Scam letter(s) from Alena Ageeva to Alan (UK)

Letter 1

Dear Alan!
it is great talking to you and i hope our meeting will be a wonderful and unforgetable time.
here i send you the information about me.
My full name is Ageeva Olena.
Home address is Ukraine, Lugansk region, Belovodsk, Schevchenko street,
i wish you a good evening and talk to you later!
Letter 2

Dear Alan!
Yes, it's so great that we will be together on friday!
swetie, i think i just wasn't near the phonne when you called, so please try again today, i will be for sure with the phone.
sweetie, i have problems with the tickets to Kiev because i can use ony plane and they are expensive, i really don't know what to do about it, please can you call me and we will discuss our meeting.
Here we have a rainy weather since the morning, though all the week was very suuny and i was planning to go to the countryside, but now i see i will need to stay at home.
It's still warm and i think of going for some shopping later today.
Tomorrow i will go to the spots gym and actually i don't have other plans,
i wish you to have a good weekend and will wait for your answer.
Take care!
Letter 3

Dear Alan!
How are you doing today?
it's very lively to get the letter from you once again and i too now prepare for the trip, i feel very excited about it and it will be smth new in my life probably it can be the last email that i write, so i think we will meet as we aranged and i really wait to meet you!
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