Scam letter(s) from Elena to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello, dear Warren!
Don't you think it's great that we have met on the net?
I want to thank your for the letter and for so wonderful picture, I like it much. You look great on it! It's a pity that you have wrote so little about yourself. Hoping to know more in the next time. Tell me please about your life, your family, your passions. You know , you look like my ideal man! I think that we a chance to build something more then only friendship! What do you think about this?
You probably would be interested: why a woman of my age is searching her love through the net?I am a grown-up,but in my heart I am still a 19-years old girl who believes in love stories and who still hopes to find her fate. I was trying to find my love here in Ukraine, but it didn't work out. I was desperate... I have lost hope the main thing that keeps us going. Time was passing - I was alone. I have read in a magazine that there is a such thing like net meeting of people, and thought why not to try?So as you see I did try and hope that it will help me to meet the right person to be a good husband for me and a good father for my daughter.
I'm sure that you would like to know more about me...If you do here is the story of life. My name is Helen, but all my friends call me Lena,
which name do you like more? I don't know where I was born, but one women brought me at the orphan's home when I was about 2 months old and she told the nurses that I was born on the 12th of June 1973. When I was 7 years old a family took me to be their child, those years of my childhood will be always in my mind. Now I have a one dream for all children to have loving and caring parents. So I was lucky to have such a family. I was growing up as a real member of the family and have my oldest sister, her name is Olga. We used to live in the country and always have too much work to do and no time for enjoying life with other children. Later I graduated from the technical school and got married, he was very handsome young solder and I felt in love,
i was blind and couldn't see his real nature, pink glasses were always on me. During 33 years I've done a lot, but the main is I was lucky to brought in the world a wonderful creature 10 years ago, now she is the main hobby for me and the reason for life. Her name's Kseniya. Nobody can look at her without smiling. I call her Ksusha and she is both funny and serious at the same time. I try to do everything to make her feel comfortable in this life, but I am always busy with my job, be cause it takes almost all of my time. I work at the Pharmaceutical factory, it gives me an opportunity to study at the university. I am determined to find the right man and to become a perfect wife for him.
I am devoted and faithful and I adore children. My friends describe me as a real woman who keeps high spirits in a house, I like cooking and everyone who comes to me always go to the kitchen to grab something there.
No I didn't forget to tell you more about my husband and the matter of divorce, I just don't want you to be tired of my stories and will tell you about this in my next letter. Well, I think that will be all for the first time and I will get it sent to you now. I'll be looking forward to getting your reply.
Sincerely, Helen
Letter 2

Hello my dear Warren!
Thank you for your letter and for more of your wonderful pictures. I was very glad that I have interested someone. I truly hope that our Internet dating or how you can call this way of communication will lead us to a happy end.
I appreciate you for your honest, it's very important for me. I want to continue our communication that's why I want to know all about you.
You look like my ideal man. My darling, I'm sure that our relationship will be the happiest in this world. It seems to me also that we have known each other all the life! And of course I want to be with my ideal man, with you, my sweet. All my heart and my soul reach out for you. I fall asleep and wake up only with one thought about you. I know well I need you, I want to be with you all my life. I don't afraid to start a new life , our common life! You are the better what I had ever have in my life and I don't want to lose you.
If you remember, in my last letter i have promised to tell you about my husband and the reason for our divorce. May be my story will be in dark colors, but I can't tell it in another way, and soon you will understand why. I got married to a man I fall in love with from the first sight. But how I figured later he didn't love me so much as I did or didn't love me at all. We were living happily just after marriage, but it didn't last long. Some time later my husband started drinking alcohol, and found his pleasure in it. He cheated on me and I knew that- it's a common thing for military people here (I mean drinking and cheating). I knew what was happening but was still hoping to make him his bad habits, when I talked to him about it - he had beaten me up. It was awful, I couldn't go anywhere because I was ashamed to leave my house with such face as I had. My sister got to know about it- she was trying to persuade me to leave my husband, but I didn't listen. I loved him, and I wanted my daughter to have Dad.
May be bad one, but for the child it means a lot. time passed, nothing has changed, his conduct became more gross - he began to beat me black and blue, one time he had beaten me so bad, I was within an inch from the death. After this I decided to divorce him - for my self and for the daughter - I didn't want her to see me beaten. Now I'm alone and live with my daughter, she is very kind and honest kid. I love her.
She is the aim of my life and I devote her all of my free time. But I am a woman, a human being that's why I need a strong and at the same time gentle, honest, sincere, clever, kind man, who will care for me and my small kid. I still want to find a man to share my happiness and sadness, my love and my life.
Sorry, if my story made you sad, but our life is not always a good story with a happy end, for which we are all hoping. If you feel that you are the man I am searching write me back. And you will find a tender, kind, loving woman who wants to make someone's life happier.
Would you like to know the main reason for my searching in the net? A best friend of mine now prepare all the documentary to relocate to her beloved. I couldn't believe at first that she does find her future, so she almost forced me to do the same and now I'm here looking for my soul and use that agency, she used. I don't know English and they help me with translation and computer, hope it's ok for you.
Looking forward for your answer.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Warren!
I was waiting your replay with impatience. I hope our correspondence will lead to good relations as friendship or even love. I am searching for a beloved one - hope you too...
When I was reading your letter, I was impressed! What's a wonderful dream! I like it very much and probably one day we'll realize it.
Don't worry about language, i soon will try to start some English courses, because i want to understand you when we meet!It is also very important for us that we have a common language so we can talk about every thing without misunderstanding. And it will be nice if you'll start to learn Russian too.
I am sorry that my last letter was so sad. I think that we should leave bad thoughts and memories in past and just move on. Because the world is full of joy and happiness - you need just to find it. Some people find their happiness and joy in family, or work, in friends and noisy companies, others find it in their kids or pets. It's just about me. When I was despaired and lonely, I had only one creature who made me feel alive and made me go was my daughter. She is a lovely girl. Ksusha is energetic, pretty and smart girl. May be it sounds too selfish, but she is the best girl I have ever seen. I want her to be happy and I will do everything to give her good education and upbringing.
About my interests - I like reading love stories with happy ends. I am a little bit romantic, like all women are. I like Alexander Dumas and Leo Tolstoy. I like poems of our Russian and Ukrainian authors. I am pretty busy and can't do all the things I wish to do, but I am also interested in sports - I like figure skating and volley ball. But I just watch them on TV.
I like to watch good movies at home or cinema. And I wish I could do it with a beloved men, pure a glass of vine and suit closely to each other, maybe hugging...I wish I could have a fireplace at the dinning room to watch the wood burning and feeling its warmness on my face...
I like to swim in summertime and have long walks during winter.
Sometimes I can let myself play snow ***** with my daughter and have fun playing with her.
I am waiting on your letter to come soon. I am looking forward on meeting with you someday...
Letter 4

Hello my dear Warren !
Thank you for your inexhaustible interest in me. I am so pleased to hear such worm and sweet words towards me. I still can not believe my luck that I have found so gentle and carrying man in my life. I thank Fate and Internet that we met each other.
Thank you, my darling, for so wonderful pictures. Wow, I'm impressed by your gift(flowers). You daughter is very beautiful young lady!
Today is very sunny day, but it's too hot! There is 30 degrees above zero! I like summer, but I hate heat! Dry and hot wind makes this weather the most insufferable. You know I dream about the rain! I want it so much! Under such weather I have only one wish: to swim in the pool or to lie on the beach near the sea or may be ocean! Now you probably think that I'm a great dreamer! And yes, you are right! I like to dream, sometimes it helps to raise my mood! For example, my dreams about you, my sweetheart, fill me of force for my active life!
I am so sorry that the firm has sent you my balance - I didn't want you to know, but it had to happen someway - now you know that this is the last letter I can send you. My heart is aching because I was really hoping that I will find a way to save some money to correspond with you. I am so sorry that it was not me who told you about that. I don't want to ask you for money - I don't want you to think that I need something from you , I am not that kind of a woman who asks for help, I used to solve all the problems myself.
You know yesterday I went to the park with my daughter - we were walking along the alleys talking about life, and how wonderful it could be if I met a man who will love me and take care of her. I have promised her that I will find a man of my dream and he will become my husband and her father - I didn't expect such a reaction, but she told me that she will be really happy to have her own Daddy, as other kids do - she told me that she will love him and will obey his rules.
Ksusha said that she wants her Daddy to come to her room every night to say good night and she will hug him and will listen to the fairy tales he will tell her. And I could not hide my tears of happiness and I wanted to tell her about you, but decided to wait, because if I will give her a hope that she will have a real Dad and if something won't work out, if you will change your mind about us(my daughter and me)
-she will be so upset. I don't want to give her dreams that won't come true. I want you to know that I believed that I found such a man and I think it's you - you can be just such a man who will love me and my daughter?
But last days were painful for me - I know that my account is going to be over and I am not sure how soon I will renew it. I have some difficulties... hope for your understanding.
It hard for me to write, but it is probably the last letter I am writing to you, my dear. My heart is crying for you and I don't know what to do.
Hope you will understand me.
Letter 5

Dear Sir.
Allow us to inform you that unfortunately your lady Helen can't reply for more then one letter to you because her account is overing. She used our firm as the access to the Internet and our translator. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment. We hope for our future cooperation.
Sincerely Yours
Principal "Connection"
Tatyana Olekseenko
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