Scam letter(s) from Olga Rogova to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings! Please write to me directly in: I have Noticed yours to add on single games. And I think, that you are very interesting The person. So I have decided to use chance to learn you. The hope I will be Be lucky:-) I do not think, that the age and occurrence are so important Though I am rather nice. The most important, that is inside you and As you feel about life. I know this life from many parties and me Are rather mature already to know, how to do persons happy. I do not know If you answer me whether or not. But why to not try? I shall regret if not Attempt. I think, that we should use all chances to find our happiness. Life Too short to use it only for reflection and dreaming. I try to operate, but Not only, to dream. So here I am:-) I shall not write to you much about Independently now. I only shall give you idea concerning the one who I. I work to earn For my residing. I have higher education, and I am rather intellectual. Unique, which I pass - the beloved person, and I want to have family. I have really many interests : music, reading, books, computers, Cinema, good conversations, sports meets and many other things which do Remarkable life. I love beautiful clothes and things. I can not speak That I have many friends. I know many people, but I am very captious about Friends. The friend - the person who will be with me all my life. And I Are successful to have some really good friends. But I am very sociable it - Why there are many people, I have good relations with. I live with My parents and we very friendly. I am rather independent. And work may to pay Things I want to have in my life. In some words I can inform you, that me Enjoy life as it is, and I love life with everything, that it - aspects. I Are very kind (I - not boasting:-)) which injure me frequently. But I Strong enough to overcome difficulties on my way. Well, now it To you to decide to write me whether or not. Please write to me directly in: I still hope for your answer. Have good Day!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Greetings ! I am very glad, that you to answer me. I studied to work on the Internet earlier and I have carelessly The continued site where has found your structure. I very modest girl, but I However has dared to write to you as I think that communication With the person from other country it is very unusual! I never Informed with people from other countries and I simply we dream Find in your person of the friend with that whom it is simply interesting To inform and divide news! You the first to the one whom I write also I The hope, that our correspondence will have the good beginning! Now I sit In the Internet - cafe and I write to you this letter! I think, time Has arrived to get acquainted! My name - Ariza. I from Russia, Alive in city Kazan. I - 29 years of age. My growth of 168 centimeters. My Birthday - March, 15-th.. The nations I Russian. My religion: the Christian. On character I cheerful The person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a modest measure. I Easily find the general language with strangers, and I am simple love to Communicate on interesting themes! My work: the teacher of biology. I Work above school and I teach children of biology about factories and Animals. I very much love animals. When I was the child, I studied in Musical school within 4 years where I have learned game on a piano. I The winner of many festivals and competitions on music was. All spoke About me as about talented the pupil. But I am borrowed in game on a The piano only is a little now, but frequently I sing in karaoke and always me Receive the highest results! When I have a free time, I love walk in Parks which are much in my city. I am absorbed by books also. Pushkin, Esenin - the big poets, deserving to be read everyone. I take pleasure in reading poems about which I can inform little bit more.
I very much like sports to look at sports meets. I like to go in for sports. In Mine 16-17 I have admired visiting mine granny and grandfathers in a village In 250 kms from Kazan in Russia. They live in small The house but has the big garden. It - the surprising place is similar Paradise especially it is beautiful in the spring and summer when there Trees of an apple of a flower, cherry and apricots. I have fun in awakening Early in the morning and hearing of singing of birds and looking Trees aflower. It - beautiful character is similar to anything to other on the ground. It Is magnificent and amazing in colouring. A trifle later our garden Paid us with tasting fruits charmingly. I still remember it Aroma. At closing my eyes I see a picture of my garden. My grandfather Arrives to my opinion, fishing on lake, and we waited for it with Impatience. granny prepared for soup of a fish very much made with taste. What is more? Mine granny had small goats. She milked them also has given me new milk. In Evenings I with my friends, gather to read a poem. About! I - only Lost in warm memoirs of my childhood. I think, it is possible to write about Them it is indefinite. It - a lot of pleasant for me to correspond with you About my memoirs. All this takes me deeply. I like to float and from Time to time I visit a swimming pool. I like to go on foot. Active life Is in general my cup of tea. I can write about it long and long. If you Take some interest in this item of my life, I shall speak with you about It in my following letters. I hope, that my letter was pleasant to you! I Also wait from you interesting letters! I hope, we shall do soon Friendship and we became the best friends! With hope yours Ariza
Letter 3

Hello !!!!!
I am very happy to receive the letter back from you!
It has filled my day with new paints and I was very happy to the good beginning of our acquaintance! I really did not expect such. I believed, that I shall necessarily make something not correctly because I very badly understand about computers:) I only try to study it now. I hope once I shall learn it. Computers open the huge not clear world for me! I am very glad, that in this world I can find such interesting people as you!!!
I I want to speak you a little more on myself. I was born in happy family and I am the unique child at my parents. My parents always worked also I much spent a lot of time playing with my girlfriends. Since the childhood I have the good friend, her name is Anu. We very much close friends and we very well understand each other. Now I live separately from my mum because we adult people and to us it is better when we live separately. Nevertheless we till this time support close relations and frequently we visit each other. I very much love my mum. Now I very much want to ask you some questions. It very much will help me to learn you better and I probably can draw your portrait in my consciousness! In my following letter I shall answer you the same questions. I hope it it will be interesting to you too. So, my questions:
1. What is your favorite flower?
2. What is your religion?
3. What is your favorite food?
4. Do you like music? What kind?
5. Do you like to dance?
6. Do you like the sun?
7. Do you ski?
8. Have you ever fly in a hot air balloon?
9. Do you smoke?
10. What do you like in a partner?
11. What is your favorite season??
12. Did you travel? If yes, where? If no, where would you like to go?
13. Do you like animals? Which ones.
I hope, that these questions have not tired you.
Well, now I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for the answer!
Your new friend Ariza.
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