Letter(s) from Ekaterina Kislitsina to Steve (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my nice stranger
I am pleased, that you answered me for my letter I want to tell you about myself and about my life.
I live in Russia, in city of Zlatoust.
I was born in city of Zlatoust, it -the city of Ural.
Many people live in this city.
In our city there are factories and therefore Ural has named territory workers and factories.
There are a lot of wood and fields. Very rich natural resources of edge. This is mine home.
We have very big forests, there it is a lot of wood very much animal. It is a lot of in our area of lakes and the rivers.

My date of birth 1979 October,16. Now i`m 24 years more, but will be fast 25 years.
Mine the sizes of personnels: my growth of 172 sm, my weight approximately 54 kg.
I have light brown hair and brown eyes.
Breast - 87. A waist - 57. Hips - 86.
I growed in children's home, I dont know my parents never, they have refused from me, and now I dont know my parents are alive or no, but I think, that I can find them and when i look in their eyes,I think that I`ll forgive my parents for their act.
From the childhood I would dream only of one that I had family. I have nobody, neither sisters, nor brothers. Till 18 years I lived in children's home, there I have received secondary education, have finished 11 classes.

After children's home, i go to study in institute, I have study on faculty - management.
In this time i worked in cafe in the evening, there I washed utensils and floors.
I like to do manual work.
I have finished some years ago to study and have received the supreme education.
Now i have the diploma of the manager, also I work as the manager. I work in small grocery firm. I love this work,I conclude contracts on delivery of the foodstuffs for shops.
I like my profession, as each day. And i like contacts with people, and it is so much for me.

I live in an apartment with one room with my girlfriend, so it is easier to us: we live together as we rent an apartment.
In a free time from work I try to rest. I clean an apartment, very much Ilike to prepare, I like to read, and I still study completely the English language.Me help in it my girlfriend.
I think, we can understand each other.
I listen to music, and I try to sing.I like to listen to classical music basically the Russian composers.
And as I like different music, but as i like to dance, I love a waltz, seldom I went discos.

I so much like to go at cinema and theatres, I Like to go to opera theatre Especially I like an opera "Ivan Terribl".
I like to read poetry, in the following letter which I shall write to you to a small poem specially for you.
As I love sports meets, I like to ski, it is a pity, that it is possible to do it in the winter.
Three time in the week I go to sports club.
I like to navigation, I have rest to a nature. With pleasure I like go on a bicycle.
I like to look in the night of stars very much.

My favourite color - red, (Color of scarlet roses).
My favourite season - summer: it is possible to go on beaches.
I love dogs and cats, but now i can`t have it.
Sometimes with the girlfriend on the weekend we go to park and there are some horses and we go on horses.
But I think that when I will have happy family that we would have a cat and a dog.

But the main dream which I want to create happy traditional family with the men, who we shall like also we has children.
I think, that any woman dreams about it... Whether so?
I very simple, kind and frank woman.
I don`t like indignation.
The most simple things can make me happy: a smile, a small gift, or person,who be near me.
As well as everything, I don`t like lie and treachery,I ever don`t try to contact with each people, who lie.
I very romantic woman, I very pleasant to look for stars in the clean sky as I already spoke before.
I want to be happy, I need in love in and supports of the lover person. And if we Would receive be together,I`ll give all love,twice more.I think, that I can be the good wife and mother because I want it.
I don`t feel parental tenderness.
I do not see sense in life without love and children, without a favorite person - the good husband.
I think, that this main things in life. I want to find the person,with who i can lives all happy life.
I want to lives for this and i`ll have this and we be happy.
But my financial side of life is difficult, I do not hide about it.

I only want, that have create happy family and have found the good men. I can seems very direct,but I want only one,that you understand me, who I need and it were necessary for me in this life. I want give my heart to men,who will love me.

If you have questions, write to me, I`ll answer with pleasure them.

I want that you answer me. Whatare you doing? Who yours parents? What you want from life?
How you address to children? How many you want children? As you prefer execute a free time? Your hobby? And all all about you.

And many other things, that you do not want to write.
Sincerely yours Elena

P.S. I havn`t computer, therefore I can not write on some times per day. I ask you:don`t worry in this case.
I think about you.

Letter 2

Hello, honey Steve
How are you ?? today!
Thank for your e-mail! Many thanks, that you answered me!
I send you 5 photos, I think that, it is pleasant for you to receive from me photos, I do not know what tell you still. For me it is new, that I would correspond with the man on e-mail.
I did not belief that it's possible, but now I can get acquainted in such a way,and I convinced of it, that so it is possible to get acquainted! And I think to find excellent the man... and it is very good me, that have got acquainted with you is already closer.. I like independent men.

Tomorrow on work I shall tell to my girlfriends, about that as we have got acquainted with you. They will envy me.
In relations in the man I search for honesty, caress and tenderness.
But the main thing for me it certainly - honesty.
I want to create family, and we can have about 2 or 3 children.
I want tell you, sometimes men don't see women, they looking on body, and on this relations don't bild.
I want clear love with man, who will love me, and i will love his.
I hope, that my soul is more important for you than my appearance....
I hope, my letter not will seem to you small and poor,
I wait from you for any questions.
With pleasure them I will answer.
I send you a gentle kiss, I shall wait from you for the answer.

your Elena

Pliz send me more your photos !

Letter 3

Hello my dear Steve
How are you ??I hope that at you all well! I so would like it! I am very glad to your letter today, I do not understand, that to me occurs.
I wait for your letters with the big impatience! I wait for the end of day, what to go in internet - cafe both to see your letter and to start it to read, this such pleasure.
Recently, I began to dream of family, I very much would like to have children.
I would want that with me beside the beloved to whom I could trust always was All secrets, felt like behind him as behind a stone wall. Russian men do not want it, one is important for them only drink, And only therefore I began to think about intenet to find the man in other country. And I think that to me has carried, I could find you to this web, who could think that keep up one million people, we could find each other, I think, that you too are glad. To our acquaintance, also that our acquaintance will developed in what that greater.
I would like that between us feelings were formed.
That I write all for me important, and I would want that you understood, I don't want to play with you in games, serious relations are necessary for me only.
You see I think, that feelings for the person are important very much and honesty.
Without trust it is very difficult to live, in Russia it is very difficult to trust people.
All to deceive you. I think that it very bad.
If though time have deceived the person, it will be difficult for it to trust other person.
I do not want to seem to you very tiresome and old-fashioned woman.
Simply I would like to talk to you on this theme, and to understand what you the person! It is very bad, that we can not talk to you in alive.
Want to see yours eyes, you all! I think that will suffice to speak on this theme.
I like to know as you you treat to film. I went not for a long time with my girlfriend to cinema
Film referred to "Troy" to me this film very much has liked
My lovely, tell to me what films to you like most of all.
I like film the "Bodyguard", there very interesting plot, and very beautiful love
Boundary heroes of film.

I need to finish to write to you today as my time comes to an end! I will wait for your letter, now I will go to home I will include quiet music.
Also I will try to write a poem about us with you if at me to turn out, That I necessarily shall write to you it!

Well all I have gone! I wait for your letter,
With love , your Elena

Letter 4

Hello,my dear Steve
writes your Elena.
How are you, today?? I am glad to receive your letter today, and waited for it with the big impatience Many thanks to you for pictures.
I am very much touched.
We with you adults, serious people, and perfectly realize, that together to us it is better. Now my life has found sense. Our correspondence can proceed with you some months, and year can also. Being realists,I think, both of us realize, that our meeting could not take place casually.
And our relations develop not as relations of simply familiar people. At them definitely there is something the greater. I long reflected and have come to a conclusion, that we need to make the following step, I think, you understand me, we need to meet, and would like to offer you, I want to arrive to you.
In life there are such situations,which found on reflections about necessity of joint residing, with the purpose of creation of a cell of a society.I thought of our relations much and have come to a conclusion, that it is love. You, as the reasonable person, should understand, comprehend and estimate all those advantages which are given by our future union. Association of our intelligence, abilities and potential opportunities becomes a good basis for creation and development of high-grade future posterity. When I think of you, I understand, that such clever, erudite, intelligent, interesting, independent the man to meet in our society it is improbable and is problematic.
But as we have found each other, it would be logical and expedient to begin a vital joint way. I tender kiss and I love you.

In the proof of my love to you I write you verses, they are devoted to you It is fine verses when I read their that I think of you, about us together.

My voice for you both tender and languid
Disturbs later silence of night dark.
Near bed sad the candle burns mine;
My verses merge murmuring, flow, rivers love,
Flow are full you.
In darkness your eyes shine before with me,
To me smile, and sounds are heard by me:
My friend, my gentle friend. I Like .. Yours Yours!

In pinetions long hopeless,
In alarms of noisy vanity,
The voice gentle sounded to me long
Also lovely fig dreamed.
And heart beat in ecstasy,
And for it have revived again
And a deity, and inspiration,
Both life, and happiness, and love.

Sincerely, with love your Elena

Letter 5

My Prince, I am very happy, that to your letter today, how are you , today?? I misss you so much (( I write these verses at leisure, but is usual before dream I grieve without you very much, and I dream of you each hour and each minute.
Yesterday evening I laid in my bed and dreamed about a meeting for the first time SteveI very happy will arrive to you and to live with you if you are ready to meet me in your city please, I write me, name the international airport near to you, and I will find out the information on my flight on to you, Steve I should - with you, and I hope, that you want also. Today morning which I have, buys for you a little gift.
When we will meet, I present you this small gift. I want, take you hands in my hands and a sight in your eyes and - with you.
Now I go to the house both I will look TV and I will think of you, evening, I will take a bath and I think of you again!!!
My heart belongs only to you!!! I wait for your answer.
With love, your only your Elena


There is in affinity of people a treasured feature,
It to not pass love and passion,--
Let in terrible silence lips merge,
And heart is torn from love to parts.

And the friendship here is powerless, and year
High and fiery happiness,
When the soul is free and alien
To sluggish languor Sweet passion .

Aspiring to it are mad, and it
Reached - are struck of melancholy...
Now you have understood, why mine
Heart under yours hand is not beaten.

Letter 6

Hello my love Steve
I am glad to receive from you the letter. I think of you constantly. So faster already it would be desirable to be near to you. I miss madly. I dream of you, all night thought of us and our future family.
What children will be at us with you.
Today went to travel agency and has found out cost trip to you. All documents will make out two weeks.
I should take off from Ekaterinburg all over again for Moscow. From Moscow already to you.
Cost of the visa and registration costs: the visa 100 USD + papers 54 USD.
Cost of the ticket from Ekaterinburg to Moscow, costs - 210 USD
Cost of the ticket from Moscow in International Airport San Francisco, costs 930 USD
And completely final cost of trip to you 1294 USD
If you can help me,That I already can arrive to you in two weeks, more precisely October,12
I was today in bank and to me have told that the fastest way to transfer money Western Union, remittance it is already possible to receive it in 10-15 minutes
So I was explained by the manager of bank
For that what to make translation to you it would be necessary to know my personal data, In bank after translation to you will give number of translation (MTCN), you should tell him to me
And it will be still necessary for me for reception of money your data,
the Full name and a surname
zip code, a home address
My personal data :
Name: Ekaterina
Surname: Kislitsina
Country : Russia
City: Zlatoust
Zip code: 456200
Home address: Lomonosova 34-67

If you can send money I already can start to make out the visa now. I so strongly want it! I so strongly want to be with you beside, I close eyes and I think about our first meeting when you will meet me In your city. At you in a hand a bouquet from roses and our first kiss I send you mp3 fail there I have written down for you my voice as we can not talk With you by the phone, you can give me the mobile or home to the phone, and I will call you itself as I want to hear yours gentle voice.
I wait your for the answer.
Gently kisss you, with love your Ekaterina