Scam letter(s) from Emilia Mihalache to Marinus (South Africa)

Letter 1

I hope you still remeber me,i am t_babe26 .I want to aplologize for my english,i am trying to do my best when i write so you will be able to understand me.Untill now i haven't used this language,i was stuying at hightschool and please forgive my future mistakes i will make by writeing.From now you can write me to this email adress if you want us to corespond and to get to know each other better,i will love that,who knows what that future has for us.I really hope that you will write me soon and you also send me a picture with you.I wish you a good day.
Letter 2

Hello dear
Thank you very much for your message,I hope it is not the last one. Pleased to meet you very much.With great interest and with the same timidity I am beginning this letter. It's my first experience when I am writing to somebody I know just a little about and can only imagine.
I want to tell something about me and my inner world.
I hope that this can help you to know a bit more about me, and my interest as well as my personality.
I am very glad to meet someone, whose heart is alone too.
Let me introduce myself at first.
My name is Tina I am 26 years old,i was born on 30 december 1977,i have 1.73cm and 54 kg,my size are 93-62-90 and i live in the capital of Romania,Bucharest.
I study law to university,i am in the last year,i will take my diploma and probably i will become lawyer.In this moment i work in the library of the university,i am librarian.I work and i study in the same time in the same place. I have never been married and have no children (though I really desire to have them with my right man).
I am single woman with a great sense of humor. I want to find a man who is tired without a such deep feeling as a love, like myself. I was seeking him for a long time, but I have no results. My heart is full of different emotions, but I have no one to give it. I hope it will be in future. May be it is you, who knows. My private life has failed and I decided to try to will get acquainted through internet. I went to internet-cafe and found the site. I know english and can speak it also because I learn it many years. I decided to find the foreign man for me because I think if everything will be allright maybe I could to create the strong loving union and to be realized in work because we have the bad economic situation in our country. I'm not looking for business, first of all I'm looking for man which will love me with all heart and which I will love. This is my dream.
I have no bad habits, I think they are not important for a human being. As a proverb says: "A good health in a strong body". I like to go in for sports: to play tennis, to go for a walk by foot, to swim, to do different exercises. Sometimes I go to a disco clubs with my friends to dance a little.
As for the music, I like all kinds of music.
I think in all variety of music there is something special for everyone. Hope, you are agree with me.
In my free time I read the books, I have read books by foreign authors, but they were translated into my language.I know to speak english,is true not very good but i think you understand me.I study english in hight school and until now i dont had the occasion to speak very much this language. Also I like to watch TV and help to my mother in the kitchen. By the way, I like to cook very much.
What can i tell you more about me?Please ask me and i will answer you. I think that you are a nice person on the inside. I am interested in finding out all about you, and I will tell you anything you would like to know about me, all you have to do is ask. I know it can be difficult learning about someone through letters, being far away, but I believe that love can conquer all, so a few thousand kilometers cannot stand in it's way.
I would like to know about your dreams, and to know a little of what you want. Maybe, we have much in common, I think, and our dreams are the same. Well, I feel that I am going on and on, so perhaps I shall end for now. I look forward to your reply, ask anything that you would like to know, I promise I will answer. I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health, and that you stay warm and safe.
I will be waiting for your letter impatiently
Letter 3

Hello dear Happy to see new letter from you. Thank you very much because you made time for writing me.I am glad because i speak with you and because you are intrested about me,even you are a stranger. I hope we can konw each other better and we will can be a good friends or perhaps more. Please write me more about yourself..All is OK with your age - I would like to be with mature man who will treate me as princess, to whom I allways be his little lovely girl...I can tell you that I don t consider someone who is older than me, as not right mate. I value inner qualities first, and then everything else. Besides some people at their age look much better and stay in better shape then others who smoke and drink heavily, and don t look after themselves.The years from the calender dosen't count,it count's only the way you feel,if you soul is young you will always be young.
I think i didn`t make a mistake to put my add on a matrimonial site,in fact i am glad because looki in this way i meet you.I really see no difference from that country will be my future man. God, who created this world, he didn't create geographics borders, so I see no difference. I know that when I will found my only man then I will move to him to any place at this world. I sure that good peoples can live at any place, especially when they love together. I'll try to write something about me that could be interesting for you, and just things which I want to tell you. And if you will want to ask me something, don't be afraid to ask. I always have only two chooses when someone asking me something: reply honestly, or not to reply. I will never lie.
I was born in Bucharest long time ago:-) and now I live on this planet already 26 years. Can't say that all things in my life are perfect, but I really enjoy life. My parents too were born in Bucharest too ,my mother is still here but i think not for a long time.My father died 5 years ago in an accident car.from then our life change complety.I live only with my mum now. She is the best mum all over the world.My pictures are made from my brother ,he is a good photographer and a very good brother.So bad he is not near me ,he have a job like a photographer for a newspaper from Timisoara(is a town from my country).I send you this time more prefesional pictures wich were took by my brother.I tryed a few times my luck to became a model but i think it wasn't to be for me.Maybe if i were living in another country would've been something else.My country was a comunist country and that's why the possibilitys here for the moment are limitied.For now here is a lot of coruption and if yo! u want to do something either you need to pay much money,either to have conections,either to sleep with the right person.I hope you will like the pictures wich were took by my brother.I think now it is to late to became o model,isn't it?but i took this pictures to see if i can look like the girls from magazines.I am silly,isn't it? :-)
One of my dreams and hopes - to live in complete family somethere in good place, have good friends and not to bother ourselves with strange things like political, economical situation and etc:-). I want family there all members just life for each other. I like open minded peoples, who prefer to say sad things instead hiding it - even in the name of care. I am quite patient person, and I can holding in my feelings until I understand situation completely, but if something makes me angry - I am very temper. Like my friends tells "It's very hard to wake up good sleeping bear, but if you done it you'd better to run away":-). If apply to the facts, I am very very and very rarely get angry; can remember only couples of situation .
And if to tell about relationships with other world... There are only two sides - me and my family and rest of world. I like cooking and I like to create cosiness at the home. I always try to create sweet sweet home, and I really want to enlarge family:-) to complete family! I really miss for someone who will share with me all joys of life and could be supportive in any situation. I just want to enjoy all sides of life and need the one man to share it with!Now i am in a very hard period of my life.I study law at university ,i am in a last year but now i can`t continue my studyes.I must take my diploma but i don`t have this finnancial posibility . Here the school is very expensive and i must pay money to university for give me my diploma.Is very hard ,school is very importand for me,i work a lot to enter in this school and i study very much to have good grades.In the last year i learn a lot for this exams for diploma and for this i took some comitments like dissapearing from ! sociaty and living only with my books of law.I want to became a good lawyer but i can`t if i don`t have diploma.Is very important for me to graduated because i know without this i don`t have no future.If i don`t pay they will kick me out from school and i work four years for nothing .I am sorry to tell you all this but i fell i need to speak with somebody about my life ,about my problems.I know you are a stranger,perhapt you have your problems but i am fell lost and i need somebody which can support me with a smile.In the same time on a half on day i work like a librarian in my school library and in the rest of the day i am going to couses.When i was little i belived that love is the most wounderfuul thing in life,but now when i grow up i realised that i was wroug and for that thing to be true it must be true love.For me, as a woman, I need a man next to me,cause..."What's a woman when a man don't stand by her side..." You know the song I guess .The man that I wan! t to have next to me must be very strong, intelligent, with sense of h umour, very romantic but motivated in the same time..He must love me and protect me, make me feel like a woman and share with me the good and the bad. Life is very hard, maybe to hard to live it alone...When I am involved in a relationship I don't give love, I don't give passion, I don't give trust, I don't give respect...I GIVE EVERYTHING ! That's me ...All or nothing. I am a very romantic person, cause for me the soul is the most important...the beauty is given to you by the nature or by the age, but the soul is given to you by God, and that is the most important thing a human being posses. In a relationship I am totaly dedicatedand I always treat the man next to me the same how I want to be treated. I love romantic walks, holding hands and talk for hours, I love romantic dinners and I love the classical values.I finish my letter here.Hope not scared you with big letter:-)
Kisses and hugs
Letter 4

We don`t know each other yet, but I believe that all people have something good in them, and isn`t it great when people try to see these good sides in each other, and accept the others in a friendly way? ;-)
So, if you believe in the same, then I think we will become friends very soon, and open a new page in our lives. What is the most important thing in your life?.... I am a very cheerful person and I have a good sense of humor, it is also very important in life, humor helps me to cope with many hardships in life.
You know, I am sure that if a person has a goal and he has faith in that, he will by all means achieve a success and that is why I am always trying to be a determined person and not to give up even if something does not go the way I want.
You may be wondering why such a young and pretty girl is looking for her fate so far away?Well this is a question I was asking myself,sitting near the blue screen of my new intercutor - computer.
But I came to a very simple conclusion: I'm tired of loneliness,tired of being along all the time. I'm searching for a man to be my only destiny,for one to be near every hard and happy minute of my life. I'm not asking a lot,but I want someone,who can get up at 3 o'clock in the morning and come to me,if I need it.
I had a serious relation with a man but last one year ago we decide,in fact he decide to separation of me.
It is a long and sad story.He had a very gravely car accident and after this he cant wak,he had the bouth legs broken. First he through will not walk never and then told me he let me to have my life ,he cant keep me near him in this situation.
I told him i want to support him all the life but he dont accepted me. So we seal our house and he lived from my life forever ,now he is in Viena in a improvement clinic.
After this relation i cant find a man for me ,i cant find a real man who deserve to enter in my life ,but all this until now.I think only to be beautiful it is not enough. The beautiful face and beautiful body if if necessaire for the first steps only but later it is not enough for a relation because to understand and to love and to have a family we nead the feelings of love and care...But not all the men can undertsand this.Most of the men from here are looking at me only for a casual and *** relation,they cant see my soul ,they cant fell me.They think because i look good i cant have a serious relation.Well ,i cant undertsand this.
I have a very good feeling about us and i hope all this are true.
So to tell some words about myself and about my expectations:I am looking for a man to be my one and only love of a lifetime.
I have waited to marry because I wanted that one man upon whom my heart could rest and be content for eternity. My heart reaches out, hoping to find that connection that will feed it and give it warmth and health and energy to sustain it and me - to find that happiness that can only lead to a life of two soulmates truly merged, complete, and fulfilled for the first times in their lives. I am looking for a companion who shares all of his soul with me alone, and who I trust so much that I also divulge all of my most private secrets to. I'm looking for a man whom I could take care of in any unfortunate times and share in the glory of the good times. I am hoping for such a man. Could this be you? I think yes.
All we have to is to find this out so let's know each other better. I think we can do a lot of good together.
Let me tell you a little about my family.My parents the very good people, they have got acquainted when to my mum there were 21 years, and mine the daddy was much more to him then there were 37 years, they had very strong love, at first parents of my mum would be against that that my mum met the man which is much more senior than her, and even from behind it she left from houses, but in due course her parents have understood that their love cannot be separated and they have solved her to leave in marriage, and in 1 year after their wedding I was born. My daddy worked the driver of the lorry,but as i told you he had an accident 5 years ago. My mum worked like a nurse in a little hospital now she any more does not work as she became old.When I was small I frequently went to the mum on work and observed of that as she treats the people, and to me it very much was pleasant, from childhood me the mum learned as is necessary to use an injection, and already in 7 years I well put i! njections, and daddy learned me how to drive the machine, but I didnt learned well to drive it, once I has not got nearly in failure when I went behind a rudder of the automobile, to me on meeting has gone away the I automobile, but I only miracle has avoided failure, after that I floor of year did not go for rudder of the automobile:).I removed my self from the internet because i don't have time to spend in the fronth of the computer.I talk to you,is enough.
Well I must finish here my letter ,i wait your letter.
many many kisses
Letter 5

Thank you for your letter! I am very glad to have it! You know, I like you, I know thatit may sound silly and you may say that we are corresponding for such a little period but still. How are you? I hope you are fine. I am OK.
You know, I am glad that we correspond. I think we should know each other better.
And I am glad to call you my friend if you don't mind. Tell me more about yourself. I want to know everything about you. What you dislike to do? What you like in woman?
What you dislike in her?I want to find a man, who will be honour with me, who will not make me a bad and a sick, who will be valid to respect and to love me, who will answer me by mutual feelings, and who is not going to use me, or even to try to use. I shall not forgive it. I'm very brave, both resolute. And sometimes womans are much more dangerous then men. But I think that you are not such man, also that us was reduced by good circumstances :) I'm right? But if I will find a man, who will be my second half in my life, I will make all that he can to become happy, I will give him all that mans need from woman, we will creat a strong family! I will the best friend for him, and I will help to do all that he will need to do. Mens and womans are not simple people who loves each others, they are partners, and best friends in life.
If I will find a man who will live even in the cold North, I will live with him there, even if he will very poor. I'm looking for a man, who can to see a second-half in me, who will be sure that I'm his woman, who will be sure, that we can to become happy..What is important for you in your love? What is important for your in your life?
As for me I don't like to idle. If somebody is working, is doing something, I can't just sit and look at him, I am sure to help him if I am not busy of course. I don't like to cheat and to be cheated. You know my parents always taught me to say truth and I just can't understand how a person could lie and what for. I think that every lie is sure to come to light. I don't like even white lie. I think that it should be no lie in my life. I can't live with it. I think lie makes us be nervous and it prevents a happy life.In a man I like such qualities as smartness, honesty, kindness, sense of humor and respect to a woman. I dislike to be cheated and I have already told you that. The most important thing for me is to love and to be loved. When I am in love, I feel the happiest person in the world. I feel that I can do everything. I can move mountains if it is needed, I can cross any distances to be with my love, I can swim over any ocean just to kiss my love, to hug him, to look into his eyes and to say that I love him! In life for me is very important to have kids. I think that every woman should do her duty - to bear kids. Then my carrier takes an important place in my life too. I would like to have a successful carrier and to help my husband with money. I want my kids have everything they need and I understand that for it I need money and I am ready to earn it. But if husband is against my carrier, I think, I sooner will listen to him as it is very important for me.
I would like to have own house with garden. And I would like that we all, I mean my husband, my kids and me play there. I would the happiest woman in the world if I could watch my the most beloved people playing together or just sitting and reading some fairy-tales. I know English and I can speak English.
You seem to have serious intentions in searching for your love! Yes, you seem to be a serious man.
You know, appearance doesn't matter much for me. Even if you were ****, but you are not!, if you had a kind heart, I think I could fall in love with you.You know,I think that there are not many really kind person unfortunately. As I am looking for my life partner I am interested in his soul first of all, I am interested in inner beauty as I think that only inner beauty is eternal. I need a kind man with strong desire to create a family. So, what have you done these days? I was at the cinema yesterday. I watched the film "The One". A nice film, I liked it. Actually I like to watch comedies, romantic comedies, historical filmswith elements of love. You know, , my favorite film is "The Fifth Element" with BruceWillis. He always saved the Earth from numerous enemies and managed to be safe and sound. A very funny movie and with love, just the same that I like. My favorite actors are B.Willis, J.Roberts, D.Pevtsova.What is your favorite film? Who is your favorite actor? What is the weather like in your country? What weather you like? Do you like rain? What you do when it is raining? As for me I am sitting at home reading or listen to music or just watching at the windows. You know I like rain in summer. It makes the nature more lovely and colorful. Now I am finishing my letter and waiting for your .
take care of you
Letter 6

I am glad to open my mailing box and to find your reply letter. This makes me happy, because I understand that you are really interested in me and thinking of me. I was thinking of you all the day long .
Whell,what can i tell you more about me...
My friends describe me as honest, beautiful, clever, quiet, kind, romantic and faithfulnest, but I never brag by it. Also I very love children, but I haven't my child now and dream to have later. Sometimes I look movies. I very much like movies about love. But most of all I like to read the novels. Also I like silent slow music. I often dream as under her I shall dance in embraces of my lovest man. I very well cooks and I like to do it. To me does the favour to make new tasty dishes by my hands. I love nature: sea, ocean, sun beach, mountains, trees, lands. All that are romantic and beautifull. I like a nature and animals. And really I want to find the kind and careful man.
I want that he always was near to me. I want to spend with him days and night, all our time! I very gentle also want to present all my feelings that unique prince, which will find me. I want to love and to be loved! I want to feel warm and gentle embraces, in which it will not be terrible anything. I want to wake up in the morning and feel that my honest men near to me. I want to know that I am necessary to someone in this huge world. I want to live happy life, instead of rich. Because among rich there are a lot of unfortunate people and them it is sincerely a pity. That's all that I want. I have some boyfriends then I was in universuty, but they was not serious. Most of them looks at me only on as girl with beautifull body. They don't carre how I am inside, they don't carre about my feelings.I told you i had a serious relation with a man, and i told you what happend with us.Now ,i am ready to change my life ,i need to change my life,i cant live like this.I am too alone,i have friends is true ,but i dont have a man near me.About my childhood,what can i tell you...Untill I was 7 i grow up to my grandma,after that I come back to my parents,because I had to go to school.I had a nice chilhoud,my parents tryed to offer me all they coul and in that time my father was living and all was good and nice.when I was little I sought all my country and I was in a few other countries with my father,but i can't remember much.My brother was older than me and he always was tizzing me,he was like a terror;))))he didn't left me alone.I remember when my brother broke my prefered doll and I was crying 3 days.Than I said I will never forgive him.After my father died everything changed in our lifes and I mean everything.I adore animals. At home (I mean at my mother) there is a cat. I took her when she was just a baby. She was like a ! down. She is growing and she appears to be very smart. I love her very much. I began to notice that when I am out for a long time, she misses me.Her name is Fufu.i can live with the distance for the moment.
I finish my letter here my dear ,i wish you a good day and i wait your letter back.Many kisses and hugs
Letter 7

Hello,I am so glad because i received your letter.Today i had a very busy day,i have to solve some important problems with my school but unfurtualy i dont solve nothing.
Is so difficult ,i dont know what to do and nobody dont listen me ,nobody dont want to help me.My friends when they need help came to me and of course every time help them ,but when i need their help,nobody dont look at me.Let me to explain you About my university,I am now in the last year and if I can't pay my diploma to take it,if not I did the university for nothing and only in one year I can have the chance to take my diploma again.It costs 270$ but for me this means a lot of money,I have on a month 120$,is a normal sallary in my country.Untill now my mother helpt me to pay the school but now what I have to pay is the diploma exam,not the school,the school year I allready pay it and my mother cant help me again.I hope i didnt bored you with my problem ,but i really need to speak with somebody about this,i am fell so alone in this moments.For 6 months ago my mother had cancer and she had to do a surgery and the surgery was costing a lot so that's why everything we h! ad is gone.Before we had money for bad days how we called,but now after she paid the surgery,the medicaments,they both were very expencive the financial situation has complety changed.
I dont understand this world,why the life is so hard?
I am a little tired and i think in this night i will go to sleep earlier.Iwas thinking to you very much and now i am glad because i can write you again.I dont know but I feel that we could be a soul mates, think and feel very much the same.My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that is the question you should ask yourself first before getting involved. I took me much longer to realize the importance if it than to you. I think that you know there is no princese to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. But, even real life can be like a fairy tail, I am not talking about the material things, I am talking about the feeling and harmony with two people.
I like to talk things over if something comes up. If two people love each other they both feel bad, no matter which one hurt which one, right. I have learn one thing in my life, never be proud in relationship! Life is to short for fighting and feeling bad. I know your feeling waking up alone and going to sleep alone very well. I try not to think it too much, just makes me sad. I just believe that life will bring me what is meant to come to me, I try not to push my life to curtain direction (trying just to fool my fait a bit writing to YOU. I go with the flow of life, it will bring me where I belong.
Today i was to drink a cofee with some friends in a cafe club near the university. There was a man working and one time he said to me "Dear you are so much full of kissing and hugging". I know how you feel. Maybe the need to love somebody is greater than to be loved, but there can not be one without the other. I hope that we both can find solutions to this need, maybe the solution is close than we realize. But enough of this.
Well...I have been having trouble falling asleep at night lately. I find myself thinking about you and can't get you off of my mind. I really hope this turns into a long and lasting relationship.
I too think that to love and be loved is one of the greatest treasures in life. Other hardships become easier to bear if you have a loving partner by your side that understands and cares.
I can't affort a house with garden that's why i don't have one.I live in an apartment with 2 rooms.I finish my letter here my possibile lover,i hope was not too long for you.I wait your answer.
Many many kisses
Letter 8

I am very happy each time when I receive the letter from you. Today i had again a bad day,i was trying to find a solution to solve my problem with the school but i need a miracle to solve it. I begin to feel that we have a lot of common.
Today I have read to my mum some words from your letter. She said to me that probably you are a very good man.
And my mum send you the best regards. She wishs all the best for us .I guess we begin to feel each other.
it is the most important thing . As I consider , we should trust each other. Lie is very bad. We should completely trust each other, because it is only the single way to create reliable union. It is a pity that there is such big distance between us. But each our letter makes this distance less and less. I hope very much, that after corresponding we will have the opportunity to meet in person in future. But now it is only a dream.
You know, my mum and me make tasty pies. I hope that one time you can taste it. My name is Mihalache Emilia and my adress is Strada Racari nr 12 bloc 32 apartament 79 bucuresti romania. I want to ask you something.
Are you missing the real and sincere love as I am? Are you sick and tired of grey, joyless and ordinary colourless routine life? Have you got anyone to share the sea of love and tenderness accumulated in your heart? Have you got anyone to lavish love and care upon you? I believe I am the one who will make you see Heaven on the ground, share everything with you and give you the true love. Of course if you are ready for such relationship... Just like you I am missing true and romantic feelings and the right man who put the family and the wife on the first place. It's a common thing in my country that families are made and children are born not on love ground but just occasionally... I have no wish to become just a passer-by on one's life road. I still believe that my destiny is wandering somewhere in the world and I don't care what language he speaks and what country he lives in. You can be my chance and my fortune or my fortune and not by chance. We may be destined to each ot! her. You may be waiting and looking for no one but me... Love is the most important thing in my life no matter what form it is in. There is the love for my family. The love for my friends. The love for the world. The hardest is the love between a man and a woman. It is sad but a person could live their whole life without finding true love. Some believe that you only get one chance at love. That you only have one soulmate. Some believe that you could have other chances at love if you are lucky. I believe that some get second chances and others may not. I was in love once and it was one of the best times of my life. It is the greatest feeling in the World like Heaven on Earth. I want that feeling again and I refuse to settle for anything least than 100% Love. I could not marry for anything else.
I don't believe in conditional love. That is not true love to me. I only believe in unconditional love which my parents taught me and gave me all my life. My parents love me whether I passed or failed, whether I was right or wrong. That is the love I will give to my husband. Whether he loses or gains weight or whether rich or poor. I will love him forever all the way to Heaven. I want to support my love in his dreams and goals in life and I want to share my dreams and goals with him. Letting him know everyday that I have faith in whatever he wanted to do. I can go on and on about love but I just wanted you to know that Love is the center focus of my life. Everything else is second. That is my religion! There is hope for the world and that hope lies in love.
I want to know whether you will accept this religion?
Does it sound like you?
I finish my letter here.I wish you a great day ,and take care of you.Kisses and hugs
Letter 9

Even if i have big problems today I woke up with some kind of happy feeling! As though I have wings and I can fly very, very high. I don't know why I have it, may be because you think about me or may be because your letters, like a sun beam, bring me happiness, warmth and part of your soul, making each day like a holiday! Thank you very much for all this dear.So, we are writing to each other, with every letter we are becoming closer .. right ? It is good when you know that somebody is thinking of you , that somebody cares about you and really , it does not matter how many miles are between us our letters , our thoughts and ideas , our feelings and dreams for future make us closer , much more closer than if we are leaving in the same street :- )
You know, I'm thinking about you, I'm trying to imagine what you are doing at your work, how you are smiling, how you talk, what eyes you have! And then I remember what a huge distance separates us, and I become sad & it is possible that we are not in so terrible situation. From the beginning we will know each other, our interests, dreams attitude to the life values. Even without seeing eyes of each other we build our relations on the confidence, sincerity, and on the most important aspects, which we feel without dependence on the distance, language barrier, and differences in culture, different economical level.
Can you imagine, we are looking in each other the things, which we can't find in our compatriots? You are looking for a woman, which, as it seems to me, can create friendly family, which is able to create the special atmosphere of love and understanding. Am I right? I'm looking for a person, which will appreciate me for my clear soul, faithfulness, and my possibility to give tenderness; for sincerity - to give sincerity. You know, I wanted to tell you one more thing: I have told my brother and mother about my decision about finding someone through Internet, from other country, and mother told me that everything. what is good for me is good for her, as for my brother they wished me good luck and real love . I know that their wishes will be become true. My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that you know there is no princese to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. If two people love each other they both feel bad, no matter which one hurt which one, right.I just believe that life will tring me what is meant to come to me, I try not to push my life to curtain direction.Tina comes from Florentina,my middle name.Marinus i cant belive what you have done.Thank you very much for your help with my school problem but i cant accept your help because i dont know when i can give you the money back.You have a great soul ,thank you so much because you want to help me but i told you why i cant accept your help.I don't think that is faire to take money from someone and not to give it back because I didn't worked for that money and it is not fair not in front of you and not in front of God.My parents have educated me that if I want to have money I have to work and I can't get money for nothing.It is true,for the little money I earn now I work verry hard and I can't affort to pay my diploma but is nothing I can do.After m! y father death the financial situation of my family got verry low and that's why I wanted to became a lawyer to eran money to live decent and to help my mother with the bills.But it looks like what I wanted it is not so easy for me.I will like to accept your help but I don't know if you are able to wait me to raise the money to pay you back.I think if i will not go and pick the money up the money will return to you,am i right?Thank you verry much for the picture you sent me,i like it verry much.
I finish my letter here.I hope you will have a great day.Many kisses and hugs
Letter 10

Hello my dear wow...I can't belive this is true,i can't belive this is happening.I think that is first time when I see that in this world are also special people.You are helping me even if you are far away from me and even if you never saw me in person.this is amainzing.thaks of you i will have a future now and I will how how much i need to and i will pay you back.when I will became a lawyer and i will have much money i will make you nice presents.i promise you i will be forever thanksfull to you for what you did for me.i promise i will never dissapoint you and i hope i can make you also so happy like you did me saved my life and my future and nobody did for me what you've done now.I also think of you a lot,you can't imagine how much i think about you all day.I finish my university after this exam,it is my final exam,the diploma exam.I guess was not easy for you when you father didn't trust you.well i will need your adress to pick the money up,s! o they told me from western union.I wait for you letter back when you will come to you office.Take care of you and sweet kisses
Letter 11

Hello my dear How are you?I am so happy because I picked the money up today and now i feel like a normal person too,i feel that i will have a future and only because of you,my guardian angel wich helped me when everybody left me alone.if someday you will need something,it dosen't matter what just tell me please and i will do anything i can to help you.if anybody will ever ask what is the most good thing you done in your life then please tell him that you made a person happy,when she was down and everybody left her alone without any more hopes you came into her life and you made her happy,you changed her life and you gave her a future.I will go tommorow to pay the exam fee because i didn't got time today to go there.Thank you so much for your help again.
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