Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Jablokova to Emil (Germany)

Letter 1

Greetings! Please write to me directly:
I have Noticed yours to add on single games.My name is Nadezhda. And I think, that you are very interesting The person. So I have decided to use chance to learn you. The hope I will be Be lucky:-) I do not think, that the age and occurrence are so important Though I am rather nice. The most important, that is inside you and As you feel about life. I know this life from many parties and me Are rather mature already to know, how to do persons happy. I do not know If you answer me whether or not. But why to not try? I shall regret if not Attempt. I think, that we should use all chances to find our happiness. Life Too short to use it only for reflection and dreaming. I try to operate, but Not only, to dream. So here I am:-) I shall not write to you much about Independently now. I only shall give you idea concerning the one who I. I work to earn For my residing. I have higher education, and I am rather intellectual. Unique, which I pass - the beloved person, and I want to have family. I have really many interests : music, reading, books, computers, Cinema, good conversations, sports meets and many other things which do Remarkable life. I love beautiful clothes and things. I can not speak That I have many friends. I know many people, but I am very captious about Friends. The friend - the person who will be with me all my life. And I Are successful to have some really good friends. But I am very sociable it - Why there are many people, I have good relations with. I live with My parents and we very friendly. I am rather independent. And work may to pay Things I want to have in my life. In some words I can inform you, that me Enjoy life as it is, and I love life with everything, that it - aspects. I Are very kind (I - not boasting:-)) which injure me frequently. But I Strong enough to overcome difficulties on my way. Well, now it To you to decide to write me whether or not. Please write to me directly in: I still hope for your answer. Have good Day!!!!!!!
If I to interest you, I shall send you the photo!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Greetings ! I am very glad, that you to answer me.
I studied to work on the Internet earlier and I have carelessly The continued site where has found your structure. I very modest girl, but I However has dared to write to you as I think that communication With the person from other country it is very unusual! I never Informed with people from other countries and I simply we dream Find in your person of the friend with that whom it is simply interesting To inform and divide news! You the first to the one whom I write also I The hope, that our correspondence will have the good beginning! Now I sit In the Internet - cafe and I write to you this letter! I think, time Has arrived to get acquainted! My name - Nadezhda. I from Russia, Alive in city Kazan. I - 29 years of age. My growth of 168 centimeters. My Birthday - on July, 25.. The nations I Russian. My religion: the Christian. On character I cheerful The person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a modest measure. I Easily find the general language with strangers, and I am simple love to Communicate on interesting themes! My work: the teacher of biology. I Work above school and I teach children of biology about factories and Animals. I very much love animals. When I was the child, I studied in Musical school within 4 years where I have learned game on a piano. I The winner of many festivals and competitions on music was. All spoke About me as about talented the pupil. But I am borrowed in game on a The piano only is a little now, but frequently I sing in karaoke and always me Receive the highest results! When I have a free time, I love walk in Parks which are much in my city. I am absorbed by books also.
Pushkin, Esenin - the big poets, deserving to be read everyone.
I take pleasure in reading poems about which I can inform little bit more.
I very much like sports to look at sports meets. I like to go in for sports. In Mine 16-17 I have admired visiting mine granny and grandfathers in a village In 250 kms from Kazan in Russia. They live in small The house but has the big garden. It - the surprising place is similar Paradise especially it is beautiful in the spring and summer when there Trees of an apple of a flower, cherry and apricots. I have fun in awakening Early in the morning and hearing of singing of birds and looking Trees aflower. It - beautiful character is similar to anything to other on the ground. It Is magnificent and amazing in colouring. A trifle later our garden Paid us with tasting fruits charmingly. I still remember it Aroma. At closing my eyes I see a picture of my garden. My grandfather Arrives to my opinion, fishing on lake, and we waited for it with Impatience. granny prepared for soup of a fish very much made with taste. What is more? Mine granny had small goats. She milked them also has given me new milk. In Evenings I with my friends, gather to read a poem. About! I - only Lost in warm memoirs of my childhood. I think, it is possible to write about Them it is indefinite. It - a lot of pleasant for me to correspond with you About my memoirs. All this takes me deeply. I like to float and from Time to time I visit a swimming pool. I like to go on foot. Active life Is in general my cup of tea. I can write about it long and long. If you Take some interest in this item of my life, I shall speak with you about It in my following letters. I hope, that my letter was pleasant to you! I Also wait from you interesting letters! I hope, we shall do soon Friendship and we became the best friends! With hope yours Nadezhda!!!!
Letter 3

Hello !!!!!
I am very happy to receive the letter back from you! It has filled my day with new paints and I was very happy to the good beginning of our acquaintance! I really did not expect such. I believed, that I shall necessarily make something not correctly because I very badly understand about computers:) I only try to study it now. I hope once I shall learn it. Computers open the huge no clear world for me! I am very glad, that in this world I can find such interesting people as you!!! Very much to like me your photo!!!!
I want to speak you a little more on myself. I was born in happy family and I am the unique child at my parents. My parents always worked also I much spent a lot of time playing with my girlfriends. Since the childhood I have the good friend, her name is Anu. We very much close friends and we very well understand each other. Now I live separately from my mum because we adult people and to us it is better when we live separately. Nevertheless we till this time support close relations and frequently we visit each other. I very much love my mum. Now I very much want to ask you some questions. It very much will help me to learn you better and I probably can draw your portrait in my consciousness! In my following letter I shall answer you the same questions. I hope it it will be interesting to you too. So, my questions:
1. What is your favorite flower?
2. What is your religion?
3. What is your favorite food?
4. Do you like music? What kind?
5. Do you like to dance?
6. Do you like the sun?
7. Do you ski?
8. Have you ever fly in a hot air balloon?
9. Do you smoke?
10. What do you like in a partner?
11. What is your favorite season??
12. Did you travel? If yes, where? If no, where would you like to go?
13. Do you like animals? Which ones.
I hope, that these questions have not tired you.
Well, now I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for the answer!
Your new friend Nadezhda.
Letter 4

Hello I am very glad to receive your letter again and I am very glad, that you have considered seriously my questions. Ivery much appreciate your attentiveness to me. From your answers I can judge, that you are very romantic person. It very much sympathizes with me. So, I promised you to give answers to the same questions.
1. What is your favorite flower?
So, my favorite flowers is white gentle flowers... Any woman loves roses. But flowers should not be smart and xpensive. The main thing that they spoke about love and care of the person which it gives.
2. What is your religion?
My religion is the Christian. Jesus always in my heart and I frequently ask him that he has given me patience and success. I do not visit church frequently because I do not think it it is necessary for understanding of belief. I think the god should be in soul of each person.
3. What is your favorite food?
My favourite foodstuffs is ordinary food. I have no any rules of a feed and have got used to eat when I want it and that I want at this time. Certainly I as the majority of people love fruits and sweets:) I love national Russian and Italian cuisine. Also I love gifts of the sea.
4. Do you like music? What kind?
I am not far from music in general. I have some favourite executors and composers. I like the rock music from the 70's and 80's - Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and the Heart-breakers, Dire Straits, Heart, Linda Ronstadt, Van Morrison. I also like the old R and B or Soul music like Gladys Knight and the Pips and the Temptations. I also like jazz and easy listening, like Frank Sinatra, Diana Krall, Boney James, and David Benoit.
5. Do you like to dance?
Really I like to dance. But I am not able to do it too well.
6. Do you like the sun?
The sun gives a lot of pleasure for me. Because of the sun I very much love summer. To me very much to like, when the sun shines brightly and gives to the ground a lot of heat.
7. Do you ski?
In the winter we have a lot of snow and it allows us to have a lot of winter sports. I am able to go on ski, only I for a long time did not do it, therefore as it would borrow all the day. 8. Have you ever fly in a hot air balloon?
I never had fly in a hot air balloon. Nevertheless I think, that it is very interesting and romantic. It would be good to fly so once. Having told the truth, I asked this question you to check up as far as seriously you concern to me and as far as you a romantic nature:))
9. Do you smoke?
I never smoked and I am not going to do it. I think, that it is very harmful habit. Nevertheless I normally concern to smoking people.
10. What do you like in a partner?
The ideal partner for me is careful man which trusts me and is boundless loves me. I did not meet such people here... Probably I wait for prince on a white horse:)
11. What is your favorite season??
More all I love the beginning of summer. This good time for walks and pleasures by the nature.
12. Did you travel? If yes, where? If no, where would you like to go?
I hed never travelled for limits of Russia. It was not necessary neither for training, nor for my work. Abroad I too had no rest, because it is expensive for our family. To tell under the truth when I was the teenager I had rest in children's camp on coast of the black sea, now it is Territory of Ukraina then it was the Soviet union. Whether therefore there was I abroad is very issue question :)
13. Do you like animals? Which ones.
I very much love animals. I have a cat in my house and very much love her. Her name is Lilu. Really I very much love animals because I am the biologist. At my school where I work we we have a winter garden where some birds live, there are some fishes in aquariums and much always green plants. The management of my school appreciates my work and they trusted me creation of a site of wildlife. Children very much like to go there and to observe of the nature. Children are always very inquisitive and always ask me about much. I very much love children and I try to bring up in my students the best qualities which is in me. I think, that children it is flowers of our life and this our future. I to receive a login to you because I to pay some money in agency that I could send the message to you!! Very much to like me your photo!!!! Now I finish this letter on now.
The hope to speak with you is fast! Have a great day!
Yours Nadezhda
Letter 5

Hello!!!!! It always great pleasure for me to receive letters from you. I am grateful to you for your warm letters to me. I am always happy to see your new pictures. Do you have some new? If you have, I shall be happy to see it. Today we have rainy weather. It always gives me a condition to think a little of my life. I still have no any partner for my life while all my girlfriends have already found husbands and live happily with them. Probably I simply missed my time because at that time when my girlfriends searched for acquaintances, I gave all my time to study and work. Just now I began to reflect on my future and that I should find my second half. I tried to search for the partner here, but I did not find anybody. My girlfriends are surprised, that I could not find anybody here:) I am probably too exacting, and I wait for prince on a white horse... Anyhow my relations were never for a long time. I was always irritated guys who care only of itself and about the work. It will be ideal for me if the guy would consider me as a queen! Then he would be my king and would receive all my attention, tenderness, caress and love to him! Probably I have some too overestimated ideals but if to understand, it is so natural, if the guy respects the girl. I do not know... Tell to me your ideas. What relations should be between the guy and the girl? I was always met with men which is a little bit more senior than me. I believe, that the age should associate not with an old age, but with wisdom and experience. Yes, I to want children!! I very much to want to receive your photos!! I to not have a lot of own computer of a house, because of it to me to have to use the Internet of cafe!!! Forgive, but I to not have phone!!! I to search beloved, second half of heart, person with which I to want to create strong and happy family. Well, I should go to my work now and consequently I finish this letter. I hope soon to speak with you again. You are in my mind. Have a nice day! Yours Nadezhda
Letter 6

Hello my Dear!!! I am very happy to have an opportunity of dialogue with you again! You really speak with me in your letters about many good themes and I feel myself as in a fairytail when I read it! I am very grateful to you for warm attitude to me and for pleasure of dialogue which you give me every day!
Always when I read your letters, I think you sitting near to me and speaking all these words:) Probably I have rich imagination! I can imagine all your gestures and all your emotions with which you state your ideas. It very much amuses me:)
I want to talk to you about my English. I studied it 6 years at school and then I studied it 2 years at university. But it was not my specialist subject, therefore I did not give due attention to this. Now when I try to recollect my English it is frequently necessary to take the dictionary and to check:)) I never dialogue with the person for which English language would be the native language, therefore I do not know as far as clearly I express. Tell me as far as you understand my words and as far as you would estimate my English? Probably it can surprise you, that the girl having 2 native languages studies English:) it is valid, I speak on Estonian, on Russian and a little on English:) In that case here usually speak, that when the person incurs too much, he reminds the goose who is able to go, fly and float, but does not do anything well:))
Very much to like me pictures of your birthday!!!
Today I met with Anu and we spent some time. I told her, that I have got acquainted with very interesting person from other country and she spoke, that I probably a lunatic:) we laughed with her and she was very much pleased for me. She speaks you " Hello! ". It is very good when friends understand each other well. I and Anu are familiar since childhood and we understand each other very well. I very much trust her. Tell me about your friends? Probably such interesting person as you should have many interesting friends. I simply want, that you spoke them Hello! from me:)
Well, I shall finish this letter for today. Probably in the following letter I shall send you some pictures, therefore you should morally prepare:)) Write soon! Yours Nadezhda!!!
Letter 7

Hello my love!!! I am so happy to speak with you again! I really see your love to me and it makes me especially happy! I really could not think, our letters will take such effect on us! Nevertheless I am ready to declare with the full responsibility now, that you are the main sense in my life! I so love you as far as the fish can love water, and a bird the sky. I love this world only what here I meet you. I love this sky because you too see it above your head. I love this air because you inhale similar. All environmental speaks me to me about you and I am happy to love you and to dream of you.
We perfectly understand each other and I think that we are created to be together. In your letters and pictures you have shown many of the qualities that I consider to be qualities of the ideal person for me. We shall be very happy together because we will create a wonderful life together. You appear to be a very romantic person with whom I will easily share my entire life. You have opened for me absolutely other world. It is the world of happiness and it is perfect I to want to be near to you!!! I to want to see you in a reality!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
With Love your Nadezhda!!!
Letter 8

Hello !!! I hope you do not become angry if I already speak you "my":) I think you my friend and is very glad, that we are familiar. I am really happy to meet such special person as you in so fragile place as the Internet. I hope that we feeling are more strong it.
I think myself the person which really knows that he wants from a life. I very persistent person and I try to squeeze out everything from my life, that is possible!:) I really know what relations I wait from the partner now. It should relations which be as much as possible approached to idyll. This such condition relations when it is necessary to hide or to trust each other. Probably it only dream and it is impossible, but it should be the purpose for relations. The formality of wedding only approaches relations to this. I think, that I would like to leave in marriage. What do you think of it? What should be relations between the man and the woman?
I to speak, that it is memory of my father because, my father has died one year ago, of heart attack!!
Very much to like me your photo!!!!
With my my mum very much to not suffice us him!!
I to not drink alcohol in general!!
My holiday to begin very soon!!!!
On it I finish this letter. I hope to speak with you soon!
Yours Nadezhda!!!
Letter 9

Hi !!!! Very much happy to get a letter from you. You know I start catch my mind on that I miss your letters. Day by day I think if you'll write me a letter or not. If not, I will feel upset. I want to talk to you today about solitude, particularly one of soul and body. Solitude is a terrible thing. As for me, being a lonely person I have no desire for opening my eyes in mornings. I don't need a fake of love. I need real love. Solitude concerns not only soul when one gets nobody to confide to, when nobody takes care of your life, your health, your mood, when one has all the days gone by in the same way. Only troubles. Such a person knows nothing but his soul, his senses and his body. My body suffers from solitude as well. It is deprived of making love with a desired man.
From your letters I understand I draw to conclusion you are a deeply talented person. You are gifted. You come about to be in a situation of not being understood. Such people like you and me feel the wall of estrangement stronger and more painful. Owing to your intellect you are higher than your environment. You as well as I have some difficulty to find people of our mind for communication and mutual understanding. Even people the closest to us pretty often can't have our ideas. They try to impose their life style.
But you are *****. You aren't like everyone. This doesn't always get to people's mind. You are a keen personality and make me surprised every time. You are able to occupy your head with clever thoughts. You have got nice passions filling your free time. A lonely person is a very thoughtful person. Solitude is followed by consideration. This is the lonely individual who may give an objective judgement of life values.
My dear, it to be valid a joke!! I to want to check up you it is a little!!! I to be very glad, that you to ask me why I to send the same letter!!!
Man rules all his life. Perhaps you draw a sad sense after reading of solitude? Every person is a brilliant star if he has one he shines for. Waiting for your answer. Your Nadezhda!!!!
Letter 10

Greetings my love Emil!!!!!! I am very pleased to receive your letter. I very much waited for it!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!! My dear, I am constant to think of you.
My dear, now I to not present and day without you!!!!!
My love, I to trust you, that you real, I to trust you, that you do not play with me, I to trust all your words because I very urgently love you!!! You are very necessary for me!!!!
My dear, I to tell about you to parents, they very much to be admired, They very much to please, that I to find such good person, as you!!!
They very much to be pleased when to see my happy eyes!!!!!!!
My dear when to ask parents, that I to want to be with you.
My dear, my parents to answer me which they all with me coordinate Also will not be against if I to arrive to you because they To wish success of me only it is a lot of good luck!!!!
I very much to be admired after their words, you I see their my parents.
My love, after their words I am stronger to want to be close to you!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! My dear after I to receive your letter, I to ask aunt Svetlana to study, which would be required for my arrival in you. The my dear person of love!!! I have good big happy news to us mine Loved!!! The fact in which my aunt Svetlana has learned about all The information for my arrival in you! Svetlana informed, that she has Ociaiiue, how many costs the visa and the foreign passport also. Svetlana has Connected to Embassy and there have told to her, that it will be Better for us with you if I shall have the visa of the tourist. It Tourist visa B-2, the visa of the visitor will be in valid within six months. On This type of the visa, I shall be, I can travel up to Germany without any restrictions. The price of this visa as Svetlana has been informed in embassy, - 134 Euro . In this price includes process of registration The visa which costs 53 Euro. How aunt Svetlana as it is accepted Interest about other kinds of visas also, concerning her has told, That there is a set of kinds of visas. For example, the visa a The bride. Svetlana thought, that this visa of the bride arrives closer to us, But her in Embassy have told, that this visa costs more softly and Registration of the visa costs many money.It - around the Germany for 543 Euro And registration of the visa will be within the limits of limits of seven months, it - very much For a long time and road! From it, because tourist visa B-2- Most of all the best variant than the visa of the bride now for us my love! My love, I want to ask you one my thing, I should ask yours The help with financial accusations for reception all necessary documents For my arrival in you. As it is probable, there can be you, know economic Situation in our country, it is simply awful, and in ours a? onea do not give The income to work the personnel during long time. Our government Explains, that it to this is simple, they have no any money, it - a Difficult financial situation, and they have no any references behind of the help on The income for any kind of work only. My dear, my love, I Have the big desire to arrive to you to see you at last and only References behind of the help separate us from everyone another. My love, I to decide to learn all this, and to want to arrive to you, only, because you to speak, that can help to arrive to me to you because for me it is very expensive!!
And I to trust you my dear!!! I very much love you, honey, And I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. Certainly, I have asked my parents, and friends to help me with it loading on Necessary documents for my arrival , but mine abusing also father, do not do Have such money though they would like to help us.
My dear Emil, in in general I I demand 293 Euro. It Certainly the big money, you probably thought, it - is more than All-round price of the visa and registration of the visa, but I should To receive the foreign passport, too certainly which price - 103 Euro . Also I should pay medical examinations also, it will be 56 Euro.
How aunt Svetlana will try to find cheaper prices of air The ticket to rush to you. I want to ask you, which The closest airport names from your city? Also, please, Inform me about the approximate price of the ticket of the plane also, well?
Please, aunt Svetlana demands it datas! As Svetlana will try to find a Cheaper airticket! I so happy from it so happy news from the aunt Svetlana! But now, first, my dear, I should to begin process Registration of all necessary documents, all I demand to 293 Euro as I have told. My dear Emil if you will send to me So for these documents, it will be better to make necessary funds Through system of the Western Union, I interested about it mine Relatives. As relatives have told to me, the Western Union beterest and quickly transfer system in the world. Also my love, You demand some datas me, you demand my full name and the address: My name Nadezhda
My surname Ibraeva
My address: Russia, city of Kazan, street Pushkin 25-15 My dear Emil, I want to ask you when you will send it 293 Euro of references behind of the help, it will be it - necessary for me to which you should Send to me the important information which has demanded in a package of money.
Concerning me have told, it - number of the control which will consist of 10 numbers The number -MTCN Transfers Money of the Control . This number you will have in The receipt which work the operator, will give you. My dear, you If to send me it so the important data in E-mail. Without it Data MTCN, I, willn't can to receive references behind of the help which are necessary for My arrival in you my dear. My love as your full address it is necessary for me! My love Emil, I understand Completely that it includes the big money, but to me - is more on the one whom I can To rely and on it, I ask you about your help with, it charges. Mine Love, we - me, and you like each other very much, and we shall be Together, simply, I my confident it liked!!! I expect and I dream during one moment of our meeting at your airport mine! I shall shout during this moment when I shall leave from air pass and When I shall care of you mine because it will be with our my happiness Love. I close my eyes, and I imagine about it so happy Picture. My love, I dream, as we shall live together mine e? To go Stored walks for our hands my love Emil. I want it you Will show me your native basis, places where you like to go for a Walk and where you like to spend a lot of your time, also I wants to Get acquainted with your relatives, and close friends so! I want To be with you very much, so big my love! I love you Emil, And I iai?? a? Without you my dear love! My dear, I want to speak you That I have, spoke with my mum and the daddy about us again and again, Especially about my arrival in you! I want to speak you that my family Have so many happy smiles for us, With you my Emil, they are so happy, because we like each other very much, Simply they have told to me, that we shall be happy with you, and they wish us a The big happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from ours Love with you, and they understand me, that we with you May without everyone Another also wishes us the big love at this time and our future life also! Simply The big congratulations from my family up to you, please, accept love From my parents, they love you as the relative son! Well, my love, Let me to finish my dear Emil my E-mail, I expect Your messages so big my love!!!
My love, I to trust you!!!!!!!
I love you my dear!!!!!!!
I to love your photo!!
It - is a lot of many my warm kisses and embrace for you!
For ever,
Your love Nadezhda!!!!!!!!!!!
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