Scam letter(s) from Lisa Smith to Alberto (Italy)

Letter 1

thanks for your mail,i think i have falling in love with you,honey right now am in nigeria with my grandma and i had already told her about you that you are the person i love,i will be 27 on wednesday,i will like to come over to meet you but then you have to mail my grandma and tell yourself that you really care about me and that you want to marry me as a person because she really cares about me.tony i would not mind to live with you in france because i really care for you and i know you do the same,honey right now i think i want to concentrate on my the person i want to get married to and i think that person is you,am helping my grandma out right now at the store cause she has retired and she is on her own now,honey i want to get married as son as you are ready to cause i think i love you.i really think we could be together if only we want to and i know that we are to consenting adult who are in love with each other,i dont see reason why we cant make things happen btween us if only we love eachother,honey you might not be able to mak my birthday but you have a path to play in it cause i dont think i could do anything without informing you right now cause you are part of me,i wnat to celebrate my b-day with my friends and my grandma at home i promise i will send the pics i will take on my birthday to you.i love you and i do hope to be in your arms pretty soon.
love from
n;b honey am sorry about the death of pope,i want you to know that we celebrated him here in nigeria too.can you do me a favor honey?-
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