Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
I wish I could eat some delicious dessert right now. lol. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ludmila. Appreciate my photos.
Letter 2
Good afternoon, I'm glad you replied. But, sorry Ron that it took a long time for my reply. You described yourself as a very nice person and now I have even more interest in getting to know you even better. I think a sense of humor is a very important trait in a person and I'm fine with humor. I understand jokes very well. Just so you understand, Ron. In priority I am looking for a soul mate with whom I can share a great time and real meetings. I am a kind, sociable girl. I will not say that I am the soul of the company, but if necessary I can joke and support various conversations. It's easy to communicate with me, at least that's what my colleagues, with whom I've been working for many years, say. What can you tell us about yourself? I need to take some time off, as I have a work day coming up. By the way, I completely forgot to tell you about my work. I will do it in my next letter. Ludmila
Letter 3
Hi Ron. Nice to keep in touch with you. Thank you for writing your response to my last email. And of course I don't mind getting to know each other. In fact, the first interest in talking to you was my first interest. And I want to say that I haven't heard much about the US. I've only heard about the USA from news and movies.
I like American movies. It's great that you were born in a good neighborhood and it seems that there are other nationalities around you. Tell me more about Mexicans. What kind of people are they? Oh, I'm sure your sister Maria is wrong about you not being able to find a wife. And by the way, about that. Have you ever been in a relationship? Your work sounds very interesting. How did you come to choose this profession? I'll tell you more about what my life is about and who I am. Since my early childhood, my mom has been closely involved in my education. My mother wanted and dreamed that I would turn out to be an educated, decent person. And my father, paid little attention to me. As a result, after I went to school my mom sent me to medical school, where I studied for many years. I'll be honest with you, it was a living ****. Lol. I studied to be a pediatrician, because to treat children one joy and pleasure. At the moment I work in a private clinic and I love it. I think it's important to enjoy what you do, because work without interest and sympathy is agony. Isn't it? Working with children gives me pleasure, but it also has many disadvantages that drive me crazy. For example, moms of kids who can be very rude. Although I don't judge them, I always try to talk more and explain that there is no reason for rudeness. Anyway, I'm never bored at my job. I have an appointment coming up. So I have to go. I'm sorry to end my letter so quickly, but I think we'll still have time to chat.
Letter 4
Hi, Ron You're probably mad at me for not being able to write you for a long time, but. Let me tell you why I haven't been able to text you. Things have been crazy at work. I was asked to go to work on my own days off because we have a lot of refugees from Palestine coming into the hospital. The doctors can't cope, so they're putting a full staff on the job. A lot of immigrants are coming here to get away from what is happening in their land right now. It is very frightening for me to look at the people who have been victimized by the Israeli attack . A lot of people have big health problems, a lot of people are just suffering from the flu, and some even have injuries. I could not deny my bosses to go to work and so I made the decision to go to work. I haven't slept for more than 24 hours and spent all that time in the hospital, but today I have the day off and decided to dedicate my time to rest and of course to take the time to answer your last letter that you wrote to me. Ron, I apologize again for my long reply. I'm sorry I didn't even have a couple of minutes to warn you that I wouldn't be able to write. I'm glad you like my letters and that you're glad to receive them. It's also nice to learn more and more about you. Because I think you're an interesting man. As for soccer, yes I have heard of it, but it is not played here in my area. It's not a sport that gets a lot of attention. Although maybe I just don't follow it that much. I'm an active person myself who likes to be active. Of course it's sad that I don't have much time to devote to sports. I used to always go for bike rides, just walking around beautiful places. It's a shame I never had any fun company. I'm sure if you and I went out we would have fun together. You're still a fisherman? Wow, that's cool. You might be surprised, but I can fish, too. My dad used to take me fishing and I loved fishing. I would be glad to go with you to some quiet lake to fish together. From sports I mostly like basketball, swimming, figure skating. Do you like any of those? It's actually great that you're trying to keep your body toned. It's very important, and instead of sports, my job does it. It allows me to always be in shape. Lol. Overall I love your energy and the kind of person you are. You radiate yourself as a beautiful person who has a vibrant life and I hope that we will keep in touch.
Letter 5
Hey, Ron. I was still preoccupied with my work. There are more and more Palestinians in the hospital. Recently I saw a child without an arm. It was painful to watch and I didn't know how to help this child. Gosh, tears are coming to my eyes again, but I guess I will come to my senses a little and answer your letter. I can't imagine what you felt when you caught your ex with your neighbor. And the more horrible part is that their affair had been going on for a long time. That's so mean of her. She's a real ***** for doing that to you. I'm not judging you for not trusting me, but you know, even in my life I had a bad experience that made me want to let go and give up on love forever. After a while I realized that I can't do that, because everyone should love and in no way give up faith in a person, in normal people who can truly be trusted. So, Ron. Don't worry. Only time will show you that I can be trusted. I also want to say that I'm truly sorry for the loss of your father. It's always sad when our loved ones leave this world. I enjoy our conversations, and I'll be honest with you, I haven't met anyone as helpful as you here in my town. Of course the first reason is that Turkey is considered a Muslim country. Because of religious notions many men try to impose religion and somehow oblige a girl. Also, in Turkey there is a permanent female slavery which is very popular among this people. I like their culture, but only partially. Otherwise, many guys and men wrote to me and tried to meet me, but I refused because the first words they said to me about it were "give me a ***** photo". After that I stopped looking for a soulmate in my city. People became very preoccupied with things that aren't really that important. And I understand their needs, but I am looking for a man who will be a part of me, inspiration, protection and support, for whose sake I will be ready to do everything to make him happy and satisfied. I may seem naive, but for my man I am ready to go to the end of the world, of course, for a worthy man. In general, living in Turkey is quite difficult in the context of relationships, but I am still one of those who believe that everyone is destined to find a soulmate. Let's continue our good acquaintance and learn more about each other, even any trivial moments from life.
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