Letter(s) from Olga Rogova to Del (England)

Letter 1

Hello dear Derrick!
I am distressed that I have gone to the Internet-cafe and have not got your letter. Where are you? I look forward to your letter. I miss you.

Letter 2

Hello Derrick!!!
How are you? I hope everything fine. I am very glad to hear from you again. I even did not think that you'll write me today. Thank you that you do not forget to write me. I am very sorry that height difference in not good for you because it is not important for me!
In this letter I'll try to tell you more about my life. In this period of my life I have no man which worthy to be with me. I had three men in my life and I think that all this relations was mistakes. Why?
Answer on this question I can to tell you right now. All they was well-to-do persons and I had everything what I want, expensive cloth,
embellishment, many gifts. But I was not happy with all this things.
Those men did not love me, I was like beautiful toy for they. All they thought that for money possible to buy everything and me including. No one from they was with me more then half year. So when I did separate with last man I decide for myself that I do not want such men. I want man which will love me and will respect me and he will not to think that his money can to do me like slave. Now I live with my parents,
they on pension already. But pensions are very small so my father have to work sometimes a watchman in the car park. I don't have any brothers, sisters or cousins. I have never been married and have no any children. I have never been to other countries and I have no friends from other country. Derrick, you know, I decided to use the service of the Internet because I have a dream to find out man which not how Russian man. I think what between man and woman always must be a confidence and consent. I do not understand the men, who are jealous, in Russia such men plenty of and I dislikes this men. I think that if man and woman together and they cut the mustard each other,
that they no need in other man. Unfortunately, how I told you earlier,
I was not able to find worthy man here in Russia. They don't care about their women but I dream about a loving and care man. I would give him all of my love and tenderness in return. It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, but I have liked this way very much because I was answered by so good man. I hope you have already understood that I bear you in mind.
Do you have any hobbies, what do you like and dislike? As for me I have very many interests. I like music, reading, movies very much. I often meet with my friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the theatre. But sometimes I prefer just to stay at home, to read an interesting magazine or just to watch TV. I am fond of languages, I had a course of English in the University so I speak English rather fluently. Thank you that you appreciate my English.
Well, I will close here for now. Waiting impatiently for your next letter. With this letter I send you some my photos. One photos it is I am and two my girlfriends - photographer did embarrassed me (Don't ask me how!!!) and I did turn away. And other photos from my drill. I hope you'll like this photos. I send to you my air kiss.
Have a good day!!!
Your Olga!

Letter 3

Hello my light Derrick!!!
I am sorry for not writing you so long time! I got chill and had headache and fervour. But now everything is fine! I am fine! I love you and still want to have relations with you!!!
I don't want to frighten you, but understand me please; I need to know your intentions to me. I don't want to wound my heart. I wrote to you in the last letter about filling my heart feeling of love to you,
today, at night I think for a long time, I feel love to you. Such situation wasn't with me before, I don't know when it has come to me,
but I can't without your letters any more. I wait for the moment when I'll receive the letter from you with great impatience. I want that you'll write about your feelings to me. And if your intentions are serious, and you as well as I wants to meet for learning each other,
write me and we'll start to decide this problem. You'll arrive to me,
or I arrive to you, we'll decide further. You know, I am very sensual woman and if your intentions are not serious stop write to me please,
I am afraid that my heart will be broken and I'll suffer for a long time. I know that you are good person and you will fairly answer on my question, I am only afraid, and that you don't have such feelings to me. We could meet and then decide how we are necessary to each other.
I don't afraid that after our meeting you reject me, but I'll damn myself up to the end of my life that I and haven't met with you.
May be is it fate!?! So you'll decide. I have completely opened for you. I'll wait for your following letter with impatience.
Million kisses to you, Derrick.
Your Olga!

Letter 4

Hello my lovely Derrick!!!
I just can not find words of the pleasure. I am so happy that I have found you in this huge world. You are the unique man whom I can tell all ideas and dreams. When I write you the letter, I have something in my soul such that it is impossible to explain, it is necessary to feel. Already several days I just sit near the table in my home and reread your letters. And all time I think of that how to see you. I imagine how you hold my hand on the beach; how you hug me, and I feel myself loved by the important man for me. Mother looks at me with a kind smile and tell that she is happy to see me such what I now. I am and myself happy, that again I write you the letter. It is filled with all my love and tenderness to you. I never was such happy in my life!!! It's very good solar weather here. And the main thing is that YOU are!!!!!!!!! I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need you very much. I want to be with you, to give you all heat and tenderness which for a long time I saved inside me. I love you!!! I love you Derrick!!! I am ready to shout about it for the whole world. I want so much to see you near with me, but it is very bad that it is impossible right now.
Now I constantly watch news hoping to learn something about your country. Furthermore, it is very interesting for me, also I need it.
In general, it is interesting for me to study all that is unknown for me. In total certainly to not learn, but it seems to me that it is better to know about all slightly than all about the little. And consequently each dialogue with the person for me is lesson. But the most important dialogue for me is when I communicate with you. I want to know your ideas, reasoning, to know about you insofar it is possible. When I began to correspond with you I even did not hope that we'll have so good relations. With each your letter I understood that I have found man who is important for me. I want to hug you tenderly.
I consider that exactly creation of a spiritual emotional basis of the person is a purpose sense of creation of family. I want to tell you that my feelings and words to you are always sincere and I always understood that we put a lot of trust that our union would be in real one day.
Dear Derrick, I want to tell you that my aunt, living in Moscow, has girlfriend who works in embassy of your country. There is not embassy of your country in my city. Her girlfriend can help us to meet in person. I can get in touch with my aunt ask her about the visa. What do you think of it?
Write to me about yourself. Is all good with you??? My parents send a regards to you and in this letter I send you a photo, where we are together. They are very glad, that I am happy.
With love your Olga!

Letter 5

Hi sunshine Derrick!!!
I am very glad to hear from you today.
Derrick, I have to tell you that now I could get in touch with my aunt. She has told me that recently she helped again one woman to make the visa. She has explained me how I can find her girlfriend from the embassy. I'll try to get in touch with her and then I'll write you about the visa, ok.
So, how are you today? I hope you are ok. As for me, I am fine. I feel myself so sad without you here. I have such a strange feeling inside of me. I miss you badly. I need you so much. It is not just words. It is what I feel now. I think about you all the time. I have never had this before. I haven't seen you face to face yet but I already can't live without you, your letters. I want to touch you, to feel your warmth and tenderness... I love you. I love you Derrick!!!!!!!!
I hope you are not scared. It is strange for me too. But I can assure you that it is true. I am afraid to ask you this, but what do you feel? It is very important for me. It is better to know the bitter true for me than the sweet lie... So, please, tell me about your feelings. And I think it is already time for us to decide what to do... I could come to you and I think it is the best variant for us.
Life in Russia is very dangerous. I don't want you to have any problems here. You never know what will be the other minute here.
So, I will get to know everything about visa and how I could come to you. And I will write you about it in my next letter.
With love your Olga!

Letter 6

Hello my sweetheart Derrick!
In your letters I see a lot of your love to me. I appreciate it so much. But you should know how it is difficult for me to write you this letter. Today I could get in touch with my aunt's friend, who works in embassy in Moscow and have learned that there are no problems with getting of the visa. So I seriously consider that our meeting is necessary for me, that we really could learn each other face to face.
Today I have spoken with mom and she has told me that she is not against if I want to be with you and fly to you. She has told me that I am adult person and I can decide myself what will be better for my fate. She has told that everything that she heard of you from me she convince that you are good man and she does not think that you'll be made harm to me.
Today I have known that it is necessary for me to make that I could arrive to you and always to be with you in your embrace. There is visa of the bride, but this not best variant for us since we did not meet and have a no photography together. I can trip to you as tourist, i can get this type of visa easy. For registration this visa I need to buy permit in tourist agency and then I should fill in the questionnaire - application on reception of the not immigration visa in embassy. The most best and cheaper permit is permit on 3 months.
In price this permit be included: the foreign passport, the tourist visa, medical insurance and recreational program. So if you'll be absent on work I'll not long alone and will visit different interesting places of your city. If we will decide that we are happy together and we want to spend our lifes together, I can ask embassy for change my visa on visa bride, but I think that before we should meet and time will show!!! I can make tourists visa easily and quickly. But I was very frustrated when I heard its price of this permit, it costs 500 pounds sterling. When I heard this price, tears flowed on my cheeks. I have explained her that Derrick is man,
without whom I can not live and I wanted so much her to see and understand how I love you so much. But she answered me that she understands everything but she can do nothing because rules are rules and other any way is impossible. This agency in Moscow and I need to go to Moscow. Plane ticket to Moscow cost 198 pounds sterling. I did want to go on train but aunt told me that it is not good idea because in our trains worked many criminals, in train I may to be robbed or more worse I may to be raped. I DO NOT WANT IT. I did learn how much it will cost in tourist agency in our city but in first same tourist permit is cost more expensive and second in any way I need to go to the Moscow to embassy for getting the visa.
How I told you earlier I like to be independent and do not ask any from other persons but it's problem for me, that I don't have money for the visa and ticket to Moscow. I know that you have enough money,
but dear Derrick I do not want to take your money so I do not know what to do now. I thought that visa will cost more smaller and ticket to Moscow will not cost so much. I thought wrong and now I do not know what to do. If I begin to save money, a lot of time will pass before I'll save enough amount, may be half year or more. I can to take your money but only if you'll offer to me it from clean heart. If you'll help me with all expenses, the visa will be ready in the two week, and it will be necessary to think about ticket to you. Now I do not know price of ticket to you. Price depend from date of flight so I need to know exactly date of flight for to know price of ticket.
So, that all depends from you. I want to meet you very much, but it is expensive for me. Just imagine that via few weeks we could be together, it is dream for me. But maybe Derrick, our meeting in person is impossible. It is very much money for me. I got accustomed to make money with right way. I can not thieve, defraud, lie and trade my body. I make approximately 65 pounds sterling. This money is a little, but I never make money with bad way. I love you, Derrick and do not want to lose you! I miss you so much!
With great love your Olga!
PS. My full name is Olga Rogova!!!

Letter 7

Hello my sweetheart Derrick!!!!!
I did not get your letter about it! Derrick I think this amount more than enough for trip to you! As always today I got up and first thing of I am thought, it's was you! I thought that today I must go to in Internet cafe and write to you as much I love you! Every day without you as torture for me!!! I want to get up and feel you beside me every day! I want to make to coffee for you every day! I want to make you happy every day! I love you so much and I can't be without you!!!
I am very happy, because I found you in this big World! I know that you are man which can make me happy! I think about it with very big pleasure! I am very happy that the God gave to us this chance be together. There is such saying in Russia: "The present marriages are concluded on sky!" I like this saying, and I know that it's true, now!
I trust in God and I know that he will help us! Do you think that I am right?
I am so happy that you want to help me with expenses for my trip. Do you real want to help me??? It's will be nice, because i don't know how I can find necessary money. I make approximately 65 pounds in month, and this expenses very hard for me. With your help we will be together and not anybody, not someday, don't separate us! Do you want it too?
So, Derrick, I want to ask you when do you want to send me the money?
I am never ask anybody about money, because I like be free and always I like when not anybody not told that I am debtor! I know that in this World all make the money. It's very bad, because simply man can't be happy without money, it's very bad that in this world for people more important their money than their feelings. For money people ready make all! Some people ready murder for money this is very bad! Do you agree with me? So asking you about money, this is shame for me! But I must know when do you want to send me money, because I must tell to my Boss when I want to trip to you, because he must start to search for new worker. I love you so much!!! I miss you!!!
With love, forever your Olga!!!

Letter 8

Hello my sweetheart Derrick!!!
I am so happy to read your letter, Derrick! Derrick, I even was not going to ask for you about money, because it is not comfortable for me. And I respect you so much that you want to help me with expenses.
You are the best man. I think, I'll never find man who will love me and take care of me like you. Really, without your help our meeting is impossible. It is very difficult to imagine what I can do with my salary in 65 pound sterling. Nothing! It is very difficult economic situation in Russia, I think you know it. Thank you, Derrick, that you want us to meet in person. With your help we'll be able to meet approximately in 2 weeks. Derrick, all paperwork will made within 2 weeks from day of start. As I have told you, Derrick, the validity of the visa is 90 days from the date of arrival to your country...
But when I come to you And everything between you and me will well we shall be able make the fiance visa and for this time we'll be able to marry. And I'll be able to stay with you forever.
I have just could get in touch with my aunt and I have explained her that you want to help me and that you have already offered me your help, but problem is concluded in that you can not arrive to me to pay for my expenses, and I do not know, how to get your help by other way.
I have said her that I do not want you to send me the money by mail because this is very much risky, money can be stolen from letter. But my aunt has said me that now nobody sends the money by mail, that this is outdated way of the sending of the money. She has said that there is very reliable system of money transfer, which is called MoneyGram!
Do you know this system? She has said that this is very reliable system, which is found in my city even, and you can make transfer without problems!!! And in my city there is bank "AVTOBANK NIKOIL",
which has point of Money Gram. It is almost near my home. I have never used Money Gram before, so now I'll go to the "AVTOBANK NIKOIL" and try to know how I can receive your transfer, Derrick, ok. I'll write you later again when I'll have information.
Your Olga!

Letter 9

Hello my sweet Derrick again!
Now I have just gone to the "AVTOBANK NIKOIL", and asked to give me information how I can get the transfer, and what I need to do for this. They have said that I need to give you information, which is written in my passport, and exactly, my address and my full name! But to I'll be able to get your transfer I have to know money transfer control number, your exact address, and your full name! I know that I have already given you this information, but I do not want to do mistakes so I give to you this once again!
Olga Rogova
61-3 Yuzhnaya str.,
Vologda, Russia, 160000.
And also I give you address "AVTOBANK NIKOIL".
May be you'll need it:
AVTOBANK NIKOIL 25 Koneva str.,
Vologda, Russian Federation 160032
I just do not want to do any mistake. Also my aunt have been said me that it will be more better and easy to send me money from MoneyGram office. You need to find out MoneyGram office in your city and go there. My aunt have been said it is more better because:
1) You'll certain that you'll do everything right.
2) If you'll try to send Money via Internet you'll need to use your credit card, and my aunt said that it is very dangerously, because Internet swindlers can to intercept your confidential information from credit card and after this they will be able to steal your money from your credit card.
In the bank I have been said that, if you or I shall do some mistake,
so I shall not be able to get your transfer and you will have to call back the money and send with faithful information anew. But I do not want you to have any problems and inconveniences.
I love you, Derrick! I look forward to hear from you tomorrow. And of course, I look forward to the day of our meeting face to face.
Your Olga!