Scam letter(s) from Yana Benilova to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Greetings Chris!!!!!
Thanks for your letter. My heart is overflown with pleasure because you Have answered my letter. As I already spoke you I have written to you the letter, Because I liked your structure on a site of acquaintances. You The first person with which I try to get acquainted through the Internet. It Experience new to me. I am very lonely,
because I cannot find the Second half. And consequently the girlfriend to me has advised to try to find Such person with the help of the Internet. I at once want to tell, that at me There is no house of a computer and I shall visit Internet - cafe what to write To you the letter and for that what to read new letters from you. You already Know, that my name Yana and that to me of 27 years. I was born and I live in The big and beautiful city of Kazan. It is large enough city,
Which is in the central part of the huge country Russia. Mine The city is located not far from capital of Russia, the city of Moscow, it It is located on coast of the big and beautiful river which refers to Volga. I would like you to tell that you knew, I search for the person for More close relations. But I also have not refused friends on Correspondences. I would like, that our attitudes have developed in Something big and fine. I very much would want to learn where you Live. Tell to me please about your city, about your family. To me It would be desirable to tell to you about myself when I still studied in University in my family there was a tragedy, my parents were lost In a road accident and at me at all did not remain relatives Except for my aunt who after death of my parents began for me as Second mum. When suddenly I have lost two my the most expensive and The most favourite people I had very strong depression and only My aunt Marina and my best girlfriend Natasha always were near to me And I shall be grateful to them for it all my life, only with the help and Support of two these fine people I could finish university On one of four, at university I studied within 4 years and engaged Deep studying of the English language and now I can is free To talk and communicate in English. Now I work The seller of female things in one large enough shopping center and This work very strongly to like me. I in general like to work. That I Still to you I can tell my hobby preparation peep. My familiar and mine The aunt speak that I very well prepare,
but I do not like itself to praise. To me It would be desirable to learn more about you tell to me more about itself. But Now already it is time to me to go, but I hope to see tomorrow the new letter from You. Good-bye your Yana
Letter 2

Hello my new friend Chris!!!
Thanks for that you have written to me again. My pleasure to your letter not Has borders. I am glad not only to that that you have again written to me, but also To that I understand I to you it is not indifferent. As well as you to me. I I hope, that we gradually become friends. And it seems to me, that Friends should share with each other problems. You can to me To write, that you disturbs, your problems. I shall try to make all, That I can to help to solve them. Certainly I shall not hide I search The person not only for friendly attitudes,
but also for something The greater. I hope you will be not against that if I something shall be To ask you. It seems to me that at you very rich life experience and I hope, that you can share him with me.
My dear I already to you I wrote in my last letter very much I like to prepare. At me it is better In total it turns out to prepare for a batch, different pies such as: Neva- By the way as my friends it at me speak is very tasty it turns out, Apple pie, different cheese cakes.
It is a pity that you did not try baked Me pies. As speak my familiar at me talent for preparation Food. That I about meal seem to me that this theme is not interesting to you. If I not Rights write to me about it. I want, that you knew about me all and I try to apply all forces that you have understood me. To me to like To listen to classical music, and at leisure I like to be engaged Sports for this purpose I three times a week go to sports a hall and I am engaged Fitness. I am engaged in fitness for maintenance of my figure in fine To the form. You probably tell that such beautiful girl as I simply not There can be one and that at me should be the man, I want to tell to you That I have not found the man in my city because in my opinion all Men in Russia are able to drink only ***** both not that more and even is Also there are among men in Russia normal men all of them are already married And on this as I already wrote to you in my first letter my girlfriend Has advised me to try to find such the man with the help of the Internet. I I want to tell to you that I do not smoke and I do not drink, and only sometimes on holidays I allow itself to drink a glass of red wine. At me is to you a little Questions. As you think as should look in your opinion Ideal family? And on what position should stand in family the man and The woman? On it I shall finish my letter. I with impatience shall wait Yours the following the letter. I hope it will be as soon as possible. Your Yana
Letter 3

Hello my dear Chris!!!!
I am very glad to that. That you have answered me so quickly. To me very much to like to read your letters. In them I learn a lot of new about you and about your life. It is wonderful, that we are interested the friend in the friend. I have told to my girlfriend, that I began to correspond from the person from other country. She has wished me of good luck. Also has then added: " the Main thing that he has not broken to you heart. " Please do not accept its statement close to heart. My girlfriend simply very much to care of me.. She wants, that at me all was good. The death of my parents became for me huge impact.
I have very difficultly gone through this tragedy. My girlfriend was with me all this time. She to me helps me to live and remains the only thing for me the close person in this world. I am very glad to that we with you continue correspondence. And I hope, that she will not be stopped shortly. Many people in this world try to find second half,
but not it is possible to everyone. I have tried to address for the first time to the Internet. Also it seems has found that person whom I so for a long time searched. But it seems to me about it still early to speak, because we should learn better each other. Last night I have come from work late. I have remained one. Having looked transfers on the TV set, I have gone to sleep. At thenight, through dream, I have heard someone's rough deaf votes. Suddenly terrible roar has forced me jump up from a bed. In a corridorfight. The deaf rattle was heard children's weeping, shouts. drowse, Ihave thought, that there was a fire. barefoot, with a disarranged hairI have jumped out in a corridor and has seen such picture. Ourneighbour alcoholic beat the wife,
behind there was their small sonand cried. To me became not on itself.
God, mine, what I could make? Ihave run to myself home, has closed a door, and to go to bed. As aresevere, there are people! It repeated not first time. The militia isalready tired to them to come. When I doze off, noise and the shoutsbehind a door have stopped, the house again has plunged into deadsilence. This history with the order already has bothered by all. Islept then nervously. But you do not worry of for me, simplyit is life, and anywhere from it to not get to.
Sometimes I dream of, that we have met you of, well even on the phone.
That ourvotes became closer to each other. You see it so is good. It seems, that I as small girl shall pay for pleasure. The truth, I do not havetelephone. It shall be possible I to you to call with Post Office o city. It seems, it isworthy variant. Dear my friend, you,
please, give me numberof your telephone and I can to you at once call from The Post Office, at once as soon as I shall receive the salary.
Well, please, I so wantit, I want to hear your vote. Send to me your telephone number in thefollowing yours letter, OK? Do not overlook about it. Wait to hearfrom you soon. Bye! Best wishes, Yana
Letter 4

Good afternoon my dear and hotly loved Chris!!!!!
My dear Chris today when I have come to the Internet of cafe and have read your letter I have decided to not write at once to you the letter, and in the beginning to descend in agency of travel and how many will learn to cost my trip to you. When I have come to agency of travel that to me the girl the manager has approached and she has asked me that interests me, I have told that I would like to learn how many to cost trip up to Holland and back she has asked me what class of comfortableness of me I interest has told that I would like to learn the prices for economy class without restrictions, that is on 3 class she have told that flight up to your country and back,
registration of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, passage of medical survey, insurance, trip up to the city of Moscow and expenses for services of agency will cost about 1030 euros. My dear as the girl has told to me that I should do that because the agency of travel will engage itself in official registration of papers and that they will be ready qualitatively and in the shortest terms. I have asked as official registration of papers she will proceed for a long time has told that as soon as I shall begin official registration of papers they will be ready approximately in 12 days and I can arrive to you,
from my city that is from Kazan I shall go by the bus or by train up to the city of Moscow, and then I should go in the airport and from there I shall depart to you on the snow-white liner of airline Aeroflot. My love I would like you to tell that yesterday when I went to agency of travel I thought that I can pay this trip itself, but today when I have learned cost of this trip that I have understood that for me is very big money and what to pay this trip to me 6 months would be necessary to work approximately and I would like ask you you can whether or not help me with money for my trip to you my fine love.
My dear I very strongly love you and for me there is no not who more dearly than you my charm and I hope that all will be good and that we with you can will meet during my holiday. My pleasure I would like you to tell that I present my ideal family as the careful husband, I and the boy and the girl and that in family always would reign two fine children only love and respect, honesty and decency and huge care about near. My lovely Chris as I want to tell to you that you have correctly understood in a photo which I to you I Natasha I has sent is represented with my best girlfriend by name spoke to you already about it - Natasha was with me at that time when my parents and now have died and on always she remain for me the best girlfriend and it is possible to tell even more she for me as the sister. My charm I very strongly love you and now I with impatience shall wait the new,
lovely, warm, gentle letter from you my fairy tale and I hope that it will come on so much quickly on how many it probably. I love you with love and 1000 kisses your princess Yana
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