Scam letter(s) from Natalia Gabdulina to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my name is Natasha. You have interested me in the structure. I hope that as I shall like you. To me 25 years.
I want to find the love through internet. If I have intrigued you that please write to me on mine e-mail: I shall wait for your letter. I hope that you write to me.
Letter 2

Hi David!
I am glad that you have answered my message. I hope that you further will write to me still.
I want to tell to you slightly about myself.
I was born and I live in city Kazan it to be in the centre of Russia.
I have ended the higher school where I and have studied the English language to me marvellously it was gave easily, then have gone to study to university as economic faculty. At present I work the medical sister in hospital to me it is pleasant to work there to look after people.
I live with mum and with the father. I the only child in family. I very much love the parents, they gave much to me in mine in life.
I have decided to find the love through internet as I can not find the love here. At me the guy was before but we do not refer characters. I think that can find the love through internet.
Whether I want to ask you to like I to you in a photo which I shall send. I hope that I have liked you.
I have no an opportunity to write to you constantly as I write you from internet-cafe but I shall try to answer your letters. I want to ask you that has pushed you to search for the love through internet and whether you correspond with someone except for me. I heard that Russian women frequently deceive and are engaged in swindle and because of it I am afraid that can not find the love through internet.
I hope that you soon will write to me I shall wait for your letter.
Your new friend from Russia Natasha!
Letter 3

Hi my frend David! I am glad that you continue to write to me. Further I hope that our attitudes will develop more than simply friendship and we can like each other, but it is still far you see we we know about each other a little. From yours of letters I have understood that you very decent person. I as have no children but I very much would like to get them. I very much like to be found with children. To me fugure skating and hockey too to like to observe sports meets especially I like to look. I like look hockey it may will seem to you strange but I am sympathized very much with this kind of sports. As I like to read books to go to theatres and many other things if I shall list the interests that it will borrow too many time. It is all as to my interests. I very negatively treat those who make profit of swindle in internet and because of it I do not want to hurry up with hasty conclusions. I heard that frequently Russian girls use it. To me it is very insulting for it. You see I search for true love. Who was very a pity to me of those people is deceived, I hope that all of them will find the love. I hope that you soon will write to me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your friend from Russia
Letter 4

Hi David! I am very glad to see your letter. You have told in the last letter why I have not found to myself the beautiful guy here I want to answer your question for me on the first place there is no beauty and that that from itself this person with which I represents want to have any attitudes. At me not too it is a lot of friends but me suffices. Usually we with them go to walk in park. Almost of all I are friends from school and we perfectly know each other. I as want to know about you more. And as about your friends and about your family. Now to me I was necessary to go very much I hasten. I hope that you soon will write to me back. I with impatience shall wait for your answer and as I shall be glad to answer all your questions. Your friend from Russia
Letter 5

Hello my dear prince David!!!!!
I shall be possible to name you so? I already during long time did not speak such words from whom. I have arrived today in Internet cafe, and was very admired to your letter. In me since then Morning was bad Mood, and only you could please me. I already start to be absent under your letters And when you will write to me in me, I am encouraged, also always I feel excellently. I was more And it is more and beginnings to be convinced more, that I to have already an investment to you and already To wait for your letters with impatience. I to not think, which such can take place and it - very much Pleasant for me also I think to you also. It is very pleasant for me, that you understand me and Capable to listen to me. Understanding - very main thing Between people when they want to have Serious attitudes. If people - are not capable to listen the friend the friend and also to not understand, In them any future - not existing. I am very pleased, that in us very much all well my gentle. I want to inform you many thanks that that you in me, that we have found each other And now more and more and we study more, and we get used the friend the friend. This most important In our life. I very much even would like to remain within one minute with you and to speak confidentially My dear. Even, to hear your sweet and gentle voice, but we have no phone. If it is required to be made on On a computer I during long time have made it. I think, that on a voice about the person it Possible to understand it is a lot of. How you think, I am right? But I can correspond with you only on Computer. But I think, and I hope, that which the moment which will meet us also all will arrive We shall do us to do happy each other. I think, what you agree with me? But we should study The friend the friend from various managements, it then would not be late. You see in life, all is important. Even if you pass probably the moment, it is possible to regret for it very much.
In us now good weather, earlier everyone was rains, and was *****. We with mum have small summer Residence. Now, so it is good. I so wanted to be now there in a years residence with you to Conversation on everything to discuss All you and my problems to look at stars to convenient on you and to dream about Our future. But I can Only to dream of it because you so it are far from me my honey. In a garden in Us a berry and vegetables grow and Many beautiful colors. I give you their my dear.
I so love red roses. To me during long time did not give flowers, and I dream, it in such beautiful Time I shall find love and it will present me red roses, and I shall be in love with it Without opinion. Also it - everyone will be so romantically, and I was beautiful already for long Time did not check such feeling and very much want to check up them!!!
But while I one also search for the partner in life. I very much want to continue with you attitudes And I believe, that In us everyone can be good my sweet!!! I want to answer your questions:
You very nice guy and very much like me.
I think that to us still early to think of a meeting but I want to warn you beforehand That I think that Russia not so good place for our future meeting.
I want to tell more in detail to you about the parents. My mum 53 years she call Naaeaia to it all life has worked the teacher of physics.
I the daddy is called Vladimir to it with 56 years and it worked as the taxi driver.
Now they on pension. I am very much obliged to them for that that they gave me all that is necessary for me in this life.
Unfortunately I have no phone but I shall try in the future itself to call to you from a public telephone booth. If you to me certainly will leave the phone number.
My yaeyaony:oeeoa STEPAN RAZIN address the house 25 apartment 114
I have written to you, that I work as the bookkeeper in a dining room. My mum on pension. And I very much try On work, I obey the head. Now I work on changes because of a set of clients. In us it - is a lot of visitors, Everyone speaks, that in us very tasty food. Earlier I worked for 8.00. Hours, and now till.
At presence of higher education in us it is very difficult to find normal work. I estimate this work Because, if, you will lose other Work, it is necessary to wait 1-years.
Certainly, in Russia now it is very difficult to live and me without distinction where to live, Though in the north, only if With me there will be my loved person!!! You agree with me?
Mum transfers you congratulations and speaks, that you were Healthy and always to you bore. On this Sunday we with it shall go in church, and I shall pray For your health, for your successful has put. I the supporter and I believe in the God. In leisure I always go to church. Please, write to me how are you doing, what you do, how do you feel, as your relatives? I shall wait from you the letter and very very to grieve without on you my fine friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 6

Hi my love David!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your message.
I am glad that you have considered my feelings reciprocity.
Your letters always warm my soul.
But I very much would like to meet you.
I hope that it will take place soon. I speak you it as have understood that I can not live without your love.
Your last has touched me and I was ready to burst into tears with happiness.
I at last have found that person with whom could connect the further life.
In I went together with naae mum to church and there have put a candle for our further future.
I believe in the god. And you believe in him.
Whether as I want to learn you correspond with someone except for me?
Please answer this question sincerely. It is very important for me to know the answer to this question.
Our further attitudes should be under construction on trust.
I did not reflect yet on that as I can arrive to you my dear David.
I want to tell to you thanks for that figure which you it has sent me very much has touched me.
Before I have not met you that corresponded with three people.
But I have understood that any of them does not approach me.
As I would like come to be with you together in any soft bed that we could to lead there unlimited time. We should aspire to that what to meet each other. Each time I reproach myself why at us in Russia a low standard of living.
If I had enough finance that I would arrive to you. If you would be not against.
But it at present is not possible. I have no such opportunity.
But to not cost to be upset in fact at me there is you and I shall overcome all barrier for the sake of a meeting with you.
But I do not want to speak you about it more.
My parents send the regards to you. I have told him about you.
And they are very glad for me. Also send the regards to you from them.
I do not know what to write to you still in fact all that I test to you it is impossible to transfer in these letters. I hope that you soon will write to me back.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter.
With love yours forever Natasha!
Letter 7

Hi my love David! I am glad will receive your letter. I have not understood about that that you would mean about that what to help me.
I would not ask you that you helped me. I only love you and I want to meet you. Whether I want to know you wish this. I love you I cannot live knowing that where that on the other doomsday lives the person most favourite to me that is you. As I would like that you held me in the strong embraces. I very much very much want to meet you. I hope that you soon will answer my message with love yours forever Natasha
Letter 8

Congratulations my love, my future sweet husband David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read your letter, and I am very pleased, which you have written to me.
How do you feel? How you have conducting day? You thought of me?
So you do not satisfy me here. In me all time of idea Only about you and all my desires it only you. I of you Very urgently I love also to me, it - very much pity, that we not together.
I very much I miss, you, without your words, in me drip Tears off eyes when I think of us with you. I pay As I can not live without you, my tenderness.
My head is forged by ideas only about you, about mine The beautiful person!!!!! On work I can not concentrate, therefore It before mine eyes only your image, your beautiful Eyes, your gentle hair, your strong body...
My dear, in me heart can not without you. My heart Young and gentle, sensitive to all. I have grown loving you All soul and all heart. If you damage this heart, That I can not live in this world more, and I can not more To raise loving whom - that, because you and only you mine most of all The big love in my life and as I love you, I whom is not present Liked. You became my beacon in my way. You have made me The happiest in this world, you have presented me a lot of happiness.
And I want to give you a lot of happiness and each second. I wish To be yours the main person in life, your assistant and Your desirable woman.
My sweet, we should try to reunite the friend with The friend, that it would do not cost to us. For the sake of you I shall bypass all terrestrial Sphere on foot. I want to go in you and to know, that with everyone the past In meter, I all is closer and closer to you. You want it? If yes, That I shall go today in a way. I shall run to you and to not stop But I am ready for the sake of us with you to do not by possible, my future husband. My love to you is huge and very strong as a nuclear bomb. The girlfriend. She is ready to help us. She will try to do all quickly And it is good. I want to arrive to you and to kiss you all life.
Let's begin movement the friend the friend, because under a stone of imposing Water does not flow. We should aspire to each other and then the god Will help us. I know, which it on our party and I pray concerning it. If I had an opportunity, and I would not start to ask means In you the help, and all would do and arrived to you, my fruit.
But you know, which I earn a little though I work very much I was a lot of very much try. Why in Russia a standard of living so low? I Executed these people which consider various laws in us. People Very much work also their work here so it is a little appreciated. I liked, if you have an opportunity to come nearer to our hearts And on always to connect them allow me to arrive to you, and I shall thank You life love also fidelity to you. Fine, I can not More should sit on a place. My soul is torn to you, and my heart pour Hot blood from distance of us with you. You understand me? Let's not wait a miracle, and we shall create this miracle. And this miracle Will consist in our happy and long life with you!!!!!!!! It - very much pity to me, that my time arrives to the end.
I shall write to you later. I give you the most gentle kisses and!!!!!!!!!
Your love Natasha on always.
Letter 9

Hi my love David! I am very glad to receive your new letter. I just would go to agency that how many will learn to cost my arrival to you, in fact I cannot wait for that moment any more when we shall meet you my dear David. There to me have told that I need to make a number of documents. They include the medical information she costs 85 $ as the passport for travel abroad it is necessary for me costs 215 $ and the visa its cost 450 $. And as the ticket it is necessary for me costs 1200 $. I was shocked these prices as I have no such money. I do not know that to me to do. Whether I want ask you you can to help me n?oi to reunite with you my dear David. I do not know to whom to me to address in fact the closest person it you and my parents, but at them such money. Please tell to me as to us to act further. In total leaves 1950 $. These are very big money. I know that you can think what I did not arrive to you but I very much would like to meet you. I hope that you will help me with arrival to you. Please answer this letter as soon as you will read it. I shall look forward to wait for your letter. With love yours forever Natasha.
Letter 10

Hi my love David! I am very glad to receive your letter my loved. I just would call in bank what to learn as you can transfer the money quickly and reliably. There to me have told that the best way it to address in the Western Union. You should come there to give my data.
My full name (Natasha Gabdulina) enters into them as you should tell where I live (Russia the city of Kazan) and there to you should transfer money and give number I do not remember as it refers to. I hope that you have understood about what I have told to you. I am very glad to that that we soon shall meet you. I very much love you and I want to wait more likely that moment when you will meet me at the airport. I hope that you soon will answer my letter. As I want to tell to you thanks for that that you have sent me this fine flower. I with impatience shall wait for your following letter. With love yours
forever Natasha.
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