Scam Letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to Dan (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend Dan! I am very happy to see your answer to me! At first I think I'll tell you about me, ok? I am 27 years old. I'm single girl and before never be married. I didn't meet my second half yet, and I wait for this moment! I don't have children but I love children very much. I'm looking for my the only one man and believe in true love. Some day I hope I meet my love and may be in the future we even will have our children. Do you believe in true love when two people can't live without each other? What do you like in woman? My friends speak, that I am kind and honest girl. My friends like in me my fidelity and my kind heart. About my appearance - you can see my photos I attached my photos to it letters. Do you see it? These photos have been made August month. Also I love to take my photos, but I haven't own camera and can't do it every day. I was born on December 19, 1977 in Kazan town and now I live in this town. Do you know about this city? Tell me about your city too please! Tell me more about yourself, please, about your family and things which you love. Please send me your photos! I want to see them very much! With best regards and warm heart, your new friend, Galina!

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Dan! I’m so glad to see your letter in my mailbox. How are you today, my friend? I am ok. Today we have cold weather (-10 Celsius), what weather do you have now? I want tell to you more about myself and about my family. I think that we must to know each other very well! Now I live alone in 2 room apartment. I finished pedagogical university and now my profession is music teacher. I can play the piano and even can sing some songs. Also I can play the guitar and sing songs too. I like it very much and do it in my free time. After finished in university I tried find work on my profession, and I long time couldn't find work. I tried give individual music lessons on guitar and piano, but I don't may find clientage to it. And than I find other work. Now I work as the personal servant in one big and good family. They have big house, and I make housekeeping. I like my work very much, I like domestic cosines, preparation food, and nurse children. I work 5 days in week. Except work in the house I teach lessons music in this house for the children. I work in this house 4 years and love these children. May be some day I'll play music for you! How do you see on it, my dear friend? Do you love music? Tell me about your work, home and family please, I want to know you better! What is your favorite color? I love red and blue! What is your favorite moves? I love films about love or dancing! Some days ago I watched "diary of remember" and I loved this film very much! Tell me about place where you live, ok? City in which I live is about 1100000 persons. Kazan is located on the left coast of Volga, the largest river of Europe. Kazan will be 1000 year old in 2005 year. What about my family, I have my mum her name is Ekaterina. I love her very much and if you know her I'm sure that you love her too! I have my father his name is Nikolai, but more than 5 years ago my mum and dad have divorced and now my father doesn't live with my mum. He has left to other city - Saransk and now work and live in it city I didn't see him approximately 5 years. When my mum and dad had divorce it was very sad for me. But my mum couldn't live with my father more because he very more drink alcohol when he came at our home he shout and sometimes beat my mum. My mum has lived with him together 21 year but she couldn't live with him more and had divorce. Really many men in Russia drink alcohol, therefore I want find my love and favorite person in other country. I see mother's experience and I never can forget it. I had some relationship with Russian men but I felt that it is not that I need. All Russian men with which I have relationship drank alcohol and drink very much I understand if man drink alcohol it is don't bad, but if he drink many alcohol it is don't very good and I don't like it. That’s why I want find my love in other country. Do you drink more alcohol? And if you drink sociality what do you prefer? I wait for your letters. Tell me more about your life, please. I want to know all about you. With big happiness that I have so nice friend as you, your good friend, Galina!



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