Scam Letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to James (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi James !

Thanks for the compliments the photo was made at the Sea of Azov, I've never been to the Black Sea yet,maybe in future,not sure. You see if I take a goal in my hands I'll lead it till the end,happy end. I want to create a family with One reliable man, I feel you are the One for it, I want to have the family and my parents support me, they worry for I am looking for a man abroad, but I want to be happy and find the reliable man to have a loving family like my parents have, I am sure there's no man in Ukraine matching me. I don't know if life is easier there than here but I am sure it is easier to earn to have the comp,but in our country it is impossible,I am sure in it 100%. Darling I am serious about creating a family and I am able to learn what I'll need to get the Visa to come to you, one month is the way to get it. I haven't met any other man but you from i-net, I wish to have a family where a wife and a husband are equal in rights, both household and in business in everything. Please excuse me for delay, cold weather got me feel sick, it is October central heating doesn't work yet, I am not sure when it starts. I wish to stay alive not to get frozen till November. Here's one more photo for you,pity for it is black and white, but I think you can see me here clearer than at the seaside... Darling I wish to meet you and have the most romantic time I could ever have. My wish is that our hearts, minds and soul will complete each other and that we will be able to share our thoughts, wishes and needs in the near future. We are both searching for the soul with the nice and lovely inner personality who would accept and give out to the other part. I will do my best to earn your trust and your respect and I do hope that our love would grow inside us and give us the strength to go on into something deep and everlasting. Right now I am happy for your friendship and for the care and love you give with your words to me. My deepest wish is that the future would tell us if we are the right person for each other. I do hope and wish so! I would like to spend some days with you, I am certain we will have unforgettable time together. It would be so wonderful to meet with you somewhere in a romantic place. Or I would love to visit you, to know you better, to have a better idea of what kind of person you are, to see your mode of life. Please realize, I don't need much, just to look into your eyes, to hold you, to cuddle up together. I would prepare a romantic dinner for us. We would have walks, hand in hand, talking about our lives and dreams. I have nothing to desire more but to meet with you!! Unfortunately this is the end of my letter but I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Sincerely yours, Anna

Letter 2

Dear James !

I am happy to get another photo and happy to read all the words you wrote in your letter, you see I am really going to explain you the way I am thinking, it is of sure equal with yours, I am the one who doesn't need money, not speaking I don't have it, only poverty makes a person happy, I AM NOT A SLAVE OF MY THINGS, If I buy a car I'll be trembling for someone can steal it or crash it and then I'll pay for repair or if I had a fur coat of chinchilla I would be scared to go out not to be killed for it, It is not life it is fear. I know "fear" is the force of the progress...But I am not going to be afraid going out and other things. My B-Day is on the 1 of December, perfect for our days are so close to each other...Wish to celebrate them together. Of sure my darling I want to talk to you, I have no number but my friend allows me to have a call from you, what time can you call me for example on Thursday??? at 3 PM my time, can you??? Please learn the time difference and I will talk to you. OK. Thursday will be the Blessed Day, I'll be free from 3 till 4 PM my time? Will you call me?I'd love to. I knew that to get the Visa takes about 4 weeks little less. But mostly in a month I'll be able to see you, I can't believe it. Will you help me in it? I'd love to. It is really cold here pity for we are so apart,I'd love to have your warm hug it would help me a lot. Wish to be by your side and feel your warmth... Since the first letter I mentioned to meet a man and have a family and if the money position requires I'll go to work as a teacher of Russian and they and earn money if not, I'll stay at home and raise children, I want to bring them up in a right moral and mental way and add some new ideas of your way of life and make the perfect children. Russia and Ukraine are mentally the cleverest countries(don't be offended but it is so),if we cultivate this mental ability to think fast, we are able to think of anything faster than you, Americans are used to think by means of computer we are skilled to think it all in mind...And if my mentality and your progress (I am sure you are more progressive country than we)to be added altogether this will be the perfect fruit of our love, a child...And if we put all our love we have now in him/her they'll be the happiest children in the world...
It's my way of life so I want to follow it to bring up the perfectly happy children...IS it you??? Are you with me??? Let's go on...
Waiting for your reply, Elena

Letter 3

Dear James !

Thanks for the necessary for any lady words...Compliments...I wish you to have the phone on the night stand seeing me up till the day we meet,then you'll wake up and see me tenderly smiling and sleeping in your arms, no on your hand hugging me for all night long, It would be perfect if you wake up earlier and bring me a cup of tea or coffee too bed, the next day I'll waker up and do the same for you, romantics will never fade away if our hearts are young,remember it. Here are two more photos from me, One with beer is made on the Teacher's Day. It was in the evening and we gathered with girls and celebrated it. It was fun,I don't drink much,champagne,mostly beer. Darling I am ready to follow you till the edge of the world...I'll have to submit lots of papers,just a pale of unnecessary papers, pay for it and have it done for 3-4 weeks. My Darling I am planning to come on the 1st of November. And go back home on the 1st of December or January or Feb...It's up to you, I can have a week or a month off. My job is a kind of tentative one and I can change it going to another school, it depends. I'll not be afraid to stay at the big house for I know you'll be in the room next to me or namely in my room or I'll be in your room, you'll protect me if there's the wolf going into the house, we'll kill him together...Nothing scares me more than to lose you,but to see you and feel the atmosphere you live in is the best present for my B-Day. Hope you don't mind celebrate it together with you...Darling I don't want to pity you,but you even don't realize that only 70$ of people in Ukraine have phones...Do you think I am stupid???Do you think I am silly???Do you think I'd miss a chance to have a call from you every day???Do you think me playing with your heart and your feelings?I love you and want to meet you, I wish to have a family...Do you wish to have the same with me? Children are the fruit of our mutual love???Do you have the charge to mix it with mine and give birth to one the best child in the world???Are you ready? Common. Darling I want to see the way you live I want to feel the Love atmosphere of your house and for me I want to tell you again and again it doesn't matter if you have the richest estates...Only your inner wealth will submit me,my LOVE. Give me your heart, I'll win it, be sure, Loving you, Anna

Letter 4

Dear James !

Thanks for the wonderful letter, it is full of care and passion, maybe it is a bit early to speak of marriage for now I am here and you are there, but I am pleased to hear that you are not only going to meet me and then make me go home, but you are deeply interested in me like I am in you, Don't think I don't want to marry, I can say that I will marry you but after the meeting, I want to think all about it and give all my thoughts and put my heart in it thinking of our first kiss, first going out,maybe picnic,maybe restaurant, I am not sure, first night, first love making, I want to dream of it for now, I don't want to have two aims at once in my mind, One after another will lead us the right way my Love. My heart is tearing to pieces to get away from my breasts and says I care of you, you are valued to me, I love you and respect you as my choice is done, nothing is more necessary for me,my man. Darling household for me means not only cleaning and washing the floor, I can relax but I want to tell you that to raise children is the most responsible and difficult work,but I am ready for it. To keep the household is also for example to make a rearrangement, to knit or to sew the wonderful napkins for the board stuff and so on and so on, But for me it is a kind of life. I'll do it with pleasure. As for the words I said I wish your energy charge and mine to merge in one and explode and give birth to the fruit of our love...No I didn't want to hurt you any way. Of sure I hope make love is an integral part of both people's lives. Darling I just know that in Ukraine people live without money and they are happy for they are rich mentally and spiritually. I want to be wealthy in mind and spirit not in money, IF you met me somewhere in your country,namely men I'd never ask you to show me your credit card and I'd never as you to boast with the car you have. I don't need it, I'd ask you of the poets you read and meals you are able to cook, something mental spiritual creative...According to the life here, I want to declare that I want to find my soul mate and be treated like a lady, not like a sexual object. U must know that I don't need a rich man with much money, I need a man With a rich inner world, kind heart and pure soul,YOU. The best way to know what we are and how we match each other is to look at each other's eyes and everything's clear. That's the way it is!!!! I'm longing to be in your arms, to take refuge in the sound of your voice and feel all your tenderness to overcome in me. Now I know why the birds are singing, why flowers bloom every day, why the wind make to dance leafs and why stars are always twinkle in the dark. It's to greet you . To walk at the rate of your walk, to smell what you'll smell, to see what you'll see and to feel what you'll fell will be at each moment a way in search of happiness Love making will be the entrance, and spiritual understanding and Love will be the last goal which will be established after many years of mutual devotion. Darling I want to meet you the sooner the better. As for the distance it is not the problem, I'll fly to you on the wings of happiness. Darling I went to the travel agency and they said that they'd be able to arrange me the international passport, the Tourist Visa and the fly ticket to the USA. An arrangement takes about 3-4 weeks. There is the special trip package that comprises the passport and visa arrangement and ordering the fly ticket. The whole stuff of papers arrangement costs $1500 US. Honey I just try to imagine how it will be our first meeting. But I'm afraid that this sum of money is very huge for my family. Sorry, but I have no rich friends or relatives to get such money. I know that I shouldn't ask you for money, but I think there is no way out. Your right to decide, I just don't want to lose you & I'll never betray you,honey. So darling, if you are able please help me reach you and I'll give you all my love, tenderness, care and respect that I've got inside. I'll be tremendously grateful to you. The sooner we see each other, the sooner we'll decide what we're going to do in future !!! Waiting for your reply and sending you the hottest kiss for today's night... Your Anna

P.S. "Thank You 4 Loving me" is my favourite song by Bon Jovi

P.S. Thanks for the compliments of my photos I am sending you two more with my friends.

Letter 5

Dear James !

Thanks for the warmest and most wonderful letter I could ever imagine line by line shows me that I am not alone any more, I am woman in love and I am proud of it, I am proud for my character let me go into the world i-net connection and met the best man I could, I am so shy but have never tried to open my soul to anyone,but you revealed me the good way to talk and communicate and I opened you my soul to you, I am so thankful to you, I am happy I feel relief, I want to know you more, inside out, I am blessed and God is smiling and thinks,oh man, these people are so happy to have known each other, I am all-powerful! Darling I want to thank you for all the words you complemented to me, my photos seemed to me very common but you have explored and found a beauty in me,my Love I want to meet you and steal your heart and win it, I want to be your enchantress...Don't you mind??? Darling this photo is made in the mirror, hope you don't mind, for now I have it only,maybe I'll find some new good for you,my man.
My Love you need my full name and full address,here they are:
Timoschenko Anna
17-43 Pirogova St.
Dnepropetrovsk city
49005, Ukraine
Darling please write me and tell me what I need to know from you, your full name and maybe something other, of sure my man I have a Ukrainian ID, it is a passport that is valid only within the measure of Ukraine, but I'll make an International One and will be able to fly to you on the wings of happiness, you make me fly, you are mounting me in heavens, I am all ears to be with you,my Beloved.
Yes my life since school I have had the prejudice that money isn't everything necessary for a real love, all the friends thought I was crazy, how could it be that I don't want to have a posh car, I don't really want that, I want to have the posh family, loving children scrawling all over and screaming and naming you daddy and mommy...
Darling, I'm so happy to have known you and I don't want to be alone any more. >From our letters I've understood that I want to meet u so much, that even if God told me: "U should choose: Either to keep on living here like this for all your life long alone or you'll meet Your soul mate and die the next day". Of sure, my darling, I'd choose the latter one...I do want to meet you, to touch you, see your eyes, make love for all night long and die in the morning. I'm ready to commit this, as it's a commitment to God's. Also, my darling, I want to say that in my life I want to have 2 kids and it really doesn't matter if I have free time or not. I want to give them all my love and care I've got inside... I am dreaming to leave Ukraine and it doesn't matter where to live, but I want to be protected by the government and if I am cared and paid a good allowance not like here, I'll be happy. To have a kid in Ukraine you are paid 8 American dollars a month and that's all...Can you imagine a lonely woman living with this money, it's good if she has a husband, but 60% of mothers live without those drunkards...I want to meet a real man and ready to live in Poland or Brasilia, it doesn't matter, I want you to understand that it doesn't matter for me much if you live in the USA and don't think that I want to be a citizen of the USA only, I want to have a family and stay at home for the first three years and then maybe go and work.
Darling No one will dare to halt me to realize my pipe dream to have the happy family with you,my Love, there's the percentage that the Visa is declined but I'll do my best not to get into it, don't worry, I am pretty resolute to find the way out of any situation, Waiting for your letters, Anna



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