Letter(s) from Emilia Mihalache to William (USA)

Letter 1

Hello,I am so sorry about that message.I have a problem with my computer ,i think is a virus and that why you received again my fist message.Do you remember,this was my first message to you.I am so sorry ,please dont be upset of me.
.Today i had a very busy day,i have to solve some important problems with my school but unfurtualy i dont solve nothing.
Is so difficult ,i dont know what to do and nobody dont listen me ,nobody dont want to help me.My friends when they need help came to me and of course Tina every time help them ,but when i need their help,nobody dont look at me.
I dont understand this world,why the life is so hard?
I am a little tired and i think in this night i will go to sleep earlier.Iwas thinking to you very much and now i am glad because i can write you again.I dont know but I feel that we could be a soul mates, think and feel very much the same.My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that is the question you should ask yourself first before getting involved. I took me much longer to realize the importance if it than to you. I think that you know there is no princese to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. But, even real life can be like a fairy tail, I am not talking about the material things, I am talking about the feeling and harmony with two people.
I like to talk things over if something comes up. If two people love each other they both feel bad, no matter which one hurt which one, right. I have learn one thing in my life, never be proud in relationship! Life is to short for fighting and feeling bad. I know your feeling waking up alone and going to sleep alone very well. I try not to think it too much, just makes me sad. I just believe that life will bring me what is meant to come to me, I try not to push my life to curtain direction (trying just to fool my fait a bit writing to YOU. I go with the flow of life, it will bring me where I belong.
Today i was to drink a cofee with some friends in a cafe club near the university. There was a man working and one time he said to me "Dear you are so much full of kissing and hugging". I know how you feel. Maybe the need to love somebody is greater than to be loved, but there can not be one without the other. I hope that we both can find solutions to this need, maybe the solution is close than we realize. But enough of this.
Well...I have been having trouble falling asleep at night lately. I find myself thinking about you and can't get you off of my mind. I really hope this turns into a long and lasting relationship. I too think that to love and be loved is one of the greatest treasures in life. Other hardships become easier to bear if you have a loving partner by your side that understands and cares.
I finish my letter here my possibile lover,i hope was not too long for you.I wait your answer. Many many kisses

Letter 2

Hi Will I am very happy each time when I receive the letter from you. I begin to feel that we have a lot of common.
Today I have read to my mum some words from your letter. She said to me that probably you are a very good man. And my mum send you the best regards. She wishs all the best for us .I guess we begin to feel each other. it is the most important thing . As I consider , we should trust each other. Lie is very bad. We should completely trust each other, because it is only the single way to create reliable union. It is a pity that there is such big distance between us. But each our letter makes this distance less and less. I hope very much, that after corresponding we will have the opportunity to meet in person in future. But now it is only a dream. You know, my mum and me make tasty pies. I hope that one time you can taste it. I want to ask you something.
Are you missing the real and sincere love as I am? Are you sick and tired of grey, joyless and ordinary colourless routine life? Have you got anyone to share the sea of love and tenderness accumulated in your heart? Have you got anyone to lavish love and care upon you? I believe I am the one who will make you see Heaven on the ground, share everything with you and give you the true love. Of course if you are ready for such relationship... Just like you I am missing true and romantic feelings and the right man who put the family and the wife on the first place. It's a common thing in my country that families are made and children are born not on love ground but just occasionally... I have no wish to become just a passer-by on one's life road. I still believe that my destiny is wandering somewhere in the world and I don't care what language he speaks and what country he lives in. You can be my chance and my fortune or my fortune and not by chance. We may be destined to each other. You may be waiting and looking for no one but me... Love is the most important thing in my life no matter what form it is in. There is the love for my family. The love for my friends. The love for the world. The hardest is the love between a man and a woman. It is sad but a person could live their whole life without finding true love. Some believe that you only get one chance at love. That you only have one soulmate. Some believe that you could have other chances at love if you are lucky. I believe that some get second chances and others may not. I was in love once and it was one of the best times of my life. It is the greatest feeling in the World like Heaven on Earth. I want that feeling again and I refuse to settle for anything least than 100% Love. I could not marry for anything else. I don't believe in conditional love. That is not true love to me. I only believe in unconditional love which my parents taught me and gave me all my life. My parents love me whether I passed or failed, whether I was right or wrong. That is the love I will give to my husband. Whether he loses or gains weight or whether rich or poor. I will love him forever all the way to Heaven. I want to support my love in his dreams and goals in life and I want to share my dreams and goals with him. Letting him know everyday that I have faith in whatever he wanted to do. I can go on and on about love but I just wanted you to know that Love is the center focus of my life. Everything else is second. That is my religion! There is hope for the world and that hope lies in love. I want to know whether you will accept this religion?
Does it sound like you?
I finish my letter here.I wish you a great day ,and take care of you.Kisses and hugs

Letter 3

Hello honey
You know what i think?I think is the time to know another love ,not only the love for life.You must to have your personnal life ,you must to have somebody near you who can love you ,respect and support you in what you do.I apreciate you very much ,you are a wonderfull man.I cant belive in our days still exist men like you. Will,today I woke up with some kind of happy feeling! As though I have wings and I can fly very, very high. I don't know why I have it, may be because you think about me or may be because your letters, like a sun beam, bring me happiness, warmth and part of your soul, making each day like a holiday! Thank you very much for all this dear.So, we are writing to each other, with every letter we are becoming closer .. right ? It is good when you know that somebody is thinking of you , that somebody cares about you and really , it does not matter how many miles are between us our letters , our thoughts and ideas , our feelings and dreams for future make us closer , much more closer than if we are leaving in the same street :- ) You know, I'm thinking about you, I'm trying to imagine what you are doing at your work, how you are smiling, how you talk, what eyes you have! And then I remember what a huge distance separates us, and I become sad & it is possible that we are not in so terrible situation. From the beginning we will know each other, our interests, dreams attitude to the life values. Even without seeing eyes of each other we build our relations on the confidence, sincerity, and on the most important aspects, which we feel without dependence on the distance, language barrier, and differences in culture, different economical level. Can you imagine, we are looking in each other the things, which we can't find in our compatriots? You are looking for a woman, which, as it seems to me, can create friendly family, which is able to create the special atmosphere of love and understanding. Am I right? I'm looking for a person, which will appreciate me for my clear soul, faithfulness, and my possibility to give tenderness; for sincerity - to give sincerity. You know, I wanted to tell you one more thing: I have told my brother and mother about my decision about finding someone through Internet, from other country, and mother told me that everything. what is good for me is good for her, as for my brother they wished me good luck and real love . I know that their wishes will be become true. My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that is the question you should ask yourself first before getting involved. I took me much longer to realize the importance if it than to you. I think that you know there is no princese to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. But, even real life can be like a fairy tail, I am not talking about the material things, I am talking about the feeling and harmony with two people.I like to talk things over if something comes up. If two people love each other they both feel bad, no matter which one hurt which one, right. I have learn one thing in my life, never be proud in relationship! Life is to short for fighting and feeling bad. I know your feeling waking up alone and going to sleep alone very well. I try not to think it too much, just makes me sad. I just believe that life will tring me what is meant to come to me, I try not to push my life to curtain direction.I finish my letter here.I hope you will have a great day.Many kisses and hugs

Letter 4

Happy to see your reply again, and happy to have chance to reply again. It's really becomes to be regular joy to receive your letters and read it. If someone could say me week before that I will correspond with such beautifull man like you I would never believe. This time I want to write to you with my own words what I think about LOVE.You see, the affection is the humblest love; the one that has no vanity. This feeling lives in the modest and intimate things: The soft sneakers, the worn-out clothes, the old pleasantries, the hammering of the tail of a dog sleeping on the flat of the kitchen. The best of the affection is that it can join to whom they are not " done one for other ", to persons who, if the destination had not placed them in the same family or community, would have been related ever. The affection expands the mind. Of all the classes of love, it is the only one that he teaches us to warn first, then to tolerating, later to smile, later to enjoy and finally, to appreciate the persons with whom for hazards of the destination we have to coexist.? And that are done for us?! Thanks to God, not! They are they same, more outsiders of what we had believed, and much more valuable than we were imagining. Also when the marriage matures, the tolerant one turns with the differences of the way of belonging to the spouse. If she is very sociable and he very sedentarily and home-loving, there is no problem if she goes out to amuse oneself with her friends and he remains in house seeing a good game of footbol. Everyone is glad that other is having a good time, and none of the two was guarding resentments. To this I am called him a generous love. The love becomes egoistic when she forces him to go out or he retains her in the house. This is not a real love; rather it is a control. It is necessary to have generous love to survive the good and bad of a lasting relation. It is necessary to have generous love one gives other the due attention and to learn one of other The subject of love has inspired poets, writers, those lucky in love as well as who have been passed over by Cupid, to comment. Wise, funny, bitter, profound, silly...it seems as if everyone has something quotable to say on the the subject. I think Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts away. Love is friendship set on fire
Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing
Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it...It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down. I want to have a true love in my life ,to fell i can die for that love ,i want to find a man with who i can dedicate all my life and all my felings. I hope God will help me in this way.
Do you believe in this sweet heart;?What do you think about this?.I will be anxious waiting for your LOVE letter. KISSES. Many kisses

Letter 5

Hello my dear
I have just received your letter, and it delivers me a lot of pleasure. When I have got your letter I think that we have a lot of common. I take serious our relation. And just for you to be sure, I have a firm conviction that the most important thing between the man and woman is their complete trust. I hate when the people deceive each other. You know, I am the person who is able to make a compromise decision in critical situation. You probably think, that I am the most serious person, but it is not so, I do not want to be mistaken in a search of the future husband and man of sympathy. At this moment my feelings to YOU are more than friendly. Reading your letter I begin to understand that you are the man of honour. The words you wrote make warm my soul and heart. So it is wonderful that there is in this world a man whom I am not indifferent. It is very pleasant to me to understand that we have mutual understanding so you can see that it is one of the most important thing in our relation. If we want to create strong union, we should entrust and understand each other in everything, I feel perfect, concerning myself it can not worry with me, in the order. Well I do not speak about problems, which raise on our way. Write to me, as it is possible more frequently, I love to read your letters, they establish in me all pleasures in life. It makes me to believe that in me somewhere far there loves, the man, mood at once lifts. It would be desirable for me to live and to believe that we can be able to meet. I will wait for your answer today or tomorrow. I want to send you the kiss from the very deep from my heart. You are in my heart each minute. There is such feeling in me that I have received of the large energy within all day. You can write about everything, about work, for example. I would like to know concerning you everything, that in you the majority of a favorite dish, than you loves to be engaged in free from work time. Perfect I want to inform, that I have chosen in you soul superior others in love in, in mercy, in powerful desire to love and to bring happiness. And please be honour with me. You can see, that the deceit breaks many families. Today I will visit the church, and will ask God about us. Be healthy and in the good arrangement of spirit, and just for you to know that you are always in my heart. Are fidelity and tenderness necessary for you? I have chosen destiny and fidelity as the closest things to my character. Let's convince about it. Unsuccessfully speak, that the love is blind. It doesn't matter for true love how much lacks the other person has If you are sure that you find the right person who was made special for you. I imagine us sitting together in evening in a room. We discuss the things which we love; we can talk about the people things kind day. Kisses and huges.
I am waiting for your reply

Letter 6

I am very glad to receive a letter from you...I don't want to hide my desires - I want to see you in person very much, I just want to look in your eyes, hold your hands...My mother see me and she said me: "May be it is your destiny..." I want to think so and I want to be with you very much. We can write many beautiful letters to each other but if we want to know one another really closer we better meet in person, of course if we decide that we are very interested in each other and really wish to meet in person.From your words I can get a sense of what you meant, the way you are in your heart and soul. I feel you love the life, and this is a hint was hidden in your words . One of my friends has found her soul mate through the net and soon she is going to marry to her boyfriend from another part of the world. So I decided to give it a try too. I am very glad that it helped me to meet you, maybe we can find a lot of things in common and maybe, who knows, that happiness and joy for whole life we will enjoy together. Of course first of all we have to become good friends, and develop our friendship into deeper and stronger feeling (if we are fit together). I think that best friends will understand each other and support each other on hard days of their life. It is really important for both partners to be best friend in their relationship. Don't you think so? I do respect the honesty and open communication in the relationship. Mutual respect and understanding are really important in happy relationship. The most important for me in my partner is his kind and caring heart for me, his tender ! attention to me, his generous and giving personality, I dislike greedy or avid people, because myself I am not stingy or greedy at all. Other things are not really important for me, I am interested only what's inside his heart and soul. His personality or his character are only important for me in our relationship. And the last thing I do too much attention to is his attitude for me, what way he treat me and his respect for me. This is all I require from my partner. You know, I think that our life is dependent on us only, on our efforts we make to be happy, also the happiness is also dependent on us too. So let's try to be happy, maybe we are both that persons, which should be together forever and were meant to be together by the destiny. Who knows maybe we will find that endless love and deep romantic feelings together. I am very optimistic person, and of course I am full of energy to go on, and full of hopes and dreams to find my love for whole my life. Just let's try:).Sweety i am glad because you have an web cam ,but i dont have from where to find one.I tryed to enter on that site what you told me but i cant,i must to be member site. Many kisses

Letter 7

Hello my sweety Thank you very much because you made time for writing me . I think that destiny has brought us together, and I am so thankful for this. You truly have brought so much to my life ,sweetheart,and touched my heart so deep inside. I have been thinking about you so much. I dream about you all the time and your presence in my life brings me happiness and warmth in my heart.
I miss you more and more day by day! Everyday is so beautiful to me! There is a warm feeling inside my heart! Your care about me gives me warmth and strength! Every day I re-read your letters and dream about you.
I like you very much ,you are the man what i am looking so long time and i would love very much to meet younow this is my only wish to be near you every day..I feel, as though you are very special and have a lot of love to give. I think, also our persons are very similar strong, kind, understanding, the care forgiving, are handed and loyal. I trust you with my whole heart, and I give only to you a key! Everything, than I can become and together we will divide many happy days.In times pass, I was involved in relations which have brought a lot of pain. It - one reason, I use dating agency to meet whom - that special from far. I do not want true love is similar never before ,and i fell you will make me happy. Sincere for me it will be better if we will meet in your country,i want to escape from this country,here i dont have no future ,and i was thinking if i came in your country probably i will find something for work,a job and i will can remain there forever near you.But now the big problem is that i cant afforded to came in your country,this trip cost me a lot and for the moment i cant pay it. So we have 2 possibility,you came here in my country to meet me and after we go toghether in your country or you help me to came to you.I thinkthe second ideea is more good for bouth ,because if you will came here,firstyou will spend much money for the trip and second you will spend money here for the hotel.But if i am coming to you is easyer,we can stay togheter and in this way we will see if we are made one for other. Please tell me what do you think about all this.From my part i am sure you are the man what i am looking for and i wnat very very mcuh to meet you.I know if you will meet me you will not regret i will do everithing to make you happy,because you change my life,you make me smile again and for all this i must to thank you.Yesterday I have a sexual dream about you . I saw you and me, we walk on street then we come to home and speak a lot. Then I told you that I love you and we have appeared in a sleeping room, we kiss each other and I heard your pleasant voice and you say that you love me too. I heard the beat of your heart, our bodies were together. It was a great evening. I kissed your neck, your lips your body and you do it too with me. It was so beautiful, but then I waked up and understand that it was a great dream, I was warm and breathed often. I want that it will be real and soon! I LOVE YOU!!! I love you all my heart and my heart says that I love you .
Many kisses

Letter 8

Hello my love
I just received your letter now.Sweety i told you what i did today,i was at ambasy.I gived you all the information about the visa.Thank you my love for all your trust,i cant belive i meet a man like you.I want you in my life ,i want you near me.I find you ,i fell i find the perfect person for me. I am very glad and I shall think of you. For my life I look for a person, who can become for me a husband, friend, lover and protector. I need in man, who will fill emptiness in my soul, and I will fill emptiness in his soul. I want him to support me in a difficult minute and I can support him. To tell the truth, a person needs few things to become happy. It takes much more time to find an appropriate man. Likely the main thing that does not suffice me now is love. Without love of persons it may not be happy. But when near there is a close person whom you love, life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and that you have. I try to be afflicted never. But the loneliness frequently forces to sadly. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I have tested man's roughness and disrespect. It has wounded me. I want to find the partner in life, together to enjoy life and to go in the future. I want to find the man, with whom we shall create the world of love, kindness and honesty. In the guy I want to see honesty and kindness. This main thing because the lie and a rage spoil any relations. I like cheerful people. I do not love men who do not have self-respect. I want to find the guy who in reply to my love will present me his love. The heart of the man is most important. I want to be honest and frank with you, that's why I ask you not to deceive me. There is a proverb in here :Bitter truth is better than sweet lie. I am sure that you are an honest man and you can't lie. Am I right? I had a dreams about you .I really want to know you, speak with you, take your hand and see your eyes. Maybe it's very frankly now but it's true and I don't want to hide it. I always say the true and don't like when the people are lie. I hate it. I like to dream very much. I do not know well if it is good or bad.
But I am a dreamer. Since the childhood I have dreamt very much. I remember my teacher in the kindergarten told us: "Forget about your dreams!" She said that dreams do not bring happiness. She said that dreams bring only a pain and disappointment. May be she was right. In fact dreams don't always come true. It happens that you put all forces and all aspiration to achieve the purposes. But often it is not enough. Not all in this life depends on us. There is still a Destiny! Its strong and invisible hands easily reshuffle lives and hearts of people. And then the dream stops to be desirable star, when it doesn't come true for a long time. But anyway, I think that it is impossible to live not having the dreams and hopes. When you have a dream, the life is filled with sense. When there is a dream, the life becomes more interesting and more various. You start to think, analyze, choose and to make the decision. And each small victory, each defeated obstacle in a way to your dream, each next step to your dream brings you great pleasure. Your heart is filled with belief and hope. And you are inspired by the fact which waits for you in the end. You remember the pleasure of victories and defeated aims better than pain of losses and disappointments. For this reason I like to dream, though my dreams come true very seldom. I am surprised, that I am writing you all this. I have never had the person with whom I could share the ideas. But now I have found you, and I am very glad. You are a part of my life now. And I appreciate it very much. you became very important for me. And being frank, I am afraid to lose you. Do not cease to write to me. Write to me every day. Even if I cannot answer every day. Your letters betray to me of forces and my day is filled with pleasure.

Letter 9

Sweety the visa is for 90 days and after this i must turn back in my country,butif we will marry or if i will have a job there ,or if you go with me at your ambasy to sign some papers and to guarantee for me i can remain in your country.I will be happy near you ,i am sure of this.

Letter 10

My love I have waited a long time to find someone who takes my breath away, who leaves butterflies in my stomach always, and who I cannot take my mind off through out my day. You have done this to me and I thank god every night for bringing you into my life.
I am making this promise to you I will never break your heart and I will not hurt you I want to make you happy for the rest of my life.
I want to be the shoulder you always cry on and the ear you talk to when you have something on your mind. I love you honey and I will make sure you know this and hear this from me everyday.Please write me soon.I know that I'm not perfect but I know that I don't want to give you up. I have waited too long to hold you in my arms. I know that we belong together. I love you a lot and I know that you know that.I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me and let yourself believe in me again and in my love for you. I know I don't make things easy for you. I feel like you don't want to be near me, you don't want to touch me after what I've done towards you. I love you so damn much. It hurts me so much to sit here thinking about you and knowing that I will not be able to see you never.A million times I love you and a million times I'm sorry. I know I have been very stupid because of what i wroute to you. And I know I am not perfect. I also know that I love you.I hope that you can forgive me and accept me as I am. I love you always and forever and I'm really sorry.What do you think ,i am not for real and i want to steal your money? No my love i really love you ,but i see now you dont belive me.Came here and meet me if you dont belive me.Is not a trick my love ,is not a trick ,i want to be with you ,to have a family with you.I thought I will never love again, I was sure of that,I thought that God want's that I have a lonly life,that all my nights will be could and full with lonliness.I did't had any more hope to see how is it feel to sleep in someone arms,to see how is it when someone is telling me I love you,I was lost into a big and bad world,were people are stealing,killing each other,abandon their children.I thought that in this world i will never be happy again,I will never smile again,until one day.I was going on-line starting to mail with someone.Slowly I was starting to think about this someone and it does't took much and I was starting to think about this person a lot and I don't know how someday my hope was back.My hope that I can be happy to like I see it on tv in the movies,happy like I was reading in the storys when I was a little child.Suddnly the world it did't seemed so bad anymore,I had the fealing I was born again,and actualy I was,my heart was born again.All the bad thing in me,all the pain that I felt before was gone,all the scars on my heart and on my soul was gone.I felt pure again and I was begening to wonder what is happening.What happent is that I was in love again.I was in love,I was in love with the most wondrefull man in the world.He made lose my head with his beautyful words,he won my heart with his kindness he made me feel I am the most important person in the world for him,he gave a meaning to my life.Thanks to him I was able to dream again,I was again happy,he made me dream that I will have a family and I will have children,that I will be with him happy ever after but I bacame scared,scared not to lose him,he was the world to me,he was evrything to me,my dreams,my hopes,my happines and my heart.I was so in love I couldn't tell my love in words,I was afraid I am not making him to realise how much I love him,my fealing were to strong to exprim them in words so I searched on the web letters...letters that they could helping me to te be romantic in a time when I had a lot of work and I was tired and I did't had time to write.My fealings were exactly like the words in the letters,so I wanted to show you my fealing,the way I feel for you.I am so sorry my love for what I did,i was so stupid,I was afraid not to lose you if I am not romantic and i was so tired and for me is not easy to show you my fealings in english,is not my mother language,I wanted you to see exactly how i feel and I was afraid that my vocabulary is not enough to show it to you how much I love you.please forgive me...please.. I am so sorry,please forgive me my love.you are everything to me,I dont't want to lose you,without you i can't live anymore,I will die inside me,the world will be again bad and cold.I love you so much,please forgive me...it's all what I am asking for.I promise I will do everything to make you happy,I will be faithfull to you,I will do anything for you please my love...forgive me.i did a terrible thing,but what was in the letters was what i really felt.Please dont't leave you have my heart,please don't throw it away,it hurts to much,I can't handlle the pain,I was never so in love like I am now.I went to find a scanner,so i was scanning the receipt from the visa,they gave me a receipt when I payded so I scanned to see that I was not lieing you and i really payed the visa,I hope you can see it and understant the recipt because the resolution was not great.Please trust me and please don't throw my heart away.You are the angel in my life who is making me happy,please don't end this,all my dreams and my happynes are adicted to you.please forgive me!!!