Letter(s) from Tatiana Vokhmintseva to Andy (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, I am glad, that you have responded to my letter, a little now will be remarkable people capable on the present to like.

Alas, to time at all did not remain. Please, write about itself more; tasty dishes, hobbies, sports, children.


Olga mailto:Lika34@list.ru

Letter 2

Hi dear! Unfortunately I cannot frequently respond on your letters. I leave in the Internet through Internet - cafe. BUT I always shall answer you! I love sports.. I love movement, sweeming, I love domestic evenings. I like men is more senior than me. They more mature are more skilled and already search serious meetings - on all life. I like to prepare and go to theatre. Write to me...... Sincerely yours Olga


Olga mailto:Lika34@list.ru

Letter 3

Hi Andy!! Has received your letter and at once I respond you. My name is Andreeva Olga Aleksandrovna. I live in Omsk. My girlfriend who has left caioy for the American, tells a lot of good about America. As any woman I want to be mother and that my children lived in safe. Excuse me for my English. I am helped by my girlfriend, I badly speak on aiaeeenee. Tell as you live what customs at you in America. I wait for your letter. Whole, Olga

Letter 4

Hi, your letters make on me indelible impressions. I am happy, that you think, about me and love me. Your letters please me and force to think more of you to dream of us with you.

On this note I want to finish the letter, and want to tell, that if to you something not clearly, please, ask again, I with pleasure shall explain all.

Letter 5

Hello Andy!!
It is very pleasant for me that you have answered my letter. I am sorry for my broken English.
Really I live in Russia, in the city of Omsk, in Siberia on distance approximately 1400 miles from Moscow.
I want to tell about myself more in detail.
I work as the musical teacher in a kindergarten.
I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and almost I do not drink. Sometimes in holiday we gather to all family, and we drink easy alcoholic drinks.
But it happens only in the big holiday of the type, for example New Year.
I like to go to cinema. I adore interesting films, especially I like comedies.
Certainly, I am not indifferent to melodramas as many women.
I like to listen to music, modern and classical.
Like to dance.
I have passion to animals, is especial to cats. I have a cat by name Baron (in a photo).
I the good cook. My mum worked all life by the cook in a dining room. My favourite dish a chicken with a young potato and vegetables. From the childhood I like to read, I adore a fantasy.
I regret, but it is time to me. I want to know about you more so write to me please on e-mail.

With impatience, Olga!

Letter 6

Hi Dear!! Excuse that could not write earlier. You missed? There were some problems, but they already are solved. Likely I can not respond frequently now to you, but you do not worry I iino?a?nu to write to you as it is possible more often!! How at you an affair? How are you that at you new? I want to tell, that I would like to find the good person, first of all the partner in life who would love me, respected, would care of me. I the normal, good girl with serious intentions. I hope you of me you understand??? I shall wait from you for the letter.