Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello sweet man!
my name is Nadya. I dream of meeting a man. A man whom I can give all my love and care,
my tenderness and kindness, and who can appreciate it. Maybe I can find my other half,
even if he lives in another country and in other part of the world. I'm loving and caring person. I want to creat my own strong and happy family. I like nature, animals, to learn new things. I dream of a man who will spoil and make me crazy. Please, write me back to the address:
Letter 2

Hello, Sandro
It's Nadya. I write this letter to you because I'm very like you...
Of course, I have friends, we hanging out with them from time to time,
but the problem is that I can't find the person which is interesting to me. Actually I want to find the love of my life and maybe it's you. You know what happiness it is to know that there is a man beside you who cares for you and it's a great pleasure to love him and to care for him. I'm a very sociable person and I like to meet interesting people. And I think it's a great gift when you have a close friend which is beside you even if he is far away and the greatest thing is when this friend is your man, your lover.
A man that cares for you, who can defend you from all the troubles of life,
a friend who can talk to you about anything, advise you simething, who can share joy and sorrow with you. I think love is a great gift of our life and we should'n neglect it, And of course, it's a great pleasure. It's interesting for me to communicate with a man from abroad, may be it's because I know our men a bit and I want to get to know foreigners. But I'm sure in one thing - love speaks all languages, because LOVE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. And I' m seeking for it. I will be waiting your letter.
Sincerely, Nadya...
Letter 3

Hi, dear Sandro!
Thank you for your interest in me :) I want to tell you more about myself. Where to begin...?
I want to tell you about my good and bad qualities :) That is very hard to speak about myself,
but i will try to do it with the honesty. I was born on may 11 and I will go 24 this year.
I have a lot of friends. I have a lot of dreams. I have a lot of love in my heart. I can say that I am very rich girl :) I have the most important things in the world - love, friendship and dreams.
Almost every night I see colored dreams and would rather believe in everything I meet, because "there is no such lie which would not become truth". My dream is to love and to be loved. I want to have in my future family a lot of love, honesty, mutual understanding and care. The most important for me is to make happy the man who will be near me.
What can i say else...? I like water and warm air, Teddy bears,
exclusive shoes, ruins, industrial sights. I know that people never meet by accident, and if they met really, they will never part (and it does not matter if they see each other, write letters) Sometimes I think that everyone is lonely by its nature. But the words,
which create the world, unite; episodes happen and connect into the life.
And now I want to tell you not about my dreams and intentions but about my real life :) In this year I was graduated from the University. Now I live with my family and try to find an interesting job. I spend a lot of time in the gym,
because I like to keep fit :) I like to meet with my friends, to go to the cinema, to dance, to go to the theatre. I like to test different kitchens. My most favorite is Italian and Chinese. I adore Pizza and then after it I spend two hours in the gym :) I think that's more then enough for the first letter. Now is your turn! And you must know that you are free to ask me any questions!
Bye for now! Hope to hear from you again :) Nadya
Letter 4

Dear Sir,
We are the translating firm "Proton".The girl whose name is Nadya came to our firm.She does not know English and doesn't have any access to Internet and all this time you were communicating through our firm but unfortunately her accouht is closed.If you want you can help this lady.All you need to do is to write to us and we will transfer the details of the payment.
Sincerely Yours, "Proton"
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