Letter(s) from Chinyere Orizu to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

yes honey my name is chinyere,
i was just going thru d passport information u sent to me, dat says is 5,000 for a passport, if i pay 5,000 i wont get in d next 1 yr it wont be ready, so for to get ontime i av to make it express dat is paying additional money, and dat is about 20,000 naira.
how r u doing dis wkend. wish u were here with me
luv u

Letter 2

i dont think so, i asked them very well, i was told dat @ embassy, dat d immigration will ask me dat at d airport when am traveling and wen i get there too, dey need to knw how much i av wit me.
i will pay 4 visa wen i go pick u my passport on monday.
am sure bout wot am sayin, pls do ask dem very well, am told i need to have some money wit me since am traveling and at least 800 to 1000 US.