Scam Letter(s) from Venera Galieva to Asdrubal (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hi dear Asdrubal,

Your letter from today was that I waited and I believe me, I read with my heart with pleasant, it has made me happy, has made me very happy and successful because you love me. I need in this offer of love, that you speak me, I should read many these three words from you: " I love you ".
You understand my English language?
I always think of you, you have won my heart. I cannot explain my feelings, but I iai??a? very much without you, it - for the first time for me because we have not made meet still. I think, I beginning to love you. I hope, it does not do frighten you because speak not so long time. But in such to the man as you any woman falls in love in some days of dialogue!!! I can speak long time about my feelings, whether but I do not know it is pleasant to you. We have distance between us, we have various formation and various culture. There can be it a smile of destiny? Or the destiny gives us chance? We speak with each other with letters. Reading your letter, I learn you. I am grateful to you for yours care and for a gift. I with impatience shall wait your gift.
I am pleasant like a detective and the Russian literature. I like poetry. I like Yesenin.
I like to go to theatre to listen an opera. You like an opera? It is pleasant to me to cinema - a comedy, I like to look easy films.


Best regards,



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