Letter(s) from Natalia Ishenko to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hi dear! Interestingly, I can called you my friend? Now I'm at work and I have small break. That is having not rummaged and simply there is a free time. There is an audit of the goods. So there is each month. Before us with girls to give out wages, check presence of the goods. Sometimes it happens, that money less than should be, and sometimes on the contrary. But so less often, there is no money more often. I don't know, from what it occurs. It maybe a mistake, and maybe, someone is not pure on a hand. And if it's less than goods, than money our collective divides the sum of shortage into all fifty-fifty. So we work. But will finish talk about work, it's boring. If it's fair, I don't believe in friendship between man and woman. If man is friends with woman, on some reason, he usually want to oversleep with she. Or he loves her, but she is indifferent to him, also he is necessary to be content with friendship. I think so. And some more, thanks for the kind letter for me from you. So it's pleasant to hear compliments. For me frequently at work make compliments, but I know, that majority of men think to climb me under a skirt. Men such ridiculous! And if the woman is beautiful, very beautiful, she may make all with the man, what she want. I'm not beautiful, I know it. Maybe slightly I'm nice, but no more. But my dream is those. I want, that somebody have estimated me for my personal qualities, instead of for my appearance. Tell me about yourself, OK? What you expect from our dialogue? What you like, and what unlike? Tell me about your country, about your customs and habits. Some people speaks, that people in your country lonely and closed and they have few present friends. Is it truth? Tell me about your house, please. Is where you live beautifully? At on now bad weather. What is the weather at you? I don't remember day, that it was warm and brightly. And I'm so like to sunbathe. At us snow to not thaw completely yet. Audit will now be finished, and I'll go to a trading counter. To serve buyers. And what razor you use? Mach 3? May be Shik? These shaving systems are very popular at our men. Bye! Your Natalya.