Scam letter(s) from Angela Collins to Roy (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello Roy Slade,
Yes my day was nice and good here but am sure that you're enjoying your self ovethere,,,,,,,,ok i just want to know that the package that the company ill used to send you money is coming next week at from Monday downward,,ok honey look forward to get it but you have not answer my question in the last email i sent to you yesterday that hope you're going to help me to cash the money and send it back to me via western union money transfer,,ok if you're going to do that for me pls get back to me asap.
Letter 2

Hello Roy slade,
Yes i know that you're back but just make sure that you get back to me asap you back,,ok and am waiting for you here online so that if you can check me online you'll deffinatelly meet me there,,,,ok .
Thx for the mail you just sent to me but i want to tell you now that there's western union in your state ,,,ok what you'll need to do is that just been loking forward to get the package from me,,ok and look here to visit there web site to know that you have a western union in your state there,ok.
Just make sure that you click on that BOX the page will open for you and locate anywhere you're going to there,,ok so that don't tell me that you don't have a western union in your state again,,ok.
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