Scam letter(s) from Kristina Zakirova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, dear Reggie! Thank you for letter! That you have written to me is very pleasant for me. I very much waited for it. Having considered your structure, I have thought, that you very interesting the man. You at once have liked me also I have wanted to get acquainted with you. You are nice for me. In this letter I shall a little tell about myself.
I hope that it will be interesting to you.
I was born in 1980. I am 25 years old. I live in the city of Ioshkar Ola, Mari El area, Russia. You can find it on a card. About cities Kazan and Cheboksary.
I live together with my parents mum and the daddy. We live in a two-room apartment.
I am the only child of my parents and I have no any brothers or sisters, except for cousin.
My trade - the hairdresser. I work in one of beauty salons of our city. Though I work not on that speciality which studied at university, but I am pleased with the work.
Main plus of my work is that I help people to look beautifully. To same every day I communicate with various people which come in our interior. I very highly estimate dialogue with interesting people.
Recently I began to reflect is more often that it is time to me to meet the unique love.
Now many people meet by means of the Internet. I too have wanted to try it. I think, that I was not mistaken.
I prefer productive leisure. In week-end and at leisure I meet the friends. Together we like to go to cafe, in a cinema (I very much love interesting films) and simply to walk on city. Sometimes we leave for city. We carry out picnics on the nature, but only in the summer, since in the winter at us very cold weather. It is a pity just at me there is no true partner for this purpose. Sometimes I and my parents we arrange family trips for city.
Usually we go in one of bases for rest which is near to our city. Usually it occurs in week-end. I very much love such trips. Dialogue with the nature very much calms and creates composure. During it it is possible to have a rest from city vanity and noise.
My friends say that I am a romantic lady. In attitudes with the man I completely trust it.
I think, that the man by nature the owner of a life. And the woman is created to decorate his life. Certainly during our modern time there are not enough people so think.
But I do not agree with it. I think that the main advantage of the woman is its beauty and tenderness., that I also was not necessary to prove to everything strong and indifferent.
The woman should be gentle and vulnerable. And if someone will want me to offend that for this purpose there should be a true husband. I think that the man should protect and preserve the woman, and the woman in the award should present the the man with caress and love.The woman is the keeper of heat of the family center. I think that my reasoning correctly. It is interesting to me to know that you think of it. You agree with me?
Yes I have phone, but it only domestic. I do not know the English language, I write letters only through the translator. My day a birth 15.08.81. At me brown eyes. My favourite spirits Jagyar. To like me music a pop-music. Certainly I love cats and dogs. Favourite color white. For age has no, as the person is more senior also it knows experience in family more. Yes I can accept your son to myself. I do not know as soon we wanted to have the child after a marriage as destiny to decide.
Well... On it allow to stop to me this letter. I have tried to describe myself about the general features. Certainly it is not enough of it, but this story gives the general representation about what I the person. In my following letter I shall try to tell about the concrete parties of my life in details. I shall wait from you your history. I hope, that with the story about yourself you will send some the photos. I finish this letter. Also I wait from you reply. With sincere respect. Your Christina
Letter 2

As always I am very glad to receive from you letters. How at you today mood?
Has just escaped from work to write the letter to you. I went to travel agency, to me there have told, that the visa costs 450 dollars, cost of the visa includes also the medical insurance, the passport for travel abroad, photos. The visa will be done within 10 working days. Tickets will cost 1100 dollars, it so is a lot of road, but more cheaply simply is not present, I searched for agency where would be cheaper to arrive to you and to do documents, but everywhere the identical prices. Still there will be small charges on official registration of papers (medical survey, receipts, State Taxes, etc.), I take them on myself, it not so is a lot of money and I think, that I cannot pay their itself. But I in any way in forces to find 1550 dollars or somewhere to take, I simply do not have such incomes, parents too cannot help me, they simply too do not have this money. You know, I very much was upset when to me have told that trip will rise in 1550 dollars when I have left travel agency, on my eyes tears from my hopelessness have acted, that I have no such means and from that human that money can affect fortunately two loving people, loving hearts which and they aspire on a meeting each other + after long years of searches, at last, that could find happiness, but money if all can not have them to spoil and a treasured meeting can never take place + about it I thought when left travel agency, these ideas have simply captivated my head, tears were rolled by themselves from such prices! I do not know where to find even half of such money!
Loved, when I have read your letter, again hardly hardly has not burst into tears almost (I do not want that you have thought that I what that whining little girl ?), I simply was am very glad to that that you can to assist me in arrival. My heart overflown with feelings was hammered faster for excitement, pleasures and hopes for our meeting when I can look in your eyes and sees there mutual feeling which will overflow both of us, it will accrue every day and to be poured out of us at night and to pass each other + you has told, what is fast at you a vacation will begin, I would like to specify when and still tell, for what time you plan me to meet at you? To be necessary for me 14-15 days on registration of all documents, in general. I want to be with you + Dear, I already sent you all exact data, the sizes of a body +, etc., you unless did not receive them? In general I send you once again all data, a phone number and a home address. (Republic Mary-El, Ioshkar Ola, street. Machine engineers ä.71-9, ph. + 79024382328, a ****** 90 it means that 1,5-2 size, a waist 57, hips 92, my full name Zakirova Christina). Many thanks for a promised gift, I with impatience shall wait for it{him}. From aroma of spirits I prefer something gentle and fresh as the sea, pleasant as a touch of the favourite person + I am sure, that to me very much to like, I shall necessarily make a photo with your gift for you loved. One of these days I have made still a photo to send it to you, but also you do not overlook to send as much as possible to me letters and a photo of. Your letters please me, wakening love and tenderness, in you I see the present the man, strong and courageous, with beautiful features +, I feel support and I have hope + Lovely, you write to me, that coming back with the friend from walk on night fires you saw our meeting, represented, you dreamed of me + know, I feel the same in relation to you, you are constant in my ideas, I even have excitement for you as though the invisible string connects us time we we can so I am thin to feel each other, me seems that is destiny + never before so did not feel how feel now, + and those lines at the end of your letter are simply fine, they such sincere, gentle, tender + they directly transfer all your heat, love and care for me + I shall look forward to the letter from you my unique the man. Your Christina
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