Letter(s) from Marris Upeh to Bnadara (Sri Lanka)

Letter 1

Bandara my sweetheart, thanks for reaching me , i most appreciate all your efforts to assist me in every way possible as i have been requesting from you. Honey, i need you to know and understand that all i need in my life is you and not necessarily the money deposit of my late father in the bank. I have always needed and wanted you for my happiness. I have to get you involved into this money because the bank advices me to get in touch with a responsible person who will stand on my behalf as regards to this money because of my refugee status over here at the moment.
I have to tell you this so that you can assist me to get this money transferred to your country and then start to plan about my journey to meet with you.

Please i have attached for your assistance the death certificate of my my late father, which his lawyer assisted me to get shortly in my country before i left for this country for refugee and security purpose. I also attached the last bank statement of account which the bank issued to him .
As well i have scanned and attached for you a copy of my international passport, my other picture you are requesting for, and my refugee identity card which i have here with me. Please the bank has got a photocopy of my international passport which my father gave to them earlier. You can forward it to them as well if the request for it, have send it to them already by the time i contacted them and requested for the money.

Honey, please i have send to you all these just to enable you to have a very free mind for me, please feel very free to request and to ask for anything from me, i feel you are so important for in life and i am so committed in you in life.I can't send all these to you using the mail so as to avoind the risk of lossing the originals along the line by the postal system, please try and understand what i mean please.
Honey i love you with all my heart and i know that you will not fail me.

Please my love, i will like you to understand that all you are doing for me is all for you, i am already for you and i will be yours all my life, please i will be happy if you will be kind enough to do all possible best you can to mobilize the lawyer the information he was asking for, The information he was asking is your full information on how you want the power of attorny to issue/indicate on the power of attorny to enable him to proceed to the federal high court to get all the legal documents which the bank is requesting from us.
Honey, please i will be very happy to get in touch with you again , please try and call me at the office phone of the reverend father so that we can discuss a lot about my condition over here, i wish i could be speaking with you all the day.
I will be hoping to be with you soon my love.
Bye and please try and get in touch with me soon my sweetheart.
Yours lovely heart, Angella.

Letter 2

My heart Bandara,
How are you today, i hope you are smiling.
Honey i thank you for contacting the lawyer by yesterday, allist when i come to your country it will be easy for me.

Regarding on the estimates, i have did the inquires about the documents and Air ticket, and here are the costs 2250$.for all the preparation of the documents and my air ticket.

In times of cloths, Honey you know how things are had here in Senegal, Please honey i can say any thing about the money for my cloths for now, any amount you want to give me for my cloths i will appreciate it allot.Because English people says that a beggar have no choice.
Meanwhile any amount you can send to me for the cloths i will be happy for it.You can use your name or mine to send it.
Thanks once again for your care and your love for me.

Waiting to hear from you.