Scam letter(s) from Maria Skvortsova to Robert (Canada)

Letter 1

Dear Robert! My name is Maria. I live in Russia, Vologda city. Now I have a chance to get acquainted with you. This is a new way for me to meet people so I am not sure where to start, but I will try. A bit about me: First of all, I'm young russian girl, who wants to change the life, wants to love and to be beloved. I'd like to meet the Gentleman, strong and clever man, who can make me happy and to which I will present my heart and soul. I'm 24 years old. My height is 169sm, weight is 53kg. I live with parents. I have one older sister Elena, she is marriage and lives in Lyon, France with her husband ( french on a nationality ) and with a little son Alexander, he is 2 y.o. I am an ecologist as my sister. This year I have finished University. During last 5 years I lived and studied in city St-Peterburg. Now I work at a very big factory in our city, I love my life and my work. At my free time I like to draw. I draw for a long time and rather well. I like classical music and the opera, but also ballet. I have been playing the piano since I was 5 years old, also wanted to become a pianist. I always was interested in cultures of other countries, many cultures and religions intrigue me. I am fond of learning of English language. My other interests in include traveling, sports, and I love to cook. I often will cook a gourmet dinners outside for my friends and just enjoy the evening talking, eating good food. I am very active and enjoy doing anything that's different and fun. My friends describe me as intelligent, easy going, active, adventurous, caring, fun, and with a good sense of humor. I also consider myself loyal, respectful, passionate, and very romantic. I have very good freinds, but now I have no most intimate man. I feel the two people together should be soul mates and partners in life. Do you know what I mean? Each person should respect and trust each other completely. I hope this gives you a better idea of the kind of person I am. My personality is very honest and dependable and I am looking for a soul mate who I can trust and care for the rest of my life... I love life. I try to enjoy every moment of it whatever it brings. I am an optimist and I believe that I can control my life. I want to find happiness and I am sure that I will. I have the easy-going character, I love to communicate with people and I feel that people enjoy the communication with me as well. I am kind-hearted and open, sometimes romantic and dreamer. People who don't know me well find me very mysterious lady, they say I have a special charm... . But I can't be judge here. I seek for man who is trustworthy, intelligent and with the sense of humour, who is independent and feels confident in his life. Appearances is not of great importance for me, soul of the person is much more important. I think that the main thing that I want to see in my Man is having the same values in life that is happy family and children and warm relations with them. But first of all I need someone I can give all of my love and who will also love me honestly. I want to feel the warmth of mutual understanding, the heat of deep love, the fire of passion, and finally, the everlasting gladness of my own family! I would love to hear more about you, your life, and what you are looking for in a woman. How would your friends describe you? I hope to hear from you soon and learn more about you. My email address is ( for Maria Skvortsova ) Feel free to ask me any questions you like. Take care. Happy New Year !
Letter 2

Hello Robert This is an information letter from East Ladies - Russian marriage agency. It concerns our new lady Maria Skvortsova. She is interested in correspondence with you and has brought the letter for you. Maria is a very attractive girl, she speaks english fluently. She is our new lady. All of our ladies have a wish to meet a foreign men for long lasting relationships and possible marriage. All our ladies are beautiful and well educated, many of them know foreign languages. We personally meet and we converse with each girl. Now we permit new girls to choose the men - foreigners from our database and to correspond with them. If you want to continue your correspondence with Maria Skvortsova, please respond to this note. We will offer you to make a payment: for Maria's address and phone number - $15 or for 1 month membership - $45. Membership will includes unlimited quantity of letter to unlimited quantity of ladies, ladies's adresses. Translation is free of charge in case of need. If you choose $45, you will receive Maria's address and phone number also for free. If you make payment now, your membership will start when your site will open. Before this moment you will correspondence with Maria free of charge. The moment we have received your payment we will send Maria's letter to you and inform you about Maria's individual email address. You will send another letter to her individual address. It will be more confidential and handy. Only Maria Skvortsova will have access to this email address. Some word about our company: It is new russian dating service. Our company is in the making stage. But we will start our web site at the end of this month. Now we search contacts with other russian agencies. About 100 very beautiful ladies from our city will be submitted on our site. Besides about 300 ladies from other regions of Russia will be on our site also. The client will choose any lady from our website for direct or translated correspondence. One of the best parts of using our email forwarding service is that it will save you months of time in communicating with all women on our Club. We are absolutely sure that you will find the quality of our services exceptional. In the future we will be able to assist you in organizing a visit to Russia. We hope you find a Lady you have been dreaming of. Warm Regards
Happy New Year East Ladies - Russian marriage agency
163020, Russia,
Pervomaiskaya street 19.
Letter 3

Hello Robert Please, inform us about your interest in meeting one of our ladies Maria Skvortsova. We must inform you, that Maria Skvortsova called today in our agency and was interested about continuation of correspondence with you and about you. We have assured her, that your correspondence will be soon continued. Please, inform us whether you are going to continue your correspondence with Maria Skvortsova. This lady wants to correspond with you. Two letters from she waits for you. Please, follow our instructions how you can make a payment . As soon as you inform us, that have made payment $45 or $15, we'll forward you Maria's letter and inform you about Maria's address and telephone number. If you choose $45, you will receive Maria's address and phone number also for free. If you make payment now, your membership will start when your site will open. Before this moment you will correspondence with Maria free of charge. We are sure that you will find the quality of our good service. Payments method: You can send money through the worldwide Western Union system: ( ). Make the payment directly with cash or credit card. You will need only the following receiver information: Name: Elena Moroz
Country: Russia
City of reception: Vologda Make your payment as soon as you will have an opportunuty. Then send us the message with your full name, country, the amount of money you've transferred and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Please, hurry up, this girl waits for your letters. If it is possible make your payment today. Banks will close on holidays. Warm regards and Happy New Year 163020, Russia,
Pervomaiskaya street 19.
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