Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Gary (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Gary ! How are you? I hope that you are doing well and that my letter brings a smile to you. I am very happy to have received your letter. I will try to communicate a little bit about my feelings with every letter that I send to you. I think that the small things in a relationship are among the most important. Things like asking your partner how his day was, telling him that he is handsome, thanking him for the flowers or a small present, or bringing him some trifle for no reason other than to tell him you love him. These things may seem trivial and simple, but I truly believe that they go a long way in showing each other that you are respected, appreciated and loved. Sometimes people get too caught up in their daily routine and forget about these small but important gestures. I hope that you understand what I am trying to say. It is so important not to get trapped in the daily routine of chores and work, so that you do not lose sight of the things that are truly meaningful.
Dear Gary , I would like to tell you that you can call me Stasusha, because this is also my name , my mom calls me like that , my friends call me Stasia and the name in my passport is Stanislava is my full name , simply my name is very long and here normally people make it shorter, so you can call me how you prefer , i got used to each of the names, this name is not widely used here .
How is your life? your Job, tell me more about your regular day and for your usual day?
I think that I will like you and your character, I like calm people but at the same time very strong and persistent, very respectful, I try always to respect people , never to abuse and never to lie. My mother always taught me that way and I try to live that way. I'm ready for the new life and to change my life, I need a supporter and a partner in my life, the person with whom I will be the whole identity not the separate parts, to be always together, to have the same goals and ambitions , to be together in happiness and hardships, it's one of my dreams, and I'm sure that I will do everything for my beloved man to make him the happiest man in the world!!! Are you not tired of my thoughts?
My dear I have some questions to you, please try to answer them:
What kind of a woman do you think is best for you? Please describe?
How do you think, what is the most important thing in a family life? How do you feel about the fact that I live so far from you? Is this a real problem for the developing of our relations?
With admiration, respect and hope,
Letter 2

Hi my dear Gary,
Thank you very much for your letter , I appreciate it very much and it was a pleasure for me. How are the things with you now? How is the life itself, what are you busy with now?
Yesterday there was a concert of a very famous pop singer here in Lugansk, but the tickets were so expensive that you cannot simply imagine that . Yes, i wished to go but let's see what will be the impressions after this concert?
Darling I have a questions for you, what and how you feel about me and us being together ? What are your priorities as for the family life and for your future wife and just simply a woman???
I want to be a woman my husband can trust, someone whom I can give and accept tenderness and love. I will always be near him, to give him comfort, love, support, take care of him, make him feel warm and show him how important he is to me, be it good times, or bad times. I have one great quality, and that is, if I start anything, I complete to the end to the best of my ability, and I know, I would love my only true man, till death do us part. When we love we must not expect anything in return, for if we do, we're not loving but investing.
Do things because your heart tells you do to it, and not to expect anything in return. Its the bank that will give you returns, and your soul mate whom you need to share everything with. If we love we must prepare to accept pain for if you only accept happiness, you're not loving but using. Immature love says, "I love you because I need you." Mature love says, "I need you because I love you." I believe that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for, but something to be achieved. I am willing to give this opportunity 200% effort, getting to know us better, and making all this work. I believe that what you put in, is what you will get out. If you put your whole heart into anything and you are committed, you will reap the rewards. What do you think? I hope you agree. What are your favorite places , what things do you prefer for your comfortable life? My favorite places are places of solitude: I love watching the sun rise sitting on a hillside somewhere, walking in ****** snow, sitting on a deserted beach looking at the stars, walking through a forest on a frosty morning when the wind takes your breath away. I love places of history, when in the dark of the night under a new moon, you can imagine the past. There are many things I like to do: looking at the lake, early in the morning, when the surface of water is glassy like a mirror. I would like to find a person who enjoys some of the finer things in life, but also likes to spend quality time together just lying on the couch watching a nice movie, taking a drive spontaneously, or a moonlit walk. I am looking for someone who wants to pamper me while I pamper him. I believe that the quality of a person's soul says more than just appearances can do.
Darling so long letter again, but i so admire to share everything which is in my heart with you, I think it's really a great advantage for us the both to be able to communicate freely.
I will wait for your answer with great impatience,
i always think about you,
Kisses for you,
Having nice days,
Letter 3

Hi my darling Gary,
I was really very glad that you wrote to me so wonderful nice letter. Thank you for your attentions to me and nice words, thank you very much, so there will be changes at your job, I wish they could do only good better things.
You are absolutely right about the development of the relations, yes, of course we should speak over the phone and plan our meeting some day and to make efforts and only then it will work out!!!
Oh, had been at the birthday party , dear everything was fine, I liked everything , that it was not the birthday of a very close company, because too many people were present, i mean Anna, my friend she is 24 now, and of course really many people came to congratulate her , for example her parents, they are young and merry people, her younger sister, she is 12 and of course many friends, most all of our group from the Univeraity , sometimes I really regret that I have a birthday in July, when some my friends are missing some in the camps or somewhere else at the sea, Azov or Black, so my birthday almost all the times when I remember is not so funny and interesting. So, everything was nice , Anna cooked many dishes, we drank champagne and wine, her parents some *****, there were many good words to her spoken really from the heart and there was a big birthday cake with many many candles. We joked, danced and sang karaoke , so it was very funny and exciting. Frankly speaking I'm not a good singer , so I didn't sing, but the others yes!!! There were many presents, perfume, powder and different cosmetics, the umbrella, two nice pictures, the awful thing was that the camera stopped working after two pictures, we were so sad, but ok, I'm sure we will have the opportunity to make pictures... So, all of us were in a good mood, but frankly speaking I saw Anna was very tired because of the cooking and cleaning the flat before . It would be nice if you see how we celebrate birthdays and be with me, you will like everything , I'm sure for that .
Darling , I'm at the University again today , not too much things to do , but in any case I need to be present at all the classes and lectures, that's now bad, because if the lecture is too boring, we always find with my friend Anna and Alena what to do ... My dear I will end for now,
My kisses are for you,
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