Scam Letter(s) from Molly Gordon to Keith (England)

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Letter 1

Hello ,

Thanks so much for having the intrest you have on me.How are you doing?hope cool?If so Pleasure.Well i hope we can start as friends then we can let our friendship grow,well am looking for one that can be there for me , one that can be my backbone.A little about me,I am a caring,loving and honesty lady.I am down to earth and also have a very down to earth lady.In my my spare time i like travelling,reading,cooking and Honest.I am 22 years old girl,my eye colour is blue,my Hair is blonde and i am 5'7 height.My name is paige, people think its odd , but really i so much value the name cos it was the name my parents who are of blessed memory ususally call me with.I am a caring caring girls with a good sense of humor, well i think for us to know each other we have to chat one on one and maybe sit on a table and talk personally ,well i like ur pics but i look into ur heart cos beautyfades and the mind is in tact , well before i forget am not in the uk anymore , i left the uk after the death of my dad , i left with my mom cos she is nigerian , so i left with her on getting to nigeria we got robbed and that was the end the last time i saw her caring smile, well why am trying to tell you this is just to let you know that am looking for a guy that can make me feel happy again , well am a good christain and i am looking for one thats down to earth,well i think have said enough now , hope to get a mail from you soon , what do you do for a living?, what are u looking for in a girl , what are ur likes and dislikes , whats the sadest day in ur life , who is ur mentor , and what turns you on when down , what are urhobbies,pls when you mail i want you to get back with answers , keep it real and true.
Please get back to me in my private email address



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