Letter(s) from Irina Gavrilova to Steven (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Steve!!!
I want, what when I woke up, you were a number. Only you me can force to love taste of night, and to whisper, that all is good. How many gentle is not told words. I know, that you wait for me where that. For me you burns fire. Why so it happens, that we cannot be together. To be trusted come true, grief overlook, only me you do not stop loving. I dream to be with you I all night long. If it you want to speak about love. As difficultly it happens, when loved far and in soul emptiness. Words I cannot tell as I want you to embrace. Words it is impossible to explain, that means to like. To us the love has come is not audible, you know so óø have left. Only for you my world is thought up, only I thought of you at night and fell asleep with dream mad. To us the love has come casually who will believe in this secret. I want to see your smile.
Your Irina!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Steve!!!
In this letter I have decided to write to you about mine to capital. When I studied at University, I have written, that the rate influences our city and when I was prepared for this, has learned very much, that that I did not know, I about it shall write to you. Kazan it is located in the West, on the right to coast of river Volga. Our city - capital of republic Tatarstan. The population of our city is made approximately by 1150000 thousand person. Our city is based in 1005. In August, 200531 to our city it is executed 1000. This anniversary the administration of city will satisfy the big holiday. As in our city it - is a lot of sights. It counts one of the main sights of Kazan the Kazan Kremlin. The Kremlin is located at coast of one of gulfs of river Volga. In territory of the Kremlin churches, a mosque and other architectural constructions are located. The Kazan Kremlin since December 2000 - object of a world heritage of UNESCO. The Kazan State university one of the oldest in Russia, to this this year 200 years has been executed. In us in city it - is a lot of monuments of a history of them more than 700, and more than 100 monuments have the status of a federal level. In Kazan the population of 40 are done with youth till 30 years. There live representatives more than 100 nations, some tens national - cultural societies are created. Ours the capital was and remains city of a science and the initial culture made on connection of civilizations of the East and the West. Kazan and by this day holds positions of the big center of culture in Volga region. Kazan - the historical native ground of Tatars of Russia, the CIS and all world in which peacefully there there live representatives of many religions. I hope to you it was interesting to learn about my city more.
I from you wait the letter. Yours Irina.

Letter 3

Hi my lovely Steve!!!
How at you an affair? At me all is normal. Began to think of you, my dear more and more. You even have dreamed in dream, to what it? We in this dream were together. I so strongly want, that this dream would come true.
In this letter I shall more in detail write about the work. As I already wrote to you, I work as a saleswoman in a toy shop. My working day begins 10 o'clock in the morning and 8 one o'clock in the evening come to an end. I should leave a house of 9 hours in time to have time for work. Shop in which I work " the Children's world " refers to. It is the big shop, a four-storeyed building borrowing all area. A department in which I work is on the third floor. In our department we sell soft toys. And so in shop a lot of children's clothes, the footwear, is carriages, arenas, a wide range of bicycles. My fellow workers very cheerful girls. We quite often after work have a rest together. Our shop one of the biggest in city and the biggest among the shops, trading toys. In our shop it is possible to find everything, that can interest the child. I very much love children, therefore with pleasure I help them to choose the necessary thing or a toy. But in shop is not only children's departments, but there are also departments for adults. I there sometimes buy to myself clothes or toys when is money. I simply adore soft toys. I in a department have huge bear, it very much is pleasant to me, but costs so dearly. I do not know, I can sometime nevertheless I shall save up money and the purchase of it. And so, basically, work is pleasant to me, it would be desirable certainly something better, well while it turns out to find nothing. Near to shop there is one cosy cafe. I with girlfriends quite often there come to have a drink coffee. This summer in shop have made the big European-quality repair. Now there it became even more beautiful, better also than buyers began more. Some adults with children simply come into shop to take a walk and look at the goods. Here such work at me. I was born on September, 29 and I on a sign balance.
Well all right, on it I finish the letter, it is necessary home. Mum probably has already lost me, worries most likely. I hope you will write that new about myself. Yours Irina.

Letter 4

How are your affairs, how New Year? At me it has passed not badly. We with mum marked it at the grandmother and the grandfather. Have met cheerfully, have congratulated each other, have sat and have decided together to descend on a fur-tree. They there about club have fur-tree and all there have a rest, dance. Here and we there were too. Then came back, all have gone to bed, I have looked a concert on the TV and too have gone to bed. Have then woken up, ate and have gone with mum home. Here is how has arrived home at once has decided to write to you. How in general your affairs today, how mood? I miss on you. It is very a pity, that you were not with me on New Year. But I hope that very soon we shall together. I very much wait for it... Write as in general has lead New Year?
With impatience I wait for the answer.
Embraces and kisses. Your Irina.

Letter 5

Hello my dear!!!
How at you an affair? At me all is very bad. The chief on work has abused, he in general nervous. If at him a problem of a house he abuses all of us for any discrepancy. To me so it is now sad, all has bothered. It would be desirable to rely on somebody. I hope you to me will help morally to be restored. Therefore I have decided to write to you. Now there is no mood. I all the evening long, after work have cried. Recently at us on work was big shortage money, we have not left nearly. But have then borrowed money and have paid off.Our chief such swine. He recently approached to me with the obscene offer. He offered me increase on work, to begin the senior seller in a department of our shop if I shall oversleep with him. He did such offers not only me, but also other our workers. After they refused, he dismissed them. He to me has allowed time to think. I think to me it is necessary to discharge from office as he to me will not allow to work easy in shop. And me it is work it is very necessary, as we with my mum cannot live on her pension. If she was one money would suffice her. We and so as make both ends meet. Lovely I so want that you were now a number have consoled me, have embraced... If not the chief all would be on another. Work is pleasant to me, colleagues good, but with such chief to work it is impossible. At us many little girls left, but we while suffer. I want to ask you about one request, write to me please more often, you are necessary for me. I feel, that you very good person and on you are possible to rely. It is very pleasant to communicate with you. I hope road you of me you will not leave without attention a difficult minute. Mum already old, require the help. I help her as I can. It is necessary to buy medicines, to pay for treatment. At mum of a leg refuse also a back. Mum needs to pass every year treatment in sanatorium, but she cannot such allow herself. I too very much wanted to have a rest from all, somewhere to leave. But me now not before, it is necessary to work. Wanted to take holiday, but the chief does not allow.
And you road have frequently a rest? Most much more you like to go? Where you in general have visited? I for the life even did not see the sea, all money does not suffice. Here such life at me.
While answered, the mood though has improved. Excuse for the plaintive letter. I hope you of me understand. I shall wait for your letter. Irina.

Letter 6

Hello my loved Steve!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the new letter. With each letter we all become closer and closer. Each your letter I wait with impatience. Reading your letter, I see, that we are necessary each other. I hope you with me it agree. I more than once reflected on ours with you the future. When we have started to correspond I had hope, that at us with you in the future all will be good. With each following letter I have understood, what exactly such the man as you are necessary for me. I want to inform to you, that my feelings and words concerning you always were, I am sincere also always understood, that we place the big trust which our union would be when it is real. Now I am confident concerning all of 100 , which I can to you to trust. And you, that the person, that to me is necessary. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made of your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible, will be, that to expressed in three words, I LOVE YOU. Today I even felt so highly, in me all went so easily because my ideas have been directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it to heat up my soul and a body. I wanted us to see happy all time or even in the arriving future. I can replace your happiness in the past or it is possible more than you expected, and most of all I promise to live my seal of a leg in your heart if only you, that you love me. It - love which count unconditional and immortal; so big, that my heart seems to explosion with pleasure of it. I cannot understand residing my life without whom - that is similar to you - awakening never would be the same without your sweet person, that with impatience to wait; I would not live, only existing; Dream would be impossible without whom - that is similar to you to dream about. I know, that you should do there my value of a life each moment.
Kiss Irina.

Letter 7

Hello my favorite Steve!!!
I have received your letter. I think, that during that time as we with you are copied, we have very much become attached to each other and we are necessary to each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. You will remain for ever in mine heart. My heart is filled by love with everyone your letter. Now my heart is borrowed only with you. I am very glad, that you in my heart. I long time not tested such fine feelings as now. That that I test such feelings, I am obliged only to you. I shall love you up to the end of my life! I thank the god that it has presented me of you. The love radial can change people. And I have felt it on myself. I can sit and think hours of us with you, my long-awaited! I present as we meet and rush to each other in embraces and I pay with happiness. On work I began a little it is absent-minded, it is spoken by my girlfriends. They are surprised, that I frequently smile. I began absent-minded because constantly I think of you. There were minutes, that I would not think of you. You have taken a huge place in my life. I am ready to shout at all planet, that all would hear about my love to you. My love sincere and clean, as morning dew after a rain. My love big and she wishes from you only reciprocity. I spoke with mum on the account of it, and she thinks, that I shall be happy. She wishes us only good. But she speaks badly, that I love the person and I am not near to the favourite person. And I with it agree. You are necessary for me and also I think that I am necessary for you. It is bad, that between us there is a distance, this obstacle between two people, loving each other. I began frank with you, and I want to tell we shall wash sexual experience. In Russia all men only think to entice you in a bed and to satisfy the primitive instinct. I want, that the love would be, not only in bed. The love this feeling given to us from above. The love is given what to test happiness, to study spiritual mood. I think that I am right, you agree with me? I think, that sex should be only with the favourite person. At two people should merge in uniform not only a body, but also soul. I hope we together we shall study all depths of pleasure. Sex it first of all spiritual pleasure when the man loves the woman and they answer each other mutually. I shall find out all about visas more precisely and I shall write in the following letter.
Your Irina.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Steve!
When I receive your letters my heart starts to beat frequently. I am so pleased, that I have found you. When I read your letters, me seems, that you where that beside. And I have a desire to embrace you. But when I look back, I understand, that you beside are not present. Every day when I wake up, I think: What do you do now? There can be during the same moment you think of me. I constantly dream of our meeting and a long life together. I feel, that it is our destiny. We should carry out a happy and long life together. I want to love you, to care of you, to support you in difficult a situation. I am sure, you that person to which I can be devoted and completely rely. The person whom I shall love all stayed life. You so are kind and to feel pity to me. You have brought a beam during my life. I only want to study your eyes and to remain with you for ever.I am sure, that we shall create friendly family in which there will be a special atmosphere of love and understanding. I am sure that we shall together, that we shall be family. Our meeting will be result of our researches, our franknesses and sincerity. We shall know well each other and becomes closer, we shall open our hearts to feelings, to divide ideas which we have. I understand, that it will be long process acquaintance each other completely, there are many small details which we shall learnonly after a meeting. You know, that I the timid person. To me not easily really to express any feelings. You know, when I write to you the letter, I try to be sincere and to tell to you much about it, about everything, that I have during this moment. But frequently I need in the help, I need in care, I need in the person to protect me and to tell: all will be good.
Your liked, Irina.

Letter 9

Hi lovely!
Is very glad to receive your letter again. How your affairs today how have passed the days off? At me they have passed boringly because you are not present beside. I in general when receive your letters, I am glad to this as the child. You cannot present yourself it at all. I here think, if I so am glad to your letters as I shall be glad when a meeting of you. I probably shall die of happiness during that moment. But all the same even if I shall die of happiness I shall die for the dream and for you. I shall be happy to sink in your embraces. I very much wait for our meeting. I love you and I want to you.
Up to fast, my loved.
The warmest embraces and kisses.
Sincerely your Irina.

Letter 10

Hi my dear Bill!!!
I very much want to arrive to you, but I do not know as it to me to make. I have learned all, as how many costs. Even has found the ticket for February, 08. This ticket costs 1951.41 dollars. As it is necessary to me on registration of the visa about 650 dollars. In the sum to be necessary for me 2600 dollars. I have learned all this through travel agency. What all this to have time to me be necessary urgently money. If you want, that I would arrive, for me are urgently necessary money for the visa. I as have learned, that it is fastest and more reliable to transfer money through system of a remittance the Western Union to my full name Irina Gavrilova and the country Russia as on mine it is necessary to you to know in what city send. If it is necessary to know city, Kazan. I with impatience wait for your letter and I hope, that soon we shall together. You to me write urgently as I shall frequently come in the Internet of cafe and to check your mail, yours Irina.

1 ticket (à) x (USD1693,00 + USD258,41) = USD1951,41


Airline: Aeroflot
Flight: SU241
Departure: On February, 08, 11:15, the Sheremetyevo à/ï
Arrival: On February, 08, 12:14, Heathrow
Places: Ýêîíîì a class, places are

City of change: London

Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA49
Departure: On February, 08, 14:05, Heathrow
Arrival: On February, 08, 15:40, Seattle Tacoma Intl Arpt
Places: Ýêîíîì a class, places are

Time in a way: 15 ÷. 25 m.


Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA48
Departure: On March, 25, 18:30, Seattle Tacoma Intl Arpt
Arrival: On March, 26, 12:00, Heathrow
Places: Ýêîíîì a class, places are

City of change: London

Airline: Aeroflot
Flight: SU242
Departure: On March, 26, 13:30, Heathrow
Arrival: On March, 26, 20:19, the Sheremetyevo à/ï
Places: Ýêîíîì a class, places are

Time in a way: 14 ÷. 50 m.

Letter 11

Hi my dear Steve!!!
How you today? With me all is good also I is pleased to receive from you the letter.
Weather not so pleases me. In the street has very much become cold, it is fast probably a snow will go. And you my lovely what there weather? I so love you, that I cannot present the future life without you my sweet. With each your letter I to you all am more strongly attached. My liked, you know, that I have entreaty, thinking, that we only should be grateful that have found each other. I did not write to several men, but I with them ïåðåâèñûâàëñÿ only a few letters and now I correspond only with you. The word the account to be translated as Bill.
Your love, Irina.

Letter 12

Hello my fine Prince Steve!
I have received your answer, it is so happy for me to receive your necessary love to me, your words of heat my dear. When I read your letter, apparently, that I feel your presence close to me directly, I feel your breath and is warm your hands. I very much love you that I cannot without you now my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you - an inseparable part of my life. I speak about it very seriously! As you know, as far as I love you my favourite Steve! All the days long, all the second long, I dream of our meeting, I cannot wait the moment when we shall meet my love at your airport, I want it so a lot of my liked! I am the happiest woman in this world because we have met each other. I want to wish to love to all people each other very much because I have checked up this feeling with you my dear, it happens so fast my dear and through the Internet, I want to tell to you my dear, that all people which want to find the person of love or the woman, this person or the woman, will find love necessarily, I am confident it because I have found you my love through the Internet, and we like each other so, and I know, that our love - the most expensive feeling with other feelings which exists on this small blue planet. Now all my ideas only about you and know this night, that I shall think of you. I see in the sky, among dark clouds the lonely moon, I see in it the circuit of your person. Now I think, it is very good, which I have acquainted with you, I allow, even we did not see each other actually, let between us to the big distance. I do not know, that occurs to me, my soul is torn to you, I have that it is strange, inexplicable feelings. Close eyes, and do not think about anything it is bad, let you, it will be left by all problems and care. A gift that we about. You feel me, my contact of hands, my gentle kiss. Your Irina!!!

Letter 13

Hi loved, as you this day. I grieve without you so much, that my patience is on a limit. I even in dream see our meeting. Yesterday I had such remarkable dream where you and I went on a field, full of blossoming camomiles. We of gather them in the big bouquet. The simple idea on you sends such warm feeling through my body, heart and soul. And when I think of a meeting my ideas so fantastic. I always dreamed of detection someone really special who would come in my life and would love me completely with whom I could divide all my ideas and dreams. I have found that person. A you - wild flower, and I want to embrace it, to care of it and to observe, that it grows. Your heart is connected to mine and nothing can change it. I want to touch you and to be touched with you. I want to see you all over again in the morning and when I close my eyes for dream. I cannot wait time of our meeting. Our meeting will be the most remarkable and happy moment of my life in this world. My soul singing a song about love pending of our meeting. First our night will be at the most romantic night in my life. I very much love you, yours Irina.

Letter 14

Hi mine the man of love, my most dear Steve!!!
I have received your letter, mine Steve, and it so is happy for me what to receive your necessary love for me. Your messages are necessary for me, you an inseparable part of my life. All the days long, all the second long I dream of our meeting. I would want that all people liked, because I have checked up it feelings with you my dear. I the happiest woman. I am sure, who wants to find love through the Internet, they will find, as I have found. Our love the most dear feeling in comparison with other feelings which exists on this blue planet.
I wait time when we shall be together, I grieve without you awfully my liked. The last night I could not fall asleep, as I thought of you my lovely. I want to tell, that I shall wait for your message with the great pleasure. Your most dear woman of love, Irina.

Letter 15

Hello my unique love . I hope that you are doing okey, I'm asking to God that we will together as soon, as possible! Today when I went on my job I thought... I'm happy woman, because I love so such remarkable man as you, besides I am happy doubly because you love me too. But since other side I'm sad so much because we are divided by so large distance :( and we can't talk in reality alone and hold each other for hands. I ask God that he will help us to meet as soon as possible, that our dream will come true...And I believe that it will soon, really my dear? I miss you badly my honey, I want to be with you in this moment, but we are divided by so large distance, I want that you have embraced me and has pressed to the breast. I'm dreaming how we will live together, when I will come to you, as we will go for a walk keeping for our hands, how we will spend our romantic evenings! I dream how we will sit at you at home I will sit on your knees, you will iron my face, my legs. I want to be engaged with you love I know that you can deliver to me pleasure, I love you my sweet . I hope that the god will hear our requests!!! I hope that you are asking God to be together too, and I sure that we will together as soon, as possible!!!!!!!!!! Love you so much...Miss you badly...