Letter(s) from Larisa Mihailova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my Lovely Jack!I did not know, that you had relations with the Japanese woman. She was silly if she did not appreciate you. I promise, that I shall become bad never. I shall try to not disappoint your friends. How are you? I hope, that your trip is well. I have good mood. I hope, that my good mood will be such always. It is pleasant, that I could come back within my childhood. I have felt the young girl! And it is fair, that I did not recollect my first love. Ha. Ha. My first love did not come to Day of a meeting of graduates. 9 girls and 3 boys was in Day of a meeting of graduates. I was simply glad to see all. Jack, I went to Kirov yesterday. Please, do not abuse me! I could order air tickets only for February, 14. I should visit travel agency earlier. I have paid in addition 75 dollars. The employee of agency has told, that they have lost me absolutely. It is good, that the contract had continuation. I should receive air tickets on Friday. I have agreed with Andrey, that he will take me to Kirov again. Jack, try to send 600 dollars for the customs control at once as soon as you will come back home. Also try to not be mistaken in my data. I am afraid, that you may be mistaken in my data again. And we should hurry up. It is bad, that you are on road again. But I shall hope, that you will have time. I hope, that I shall not have any problems. Now I am sure, that our meeting is held. And I should not forget to buy a gift for you and your daughters. We talk to my family on a theme of my trip to you again each evening. Mum begins to worry again. Though mum worries less now. Mum has understood, that you are the good person. Also that I can trust you. Jack, I send my given to you once again. I believe, that all will be good. I believe, that we shall be together February, 14. I have written the application on a vacation for one month. The chief has signed it. I shall inform the data of my flight when I shall receive air tickets. OK! My working day was finished! I should go home. I kiss you very gently, my lovely angel!!!! Soon we shall together! I love you, Jack!!! Be cautious!!! I am with you!!! BYE!!!
Your Angel Olga.

P.S. My data:
Name: Olga
Surname: Vasilyeva
My address:
Russia, Kirov area
street Lenina
the house 51
an apartment 2
postalcode 612370