Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Larry,
I was very glad to get your letter and interest in me, I wish to know more and more about you and I see that now i have a wonderful opportunity to tell you some important things about myself, my life, my interests , my preferences. I will wait dear the same from you also.
I will tell you from the beginning that I'm not boring person, and with me you will never sit quietly at home and watching TV, I'm very emotional lady and one more thing, I'm very active and prefer much more to act beside to think what to do, this is my life motto. I like jogging and be very healthy.
OK, what else i have in my mind, I know that potentially I'm very frank and tender, loving person, the only thing what i need is a man , who is strong and reliable near me, to whom i can give everything I possess. yes, this would be a real paradise, what i dream about, but don't think I'm not realistic, I know the life. For me it would be very interesting to know more about your life, what things do you enjoy the most , what is the best for you, i mean what drives you crazy? I, personally kin on different philosophical theories, and psychology but this don't prevent me from being fashionable and lively, not only reading and sitting before the books. From the early childhood my parents brought me up like an independent girl and what i want to reach is to be a mixture, a mixture of everything , of being intelligent and merry , be able to understand and to reach happiness, to have many friends , but being comfortable alone sometimes, that would be nice, and if i find such a man who will share all my life and my goals with me, that would be really perfect !!!
Dear , i can tell you some things, like a little biography, I'm on the third year of study at the University. My subject is Psychology , I like it , it remains three more years , but I'm sure I will never regret to enter this faculty . I have a nice family, my father is a surgeon, but he works in Russia by the contract , my mother is a doctor at the kindergarten, I have a good looking sister, her name is Irina , she is 15, too high and too expressive , took this feature from my father , speaks much , all the time our flat is overcrowded by her friends. So, I'm happy to have such a young, i mean the age and friendly family, now i know how i will take care of my own children, by the way , what is your attitude to have children, frankly speaking I wish in some time ....., but it's not principal.
I will finish for now, Don't worry i still left much inside for the next times, hope to hear from you very soon,
My e mail is
Letter 2

Hi my darling Larry ,
I was so glad to hear from you, your nice words came to my heart and soul, you are very tender man and I like this feature of you very much.
How are things with you? What were you busy with this weekend ? Mine weekend was so called usual, i need to go yesterday to the University and to read some books and to write down something, so i were there for three hours, we were together with my friend Oksana, that was nice and not boring to do some things together!!! The weather is very gloomy, very cloudy , but i know that i should not pay any attention to the weather , the most important thing is that I have found you now in my life and it's really a great thing!!!! Yesterday I read a very good quotation, which brightened my day and I wish to share it with you also, it can be just a perfect reminder when you are not fine or in a bad mood:
"... no matter how dark the winter
seems, spring will come with a burst of sunshine and new life. There's always someone above watching over and guiding you, leading you along the darkness and bringing you fragrant flowers in spring with a touch of new found love. Never stop hoping for the sunshine, and never forget things will get better. "Love is not the rocky road of losing your self. Love is the rocky road of becoming your self."
What are you dreams and thoughts about our perfect date? As for me , I would like to be the one you'll take out to enjoy dinner at a special restaurant and after we could go to the beach and watch a beautiful sun set over the ocean. I enjoy nature. I dream to live in the place which is tranquil so that I could listen to birds singing outside my window.
About my dreams I wish that I could share my life with a man that I could show him my love through kindness, respect and loyalty every day of my life. I want to have children and a loving family.
Dear , I have told you so much about my dreams and me today, I know that you are that person who will understand and share my thoughts , that's why I'm very free with you and may be one day my dreams can come true!!!
I send you my kisses,
Wishing wonderful week,
Letter 3

Hi my darling Larry,
Oh, I'm so happy that you have written me at last, darling of course i know that you are busy but I would be happy really after some words to me or some sentences from you , dear of course don't worry i will wait till you have the opportunity to send some money , don't worry about that. Today again we will go to the practical classes to the clinic to examine the patients at the department, it's quite interesting and I feel that each time I'm more deep into the future profession. Dear I think so much about us , our future, how we will be together and that really gives me much energy , you are my sun shine. Though the weather is fine, but still not stable, raining and cloudy , sometimes sunny. I fell so close to you now.
You are always in my mind,
Kisses for you,
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