Scam letter(s) from Natalia Gabdulina to Herb (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi Herb!
I am glad that you have answered my message. I hope that you further will write to me still. I want to tell to you slightly about myself.
I was born and I live in city Kazan it to be in the centre of Russia.
I have ended the higher school where I and have studied the English language to me marvellously it was gave easily, then have gone to study to university as economic faculty.
At present I work the medical sister in hospital to me it is pleasant to work there to look after people.
I live with mum and with the father. I the only child in family. I very much love the parents, they gave much to me in mine in life.
I have decided to find the love through internet as I can not find the love here. At me the guy was before but we do not refer characters. I think that can find the love through internet. Whether I want to ask you to like I to you in a photo which I shall send. I hope that I have liked you.
I have no an opportunity to write to you constantly as I write you from internet-cafe but I shall try to answer your letters. I want to ask you that has pushed you to search for the love through internet and whether you correspond with someone except for me. I heard that Russian women frequently deceive and are engaged in swindle and because of it I am afraid that can not find the love through internet.
I hope that you soon will write to me I shall wait for your letter.
Your new friend from Russia Natasha!
Letter 2

Hi my frend Herb! I am glad that you continue to write to me. Further I hope that our attitudes will develop more than simply friendship and we can like each other, but it is still far you see we we know about each other a little.Mine ID is number A5111928. You have very much liked me on the photo. I as want to send you one more photo. I hope that I shall like you. From yours of letters I have understood that you very decent person. I as have no children but I very much would like to get them. I very much like to be found with children. To me fugure skating and hockey too to like to observe sports meets especially I like to look. I like look hockey it may will seem to you strange but I am sympathized very much with this kind of sports. As I like to read books to go to theatres and many other things if I shall list the interests that it will borrow too many time. It is all as to my interests. I very negatively treat those who make profit of swindle in internet and because of it I do not want to hurry up with hasty conclusions. I heard that frequently Russian girls use it. To me it is very insulting for it. You see I search for true love. Who was very a pity to me of those people is deceived, I hope that all of them will find the love. I hope that you soon will write to me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your friend from Russia Natasha!
Letter 3

Hi my love Herb! I am very glad to receive your new letter.
I want to tell to you that I love you and I want to tell to you thanks for that that you in every possible way support me in a complex situation.
Now I just have come from hospital. I have stayed there approximately about one day and I very much would like to sleep, but I have decided to go in Internet - cafe as I to you have one very big request my dear Herb.
At my mum still very complex condition and it urgent operation is necessary. I spoke with the doctor and it has told that at it very complex situation.
Such operations do only in paid clinics, in public hospitals there are no such preparations. Treatment and especially operations in these clinics cost dearly, but I am ready on all if only only to rescue mum.
I called there yesterday and was interested how many can cost what to transfer my mum there, there to me have told that on all on full treatment and operation will leave 8650 $.
I have no such money, but they are very necessary for me for that what to rescue my mum. Whether therefore I want ask you you to me can to help to rescue my mum.
I hope that you will positively answer this question. I know that you love me and you should help me.
I ask you my dear Herb try to find this sum. Each minute is now important and I hope that you can help me.
Please help to me I very much love mum and she the unique person except for you which has remained roads to me.
I very much hope that you can help me.
I hope that you soon will answer my letter. I with impatience shall wait for your answer my love. With love yours forever Natasha.
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