I just opened my mailbox and realized that you did not send me help as I asked you yesterday
I even send you a photo of myself where you clearly and clearly see that I am after a shower and I wash all parts of my body for you,
You didn’t even care that I was making a photo report for you so that you could make sure that I was telling you the truth I was without a shower for a long time and I had to buy a room with a shower and I am sending you proof of my words
I was broken today because you didn't send me anything. Due to the fact that I did not receive your money transfer, I was forced to go to the airport ticket office yesterday and ask to change the flight to another possible day, and thank God the airport employee at the ticket office was able to change my flight date to another possible day I can fly to you 20 December at your airport.
And on 20 December we will meet with our eyes.
The truth is that is great the news
We will have many beautiful days Together.
And we will have many happy photo together which we will print together and hang in a frame on the wall
just YOU and I am Kunduz I have to stand in a long line all day in Migration Committee.
Do I only receive the latest news
Due to the fact that I couldn't receive permission, because you didn't send me any additional help
I had to change my flight for Wednesday 20 December.
This is the last time! Because the possibility of others not.
The arrival time and flight number is the same.
I fly the same flight. On which I should fly today So please don't get nervous, everything will be fine.
Be patient, people sometimes make mistakes, it happens and nobody does it on purpose, my dear. I want you to make sure that I was on the plane, I am sending you a video of me after I got off the plane and walk through the airport building when I was on the plane, the commander of the aircraft spoke into the radio that it turned out that my plane was at an altitude of 11,000 meters above the ground, I didn’t know that the plane was flying so high
I'm at the airport now Now I have to wait patiently for Wednesday 20 December, I want to immediately upon arrival at your home almost in your shower room, then wash all parts of the body so that you can leave the shower like a new person
I expect you to wipe my body with a towel immediately after showering.
Then I put on my robe and go into the room where you will hug and kiss me.
That's what I want most.
Let's wait patiently for Wednesday, 20 December. and on that day I will come to you.
And you and I will kiss each other all day long, these will be the most romantic days of our lives. I know that your and my patience is running out!
But please be patient
I’m not made of steel either and I’m still very nervous, and this is all for the sake of our romantic evenings with you
I love you! kiss kiss your lips
Letter 11
Hello honey,
I don’t see a letter in my inbox containing a screenshot and photo copy of the money transfer for me and this means to me that you threw me out the door like an unnecessary bag of garbage.
I never thought that this could be done to me. But you already did this to me.
Imagine if you were feeling bad and I turned away from you, what would you think of me then? You did not appreciate the fact that I bought a ticket with transfers from Novosibirsk and then a flight transfer from Kyrgyzstan, and then from Kyrgyzstan I must fly to you on 20 December, fly to you at your international airport.
You didn't appreciate the fact that I spent my personal savings on buying transfer tickets,
After all, there is no direct flight to your country, and in these difficult times, direct flights no longer exist! The fact that you turned your back on me and threw me out the door like a bag of trash,
With this act you gave up many things.
By this act, you refused intimacy, kisses, hugs, taking a shower together, sleeping together in the same bed, from morning breakfast and evening dinner, from walking hand in hand through a picturesque park, from shaving together in the shower, from any ****** fantasies in bed, be it regular *** or dominance, I listed only a small part of what you yourself abandoned by your behavior and your non-actions. Because you didn’t help me and thereby showed me that you don’t need me, by doing this you showed me that you are not interested in me as a person, as a living girl who wanted to be with you. There won't be *** if you ignore my request for help.
I don’t know what other words are needed for you to hear me.
If you don't help me then you will be alone on Christmas You will not just be left alone, and you'll spend Christmas alone since I already guessed that you are not interested in everything that I write to you and it will be better if I stop writing altogether. I won't fly to you on a plane because you didn't send me money.
Moreover, I already told you that I will not spend a dollar or a cent of your money, I would return everything back to you when we meet.
Well, where else can you find such a responsible person like me? Probably nowhere! With your help you will only help me get permission
Find a way and send me money today
Find any MoneyGram office convenient for you and send me money
The most convenient and surest way to receive your help is if you send it to me through the MoneyGram office closest to you. Find MoneyGram and send money help to me today. Don't forget to send me a photo copy of the document in which I can see all the details in detail.
When we're alone at your place, we'll do whatever we want.
Anything! If it's ***, then it'll be ***! Every person on the planet has ***!
Why won't we do it, who said?
Just find any way and send me money now!
I'm waiting!
Letter 12
Hello dear,
How will we hug and walk hand in hand in the park tomorrow, Wednesday?
Did you even know that Wednesday 20 December, this day will come tomorrow
If I do not see in any folder of my mailbox that you made a money transfer to me, then for me this will mean that you don’t want to meet me and you don’t want to celebrate Christmas with me Now I'm trying to find a letter in which I would see the information contained in it about a money transfer for me
I'm trying to find information worth 300 dollars, but I can't see you doing what I asked you to do. Do you have a copy of the document in the amount of 300 dollars???
the document in which you made a money transfer to me only through Moneygram or Western Union?
Do you have a document confirming the fact of payment and sending help with money to me? Are you even planning on dating me?
I look forward to 14 days of romance awaiting you and me, celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year together.
I haven’t had a man for a long time and I expect that you and I will have many *******. How can I let you have an ****** if you still haven't sent me help with money?
Understand that I am asking you for money, not in order to buy myself *******, a dress, or something else, I need your help so that I can show the Migration Committee that I have cash and that I can pay the fine, and I agree with the director of the Migration Committee, that after he sees that I have cash, he will immediately cancel my fine, and then give me permission to leave Kyrgyzstan country. I know that you do not trust me all the time, and as proof of my words, I am sending you a photo of myself
Today I rented a hostel to wash off all the dirt that had accumulated on my body, to confirm my words, I am sending you a photo of myself in new, clean underwear, I put on this new blue, clean underwear as soon as I washed all parts of my body at the hostel.
I am sending these 2 photos to you as confirmation that I am indeed still here in Kyrgyzstan and I am still going to fly to you, but it will be as soon as you help me this time I am waiting for a transfer to another plane, only before that I need to get permission , and cancel my fine.
Now open your eyes wide, but before that open the attached photos. Which I have attached to this letter today.
I'm just asking you for 300 dollars for help. Please send me a copy of the document from Moneygram or Western Union in which I can see that you make a money transfer in my name and surname KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA transfer for the amount of 300 dollars. And I can get your help here without leaving the airport MANAS When you take a photo of a document with a money order, then show me how you wrote your first and last name, because it is necessary to know in the office, take a picture of how you wrote my name and surname, no mistakes
Correctly should be so.
And take a photo of the exact amount to receive.
Suddenly you changed the currency, and I must know for sure too.
In other words, I must know everything for sure and nothing should come as a surprise to me, I must be prepared when I go to the office to get your help for me. I really hope that you will not leave me and you are ready to celebrate this My birthday with me.
I'll be happy when I'm next to you on The day of our meeting
we will bake a birthday cake with you and we will dance and have fun during the holiday. I together with this letter send to you my kiss on the cheek and lips and I am looking forward to your reply.
Letter 13
Hello dear,
Today is Wednesday and today is December 20th, today is the very day when I was supposed to fly to you and start boarding the plane for the first time
But I looked in my mailbox and I didn’t find anywhere that you made a money transfer as I asked you
I immediately realized that you were not serious about me, because you did not appreciate my efforts and efforts and everything that I did for you.
Your inaction for me tells me otherwise and shows me how you really feel about me
Notice that I didn’t buy myself outerwear, I didn’t buy myself anything that I wanted for the winter, instead I spent this money on buying a plane ticket and a flight to your country
But where is your help for me when I need you so much?
You haven't done anything for me to make sure that you're serious about me?
Obviously you're just playing with me and you don't take me seriously, I'm like your errand cat. You play with me with a candy wrapper and promise me something that you cannot do for me. We meet you at your airport and I will give you flight details only after I make sure that you sent me the money
You don't send money, this tells me that you are not a serious man.
And you don't take me seriously
If I saw that you made a money transfer in my name and surname, then I would understand that you are a serious man and of course I would be sure that you are not playing with me and at that same hour I would have written the rest of the flight details
Letter 14
Hello dear,
I read your letter very carefully and you know what I understood, I understood the fact that you don’t believe or trust me, and all because someone has already asked you for money, and now you think that I'm just like them I give you my word of honor and dignity that I am not like them and I will never betray you for money, I will not exchange love for money
Since money is nothing in our life, and no money can replace when 2 people love each other.
If they offered me money, I would refuse it and choose love!
Yes! I choose to live happily ever after with you.
because if we are together, it cannot be measured by any money
Since our feelings cannot be measured by money, our love has no price, our love is priceless. I'm sorry that you had bad experiences in the past and that you lost trust in women.
I just want to help you make your choice, and I want you to finally understand that I am coming to you and am determined to stay with you for 14 days.
I'm not going back. I don't want to go home. I'm still here at the airport. I have tears in my eyes.
For all your suspicions to be dispelled, you must see a video with me.
This video is for you I want you to help me and I will fly from here and fly to you this Saturday, 23 December. Please believe me and trust me, because if you don't trust me all the time, then nothing good will come of it, please trust me, and I swear to you that I will not let you down, you.
When you meet me, you will understand that it was not in vain that you sent me the money
Please find an opportunity, help me.
I promise you that I won't waste your money here,
I'll just show that I have cash and the fact that I can pay the fine, and only after I show the cash, will the Migration Committee immediately cancel the fine for me and make sure that I have the money and that I can fly to your country this Saturday 23 December
I want you to decide now through which office you can make a money transfer?
Can you go to the office in person?
Do you have an office nearby where you can make a money transfer in my name and surname?
Answer me quickly
Letter 15
I search through all the folders of the mailbox for a letter from you, but I have not found a letter with information anywhere, in which I would see that you make a money transfer as I ask you.
And since I didn’t find any email with information, it meant to me that you still didn’t send me money. So I ask you not to leave me here alone in a strange city, And especially in a foreign country
I beg you and I beg you, help me please send a money transfer here on my name and surname KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA I found out today that you can try to send money to me online.
There is such a site Remitly
there you can register and try to send money to me online indicating my full name and surname: KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA I was in the office today and I consulted about online money transfers, and the office director consulted me that I can get your help if you send it online through a site Remitly the director of Remitly explained to me that you can make a money transfer online for this you need to register on their official website further he said that you need to fill in your full name and surname, KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA
and then follow this link
it is best to copy this line and paste it into your browser and then make a money transfer to on my name and surname and send to me 300 dollars. After you make a money transfer online, take screenshots and send them to me, so that I can see who the sender is, and what is the exact amount of the transfer. Look, I’m writing the full address of commercial bank kyrgyzstan, in this Bank I can receive your money 15 minutes after you send it to me. COMMERCIAL BANK KYRGYZSTAN
City: Bishkek,
post code 720073
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Telephone +996 312 511 834 You probably still have doubts that I’m not flying anywhere and I wasn’t on the plane and I’m not at the airport now?
And you still think that I didn’t come here to the country of Kyrgyzstan?
You probably already forgot that I boarded a plane in my hometown and flew here to transfer to another plane.
I'm waiting for a new flight and I'm now here at the airport in Kyrgyzstan
I took 2 photos for you so that you can make sure that I flew here and I am traveling to you, please open my attached photos and I ask you to make sure of what I just said. Please don't leave me, we must solve this problem together, because I really want to meet you face to face, and I really want you to hug me, Do not do so that I will be disappointed, I do not want to finally understand that you left me
I think that you have money and money is worth nothing in this life.
In this life, honest and stable relationships and mutual respect for a partner are much more important. I just don't want to be disappointed in you.
Now, from now on, I am waiting for a letter from you in which I will see a copy of the document and screenshots of the money transfer to me
send a money transfer to on my name and surname: KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA As soon as I arrive at your airport, we will go to your home.
and we will spend a lot of time to study each other, I really want to communicate with you as much, and to learn more about you and your life, I'm interested, in what will happen when I hug you, because our first hug will be our first contact with each other.
Then step by step, and we will get used to each other, and we will be open to all intimate communication with each other. I’m just sure us don’t need to be afraid of each other, but you need to do and we will succeed in you. don't just push me away. I send you my kiss straight to your cheeks and lips.
And I really want us to kiss for the first time on 23 December.
Now I am finishing this letter, and I will wait from you
money order in the amount of 300 dollars to on my name and surname KUNDUZ CHOLPONKULOVA
send you a big kiss
Letter 16
Thank you for answering me.
You are interested in knowing me. I am also interested in knowing you.
So that you know me better, I'll tell you something about me.
I am a simple girl from Novosibirsk. Russian Federation. I've never been abroad.
I was only once at sea and that was it. I have never had a husband.
I have never been married and do not know what it is when there is a husband.
But if I had a husband in the future. I would give all my warmth and affection with all my heart. Once, if I fell in love with a man who offered me to live in a civil marriage.
I would definitely agree.
Because in the morning I want to wake my husband up with a kiss and then cook him breakfast.
But there is no man. And I can only dream of that in the future. I go to work every day. I have my favorite job.
I work as an ordinary salesperson in a women's cosmetics and perfume supermarket.
Maybe you've heard about the Letual chain of stores?
Here I am a seller in the city of Novosibirsk.
And I took part in training courses for this profession.
Now I have a specialist diploma, which gives me the right to work as a cosmetics specialist.
I also completed courses in therapeutic massage, and I can do massage.
I do different types of massages. I try very hard for my work.
That everyone who takes part in a massage would be satisfied.
It is not enough to be satisfied, it is necessary that the massage has a therapeutic effect. During the day I work as a sales assistant in a store, and in the evenings and on weekends I do massage.
I have 2 jobs, because in Russia you can only survive by working 2 jobs at the same time.
If you work just one job in Russia you simply cannot survive.
To live 1 month in Russia, you need to have 2 jobs. I don't smoke and I don't like alcohol.
I have a healthy lifestyle.
You can see for yourself the fact that I have a healthy lifestyle when you watch my video.
I'll send you a video of me so you can see me alive.
I made this video especially for you.
I hope you enjoy the music and my dance.
now you can see that i am a living woman.
Do you have your photos and live video with you ???
Send me pictures and live video of you. Do you like going for a walk outdoors?
How do you spend your free time?
I hope you are not against an exchange of letters.
Tell me something about yourself and your family if you have one.
It is very interesting for me.
I hope to see your answer tonight.
I hope that in the next letter you will tell more about yourself than I said.
See you soon! Sincerely, Kunduz
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