Letter(s) from Ekaterina Jablokova to Andre (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend ANDRE!!! I am very glad that you have written to me. I to be surprised that I interest of you. Now I to want to tell more about me. I live about city Kirov. I to work as the teacher to draw at school. But I shall soon not work at school as I to be arranged on work to work the stylist in a beauty salon. I live in two about mine mum. Mine mum have divorced with the daddy and now I live with her. I to not meet mine the daddy now. Earlier he to drink alcoholic drinks much and did not love me. It has led to to their divorce. It was 10 years ago. My mum to work the seller in shop of a toy. I live not far from Kirov it approximately 20 kilometers, but I to go in city to work. I very much like children and I to dream to have them. I to not have children and was not married. I to not want to search to me for the person in Russia as all men in Russia very rough . I to consider that men in the West more beautiful and clever:). I to search for warm and kind relations. I to not want to play game and to not want that with me played. I to want to have serious relations and even a marriage in a consequence. I to want to have children very much. I to want that me respected and understood mine the man. I am ready to give all myself if I shall love the person and I shall be sure in him. I to consider that relations between the man and the woman it is very serious also a critical decision. The clean understanding and thin thinking as not all people identical here is necessary and necessary to study to understand each other. I to understand that my English not so good, but I to want that you have understood me as it very important in relations. I very kind person also do not like to miss. I like to read books, to visit cinema and theatre. I like to float. I very much like to listen music and to walk under stars at night. It is especially beautiful when the sky clean and a lot of star in the sky. I to want that you have told to me about you if you really interest to me that we can try relations with you my friend. I to want to see as still your photo. Write to me soon. Tatyana.

Letter 2

My great friend ANDRE!!! Again I receive from you the letter and I am very glad to this event! I hope, that to you about what I write is clear. You know, for the small period of correspondence with you and have already understood, that to you have become attached, without your letter at me day any not such but as I receive from you the answer at once my life is filled with pleasure. And you attachment to me? I think what yes if it so that it is healthy! I shall give you my home address so we can correspond letters by usual mail, but nevertheless it is not so convenient, as it seems to me, in the first letters will go very long, and there is an every prospect, that the letter will be stolen, at us in Russia of it it is possible to expect. From many steal letters simply from there is nothing to do , but nevertheless I shall give you the address: Russia Kirov 427000 street Dekabristov 58 flat 14 Kirillova Tatyana. But it seems to me, that all oaee is easier to communicate through the Internet, in general I think, that the Internet this big achievement as people from two different ends of a planet may communicate with each other freely that I have got acquainted with such person as you already because of it only I shall tell to the Internet many thanks! Much to our regret I do not have phone, in Russia it is the whole problem, not enough at whom in Russia there is a phone of a house so we might speak by the phone, but it is possible if such opportunity I necessarily shall call you will be presented me. You Believe, when I sit at work, I constantly think of you, I wait for that moment when I after work shall go to the Internet of cafe and I shall find out the letter from you, it does a pleasure me huge pleasure. With this letter I send my image. Whether my images like you, only is fair? Unfortunately my time in the Internet of cafe comes to an end. Write to me necessarily! I shall wait! My angel I shall learn the information about the visa and the passport as I to not have them, tomorrow I shall inform to you this information Tatyana

Letter 3

Greetings my sweet angel Andre!!! Today I to come in cafe only about one idea what to receive yours, mail, I knew that I shall read your letter and when I to open and read it, I to want to speak you the truth I to cry from pleasure, that I at last to meet you, my angel today I to have conversation with my agent, about my visa and my passport and it has told to me, that my visa will be done within 14 days, and my passport within 7 days and it has told, that all will cost together 490 $. My honey Andre I hope, that it will not be for us a problem, what we to have our meeting, I to want to want to see it I you any price, you so are interesting, to me tomorrow I can learn all about that that as I can receive your help, you will help me and to send this sum. I to want to hear very much too you, but I to have a small problem I to not have phone, in my house, on this I only can cause itself you if you will send me the number phone, I to want to speak you, that feeling which in me as fire to burn me one and I to want to have a number of you, today I shall send a roller for you I hope, it to like you my honey!!!! Write to me so soon as soon as you can embraces and kiss yours Tatyana much.

Letter 4

Greetings my sweet angel Andre Today I was so is glad to receive your letter, and I to want to speak you the truth, you have caused my smile, now I know, that day when we shall be together will come already soon and I can kiss and embrace you. I to try to explain you why I to ask to send you of money till February, 10, my angel my agent of 10 numbers will go in Moscow for that what to receive the visa to me and still several girls which will go too for border, my honey Andre to me it is necessary to go February, 14 in Moscow and to stop there in hotel approximately for 3 days, what to settle all a problem with my visa, and for this time my agent will select for me convenient flight after that I shall inform to you the information and all flight data, that you could understand, I shall call to you from Moscow. My honey road from my city up to Moscow will borrow day 24 hours. I so am glad I such happy girl, I to thank the god, that I to find you. Write to me so soon as soon as you can, after I shall receive your translation, I shall write to you at once. Embraces and kiss yours Tatyana much.