Letter(s) from Anastasia to Ilhamy (Egypt)

Letter 1

Hi my darling Ilhamy
I was awaken by the sun today, shining directly into my face, I had forgotten to close the curtain yesterday evening. But it was so pleasant to be awaken by the sun!
I adore music! It sounds in my house when I wake up, and when I go to bed. It is different in this respect. In the morning it is something bright, energetic and at night - some romantic piece of music.
I like different type of music, I told you, and my preferences change often, but I like for sure Sting very much (desert rose), Madonna, Whitney Houston, and many Russian singers, but I do not think you could know them. But I will talk later on about the music which I like, cause that's a topic worth to be discussed. :)
So, yesterday I switched on the music, something energetic, like Disco, and I was cleaning the flat. I also was dancing meanwhile, exactly like Cinderella. :)) And thinking of my prince. :)) Really, when you are doing something of which you don't need to think, like the things demanding some automatic actions, it's better to engage your mind with something pleasant, which gives you the impact and the inspiration. This is of course you, my dear! You know, in dreams I managed to clean everything so quickly and then happened something which had never happened to me before. You know, I started feeling sorry that the housework was over and that I needed to get down to my work and other things which need my mind being involved. :(( Can you imagine what you've done to me, I don't want to think of anything else but you!
Do you believe in fairy tales? ;) I am not ashamed to say that I really am, particularly now. You know, I was read a lot of them in my childhood when I was sitting on my mother's laps and listening to her words and the images of handsome princes and beautiful princesses were appearing for me. And I actually started painting the whole life in such colours - pink, blue, yellow, green, and everything seemed so beautiful. I liked to dream in the childhood and I pictures myself a beautiful princess who at first has some troubles and then eventually is rewarded for all those hardships with love. And really, this is so strange, I think all those fairy tales have so much influenced my personality that I started living in the world created by myself, often I couldn't wait till the night comes to jump into that ocean of dreams. Of course this all has gone now, but you know we can't change ourselves completely, this all is saved in the bottom of the heart and very often we find the answers to our actions or deed out of these roots. Me, for example I have always been looking for the fairy in my life, who could come to me one day and solve all the problems I had... I was waiting, the fairy didn't come, and I somehow learned to be strong and to rely on myself only. So, I think all those fairies were not in vain, they have brought happiness into my life, I was strong enough to endure the hardships and to believe into the happiness that was to come into my life one day. And now I'm rewarded for the patience and the reward is far more fabulous that I had expected it to be! Well, I have some questions for you....
What are you proud yourself with?
Do you care very much about your carrier?
What do you think of women how reached success in their carriers? Do you like your wife to work or stay at home?
Darling I would like to touch one thing, I don't know how to start , because i feel very embarrassing to tell you this, dear you know that i have no computer at home, and i write you from the Internet cafe , darling, the Internet services are very expensive for me and you can imagine how I value our correspondence, how I'm waiting each day a message from you, and I cannot stop all this because of my fault, I have no money to continue writing , please I wish to be honest with you as I was before, and tell you straight, can you help me a little with the costs for Internet, please, i don't need much , I have counted , it's just 50-60$, it would be enough for two months , can you do this? I rely so much on your help now.
Well, I'll have to wind up here. I hope to hear from you soon, my darling.
Yours ever,