Scam letter(s) from Irina Razumova to Brad (USA)

Letter 1

Hello My Love, At last I to have an opportunity to write to you... I could not write to you because I had no any money... I used all money for treatment and now I want again to start to work.. Lovely, forgive me, I think I have offended you... To me very difficultly and sadly to read your letters, but I am glad that we so we like each other and that so we trust each other much! I love you and I shall write to you later... Because I took the Internet only for 10 minutes. With love your wife Marina
Letter 2

Hello My Love again! I have sent the letter which wrote to you on December, 29 on your both letter boxes! Lovely, your most sweet voice still sounds in my ears and me so it was pleasant to speak with you again! Lovely, I was not a pity could call to you at all and congratulate you on the come New Year! I hope, that this year will bring to us many happiness, love and understanding! Honey, I do not want to disappoint you and I shall not do it... Only the God the judge for these my words.. I shall arrive to you and I to present you a lot of love! Lovely, my all gratitude for all your pictures.. It was pleasant for me to see these pictures and it has very much excited me... Yes, my love we should see completely each other that then it was not for us a riddle.... I also have sent you with the previous letter the pictures... Honey, I hope that you love it... Lovely, I so am tired to be in such loneliness and it was especially hard for me, when my letters did not reach you. Brad, my Honey, I was very lonely in Christmas and in New Year! And only force of your love helped me... By the way, never worry about the pictures.. And always know that you you the most ******, the strongest and the most beautiful!!! I so think! Honey, I already till holidays spoke with the ministry and they informed me that the ticket will be for the same cost. Lovely, I wait for our meeting as the morning sun after long sleepless nights.... Honey, I want to sleep normally and I want to warm every night you the heat... I want to wake up every day with a smile on the person... I want to give you kiss in the mornings... I wait your letter.. Yours with love Marina
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