Scam letter(s) from Valeria to Charles (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Charles,
Thank you for your answer very much. I was very glad to receive it. I understood that there are a lot of things that can make us closer to each other. But still there are some things that interest me. I like to know your hobbies, interests and preferences. How do you like to spend your spare time? What music do you prefer? Do you like travelling? If, yes, then write me please about those countries where you have been. I wrote you in my last letter that I like travelling very much but I have the only opportunity to travel along my native country. I have visited almost all big cities in Ukraine. Most of all I like the peninsula named Crimea. Did you hear about it. It is situated on the Black sea. It is very beautiful place to have rest. There are a lot of rare plants, huge mountains and of course great, marvelous and mysterious sea. I like this place very much. So that's why I'd like to hear about those countries that I've never seen. Please, darling, write me about it. Thank you very much beforehand.
Now I'd like to write about my last days. In the University everything is fine. There is one problem-I miss my parents very much, but now I can't go too see them because I have to study. But I hope the next week-end I will have an opportunity to visit my native town, to see my parents and to communicate with my friends.
I'd be very glad to meet with you in person one day but i think that some time should pass to know each other better,do you agree? As for my goals in life,i want to find the rigth man for the future life together,to bear the children from and just to be happy. Passion for me is very important part in relations,i think that it's the internal part of it,do you agree?
Please write me about your life. How are you? What's news? I'll be waiting for your letter. I'm eager to hear from you.
If still there are any questions please ask me, I'll be glad to answer them.
Sincerely yours, Lera.
Letter 2

Hello my sweet Charles!
Thank you for your letter.
Thank you for writing such beautiful things.
Honey, this letter is very difficult for me to write.
I use the translation firm "Translate-Club" as I don't know English.
Their e-mail address is
It is very hard to say but I can not use it anymore because I don't have enough of money to pay for the services. I don't know how to cope with it but I like you much and I deeply believe we can build strong relationships we can be extremely happy! I believe in better sides of people in their honesty. I want to continue our correspondence and when we will get to know each other better I think we can meet.
I got used to go to the office and to hear from my translator that I've got a new message from you. Don't be breaking my heart! You can make me so happy and I promise I'll make you happy in return.
I hope that you will understand me correctly.I'm not one of those girls who just want to make a profit.I'm very serious towards you.I just don't want to lose you.
Waiting for the answer from you. And praying every second that we can continue to buid our relationships!
Kissing you tenderly,
Your Lera
Letter 3

Dear Charles, Thank you for your letter. Here is information about our services: -translation and printing of one letter - $5
-scanning of one photo- $2 ------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL PREPOSITION - NON-LIMITED SERVICE -translation and printing of one letter - $3 1 month- $200
2 month- $350 ------------------------------------------------------- Please, transfer us a necessary amount to the name of our manager Elena Barilo Transfer your money via the Western Union system in Euro according to your currency ( for example in USA dollars).
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Kharkov Bank Aval. Terms of payment
* * transfer your money via the Western Union system in Euro according to your currency ( for example in USA dollars).
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Kharkov Bank Aval. You should:
* to send your money to the name of our manager Elena Barilo. * to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number,the country you've sent the money from,your full name,the exact sum of money you've sent. (send=an e-mail with information) Hope for the future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Translating firm
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