Scam Letter(s) from Irina Razumova to Guy (USA)

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Letter 1

It is so good to receive news from you again my friend Guy!! Correspondence with you is pleasant to me, and starts a few me to carry away. It is pleasant and interesting to learn you and your life. I shall tell to you about my formation. As I to speak you in previous my letter, I the doctor the stomatologist by a trade. I have ended medical university in 1998. And then began to work by a trade. At university to us taught the English language, and I can communicate a little on it. I to live now in an apartment which I to remove at my familiar. The apartment but while it is not possible to me would be desirable to have certainly. Several years ago I lived with my parents, but then they to exchange an apartment in the city of Rostov, for the house behind city. To bother them a restless city life, in fact they already pensioners. And to live in village him it is pleasant more. In fact there always fresh air, and the beautiful nature around. When I have days off I try to visit them. I like to be at them, it is especial in the summer. I and itself with pleasure lived there with them. But in the big city it is easier to find it is borrowed, and consequently I to live now not with my parents, and in Rostov on Don. A name of my mum Natalia, and father Sergey. My father to be engaged in gardening on a personal plot, and mum likes to manage on the house. I work now in small stomatologic clinic. At me good money to the Russian measures. Certainly, probably for your country of 150 dollars it is the small sum. But at us dishonest people have the big money basically, and in a small degree those to whom has carried in business. The city in which I to live big, a population at us more than 600 thousand person. It to be in a southern part of Russia. And your city big? It probably is interesting to live in such country as yours. I to read about your country it is a lot of, and to see her on the TV. Your country free, and in it to correct democracy. And at us democracy ostentatious, and actually she is not present. My friend, I cannot dare to have a computer of a house and consequently I to use the Internet of cafe. And you to write to me with domestic a computer, or too visit Internet - cafe? My friend, in people I first of all to appreciate honesty and kindness, and I hope that you do not appear one of those men who search or entertainments or distortions through the Internet. I like dialogue with you, and I hope that it will proceed. My friend, I cannot accept a photo with a great volume, very much frequently there is a bad communication the Internet, and the computer hangs. Up to a meeting. Natalia

Letter 2

Greetings my distant friend Guy!!! I with pleasure to receive mail from you. Your letters to relieve the monotony of my life. Today I to leave with work little bit earlier. Patients was a little. Such days to happen infrequently. At us the state stomatologic clinic. Quotations on treatment at us small, and some layers of the population at us are served due to the state. And consequently at us many patients are usual. Our clinic to work without the days off. In fact nobody can foresee, when at the person to happen the pain. And consequently we by turns to be on duty in a night shift. Today solar weather to be given out warm day, and I have decided to take a walk a little on city. I to come to the central city park, and to walk on his avenues. Now here it is not so populous. It because is still cold. But in the summer on park to walk it is a lot of people. Especially youth. I like to come here in warm summer evenings. Here it is possible to listen music, or to take part in cheerful competitions. I to send to you today my last year's photo. Me to photograph in the evening in park. I to think of us with you, about our correspondence, about distance which us to divide. I never to be in your country, but probably sometime I can see her. This mighty and free power. I am happy opportunities to speak with you. It is a pity to me, that I to not have phone of a house. I would like to listen to your voice my lovely friend. If you will give me your exact telephone number I probably can try to phone to you from a public telephone booth. Though I to not know, it will turn out whether or not. In fact at us in city old telephone communications. My friend, probably I can write to you the letter through post service. If you can give to me your exact post address I can do it. If you will want to write to me the letter through post service I to ask you to write to me on my post address. Russia. The city of Rostov on Don. Street Krasnoarmejskaja 37, an apartment 25. The postal index 344025. My name Natalia Churilova. Tonight, to me on a visit there should arrive parents. I to not see them one and a half month, and with impatience I expect now their arrival. They will stay with me two or three days. I shall go tomorrow on work, and to ask my chief to give to me two days off, to stay together with parents. After that I shall try to come into the Internet of cafe, and to check up mail from you. You to involve me with the charm. Natalia



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