Scam letter(s) from Natalia Gabdulina to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Eric! I am very glad to receive all your new letters. I want to tell once again that very strongly I love you.
At me happened very big to mountain. My mum have placed in hospital.
She had sick heart and now she is in very complex situation and complex operation is now necessary for her.
I have just come from hospital and there I communicated with the doctor which is appointed to treat her.
He has told to me that the situation with my mum is very difficult also to her difficult operation is necessary.
Unfortunately in usual free-of-charge clinics do not do such operations and she needs to be placed in paid clinic.
I consulted on doctors and learned how many will cost to me have told that it will cost 4150 $. I as the physician himself understand that the situation with my mum is very difficult also to her surgical intervention is urgently necessary.
I cannot have such money and mine the daddy as is very much upset, we do not know that to us to do and consequently I have dared to write to you and to ask this sum even in a duty. We shall try to give you of it in the future if you really love me (I in it is completely sure) then you should help me.
I do not want to lose mum. I very much hope for your help. Each minute is now important. It is very difficult for me to be now in Internet - cafe as I did not sleep two day. At me eyes have swelled. I constantly pay.
To me your support is now very important especially and I hope that you can help me. Even now from my eyes tears flow, I cannot present that I shall lose mum. Please Eric, help to rescue my mum. I shall be always grateful to you. I very much love you, as well as you me.
Excuse that I do not write your girlfriend as I have not enough time and I now want to go in hospital and to wait.
I would ask the god that it has helped to rescue my mum and did not take away her to itself. I very much expect for your help as I any more do not know where to me to take such sum, these are very big money.
I hope that you will help me and my mum.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer my love.
With love yours forever Natasha.
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