Scam letter(s) from Yana Kolesnikova to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello Warren!
I would like to find my true love in the Internet. I've got tired to be alone. I believe in true love, in tender relations. I hope to prove that love is alive in my heart.
It doesn't matter that we live very far from each other if your are my destiny we would find each other. I want to get acquainted with the man who will be my only love and will share his life with me. I'm ready get acquainted with a strong man who will be tender, romantic,
careful and I would do everything for him. I hope that we will find much in common and become soulmates. I will give you my warmth, my respect and my whole life. I will be waiting for you, for my soulmate.
Maybe it's you, let's try our destiny?
I'll be waiting for your next letter. Please, write me to
Best wishes.
Letter 2

Hello dear Warren!
Thank you for your interest. I'm very glad that you paid your attention to my letter. I'm very happy to get acquainted with you. I'm sure that you will become my beloved man. I would like to know everything about you, about your country, about your profession, about your hobbies, interests.
As for me, my full name is Yana Kolesnikova.
I'm 26 years old. I'm 172 cm in height and 53 kg in weight. I have deep green eyes and long brown hair. I was born in Starobelsk and I'm living here for present time. It's a small town but here we have a picturesque nature. I like nature very much, sometimes I go for a walk to the river which is situated not far from my house and see how the sun sits down. I work as a consultant at a small supermarket. I'm fond of reading very much. I like to read psychological books. I want to enter the University and study at the psychological faculty in future,
it's my dream and that's why I have to work hard. When I have free time I like horse riding. Because Starobelsk is like a village, we have a lot of horses grazing at the fields. So if you have some questions for me, I would answer them with pleasure. I think that we will find much in common. Please send me some of your photos I would like to see your beautiful eyes.
If you are interested in me please write me about your life, what are you doing in your free time? What kind of literature do you prefer to read? I hope to see your letter soon, I will be waiting.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 3

Good afternoon my dear Warren!
I'm very happy to get your letter. It's very important for me to receive it. I have a chance to learn more about you. I see that we have common interests with you.
To tell you the truth a warm feeling is growing in my heart, and I like it very much. I would like to share with you some information about my life. I was born on the 10 of July in 1979. I'm a Cancer by zodiac sign. So I'm a calm, persistent person. I was brought up by my mother Larisa. She educated me to be a good housewife, to keep house clean, to cook well, to be a real woman of good rules. Thanks to my mother I can cook everything. Especially I'm the best in Ukrainian borsch. I like sweets very much. My favorite dish is ice-cream. I like to dream very much. Sometimes I imagine how we are siting together holding our hands near the river and kissing. Or maybe how you embrace me with your strong arms. I had no father, sometimes I feel so lonely without a strong man by my side. I want to have serious relations,
true love with the man who has sincere feelings for me. I'm ready to open my heart to you. The only problem is that my native language is Russian and my knowledge of English is very poor at the moment to correspond with you personally. So, I use the service of a translation firm to write my letters to you and read yours, that is rather expensive. But I don't want to stop our correspondence because of that. I have a lot of questions to you, what is your favorite dish?
What is your favorite place to rest? What do you appreciate in woman?
I have a lot of things to tell you. I would like to share my dreams with you but I don't know if you are really interested in it.
I will hope for your answer.
Yours truly,
Letter 4

Hello my darling Warren!
Thank you for your kind words and photos. I'm so thankful to God that I've got acquainted with you. I'm glad that our relations are growing into something more. I like your letter about yourself. I see that you are a Man with such an interesting inner world. You show me that you have really strong personality.
I told you about some of the things about myself but now I would like to depict what I am looking for in my life. I'm a very gentle and kind person. I like to make people happy. If they need help I'm always ready to do everything I can for them. I'm very sympathetic, so if I see homeless pets I always try to give some food. I'm an open-minded person, I like to communicate with people, to listen to their life.
People often ask me for advice, and they say that they help them very much. I'm an optimist in my life. I accept it with all positive and negative changes. I am not the type of a person to lose control, to yell and say things that I will regret later. I always try to solve problems calmly and considerably. I'm not an egoist, I try to think about the people around me. I would like to say what I value in people, especially in a Man. He needs to be my best friend, strong shoulder and loving support in my life. I want my partner to be clever so we could discuss any topic, intelligent, with good manners,
well-educated. As I've already said I like to read psychological books so it's of great value for me to discuss them. I am a very romantic person and love to do things that show my feelings and appreciation. I notice such beautiful things as sun risings and settings. I like nature very much. My man must notice it and support my thoughts about it. I would like him to make romantic dinner for me with candles, to indulge with sweets, treat me sometimes like a baby. To support passion in relations is not a simple thing so we should spend more time together and share our interests. It doesn't matter to me is he rich or not but his strength, reliability, judiciousness, and ability to feel warmth and passion in his heart is of great importance. My Man should love me with his whole open heart, share his great desire with me. And I will devote all my life to such man.
I don't know English, but I want to know you better, if you want me to learn your language, I will do everything possible.
I hope that you understood my imagination about the MAN of my life. I will wait for you as much time as it will need. I'm sure that you are my One. I will look forward to your letter. Please don't make me wait too long. I've got tired to be without you.
Yours faithfully,
Letter 5

Hello Warren!
Thank you very much for your answer. I have such a wonderful feeling of happiness inside me. As you've noticed we became much closer to each other. It's very important to me. I think that you are my second half.
On these week-ends I was sleeping all day long, and atching TV,
besides I was thinking of you. I understand that I begin to feel great attraction to you.
I've told my mother about you, she said that you are MY MAN. I'm thinking of you all the time. You make me smile more often. When I go to sleep I dream only about you, about your arms, lips. I feel your passion to me. I want your strong arms to hold me now. I miss it so much. I want to show you my warmth and real feeling. To tell you the truth I tried to find my love among Ukrainian men. But they only broke my heart and my thoughts about love. They need a woman only for entertainment. They don't appreciate them. They think that we are needed only for housekeeping, but not for serious relations. That's why I decided to write to You a man of another culture who is very attentive and careful, a man who I'm ready to give my respect, my care, my desire. I want our correspondence to lead to something more, to more close relations between us. Everyday I'm waiting for your letter.
Yesterday I imagined how we could spend the day together. I dreamt how we were passionately kissing under the rain, how you embraced me gently. I felt the taste of your lips, their softness and wetness. We had such a magnificent feeling. I'm sure that you are my second half because I see that you are interested in me as I am, you are so nice and kind. You respect me as a woman. I need it very much.
If you have a real interest to me please write to me about your dreams or wishes I want to know all your mysteries and desires. I'm sincere with you and I want you to be truthful to me too. I'd like to devote my life to you, to give you my soul and body.
I will wait for your letter, please don't disappear.
With affection,
Letter 6

Dear Sir,
We want to inform you that Yana is using our translation and Internet services. Her account has come to the end and she doesn't have the opportunity to write letter to you. She wants you to know she is still interested in you and in your further communication. If you want to have further correspondence with her we can award you the needed information about our service and prices which are rather available.
If you are not interested in the lady please be confidential about the given information from Yana.
Best wishes.
Principal of "Lingvo" Sergey Machulsky.
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