Letter(s) from Julia Gorodgnicheva to Felix (USA)

Letter 1

Dear, Thanks for sending me a message.
I hope my small story about myself of you will not tire? Ok, to me 28 years old. I Was born and live now in city Saransk. It is located in Russia. It is not so big city, but for me it native. I have not been married. Children are not. Very much to want to create family with the kind and fair person. I work as the school teacher. To teach chemistry in the senior classes. I live together with my parents and my younger sister. During free time from work I like to visit pool or to go to theatre. Today at me weekend and I shall go in theatre together with my girlfriends. Very much I like to prepare I peep. I think, that I not the bad cook. My favourite a dish - salmon baked with mushrooms and white wine. First of all to appreciate in people (honesty, wit and education). I hope, that you liked my story. I also send you the photo which I have accepted this week. Very much I hope for your answer as soon as possible. I wait for the letter. Sincerely yours. Julia.

Letter 2

Hello Dearest.
How at you an affair? I hope, that all is good. Today in the street it is snowing and I think, that it will not thaw any more. Tomorrow it is necessary to go again for my work in school. I love the work, but of it very much to get tired. I work at school 7 years. OK, I shall try to speak little bit more about my family. Mine the daddy works as the driver of a trolley bus. My mum worked as the teacher. Has received the last year a rank of the deserved teacher of Russia. My sister to go to school. Then is going to act in pedagogical institute. I too have finished it with distinction. On it I shall finish the letter as I need to go to tidy up an apartment and to make a dinner. Write to me about the dreams and desires, and also about the plans for the future. OK? I shall write to you tomorrow from my work during the lunchtime. I send you a photo. On a photo I and my mum. I wait for your letter. Kisses. Julia.

Letter 3

My honey! How are you??? Very good evening yesterday was. I to prepare for a fish with vegetables. It was very tasty. Also to my parents there has on a visit come her girlfriend. It was very opportunely.
After a supper I to speak with my mum about you and that you very much like me and that I to want to visit you abroad. I did not expect, that my mum so will quickly approve my decision. She has told, that will help me with my visiting. I need to legalize only my papers (the visa, the passport and to receive the insurance document). Mums the girlfriend works in a travel company as the adviser. She was yesterday during a supper too. She has told, that problems are not present and that she can help to legalize papers in short term. She has suggested me to issue the visa for 2 months. This time will be enough to learn you. She has appointed to me date of reception in a travel company. It is necessary for me on reception on Wednesday. I will need to pay documents and to pay promptness of their registration. Cost has made 147 Euro or 170$. My mum has told, that my tickets will pay through the Ministry of Education. She also has told, that you have helped me with my visiting too. We with my mum ask you that you have sent me 170 $ for registration of my documents as my mum will take other charges all on itself. I saw the announcement on TV about system of remittances western union. It is very fast and reliable. You can send me of money in any branch of Russia for my full name and a home address, but I also have learned the address of bank which is located not far from my house where is present western union. I allow to you the information which to you will be necessary by transfer of money resources.
My full name - Julia Gorodnicheva.
My home address - 430027, Komsomolskaya 2-78, Saransk, Russia.
The address of bank where is present:
western union.
Aktiv Bank
Gagarina 87.
430027, Russia.
Tel: (7) (834) 2476749.
Also for me are necessary your information necessarily correct. Your full name. The name of the airport where you are capable to meet me. It perhaps everything, that is required. Next monday i shall make out the holiday for the period of two months but if you to want that I to leave back home earlier, it will be sad for me, but it will be your will. Nearly has not overlooked, please send me of money today or tomorrow that there were no problems with payment of my documents on Wednesday. I wait for your letter and ours with you of a meeting. Love! Yours Julia.