Letter(s) from Olga Sorokina to Akram (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Akram.
I am very pleased, that you have answered my letter. Did not think in general which you will answer me so soon. I hope, that in us good relations (attitudes ((relations) in the future will gather.
Thank for answers to my questions I very much estimate your attention. You want to continue our pleasant acquaintance and to study me better? In this letter I shall inform you about my family in more detail. My parents the most decent (significant) people.
To my father 63 years. It (it ((he) works as the driver of the lorry. It (he) goes in distant flights. To my mum of 59 years. She (it) (it) works as the teacher at school.
My mum the kindest woman, she (it) (it) very much loves children. I as very much children of love probably it was am transferred (handed) (displaced) to me from my mum.
They live the incorporated life 34 years. They are very happy with each other.
They live in three apartments of a room (place.) I very much frequently visit (attend) (visit ((attend) them.
I very much love parents. To my brother of 20 years.
It (it ((he) the student of economic institute. I think, which it will be interesting to you to study (find out) about my native city.
I live in city Cheboksary. It - very beautiful and big city..
On a site in the Internet http://www.cheb.ru/
My city is located on river Volga.
I think, which you heard about this big and beautiful Russian river. I think, that you very easily will find my city on a card (map). The population of our city approximately 600 Thousand inhabitants. In Cheboksary there are many beautiful and picturesque places where it probably is good, and interestingly messages (carry out) time. My city has many monuments and beautiful buildings.
If to you interestingly see it, I can to send you many pictures of my city.
You were in Russia?
If you will arrive to Russia, necessarily visit Cheboksary. You will be pleased with this trip.
I would like to know more about your country, your city about traditions. It will be very interesting to me to read it in your letters. I want in addition to, study (find out) each other better.
You seem to me the most good person.
It is interesting to you should know a lot of my private life?
I want to inform you about it.

Now I shall finish the letter.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.


p.s. Specially for you I send a new picture.

Letter 2

Greetings my dear Akram.
How - you?
I am very pleased to receive your answer.
I like your new picture.
It is pleasant, that our acquaintance is a success, also we have progress (progress).
I like to read your letters. They bring to me many pleasures.
I very much would like, that we had our love together.
I to search such special for persons as you.
I think, which my heart of me does not deceive.
Why? But I have chosen from all of you.
It is probable, because it - destiny.
My heart induces me. I was very pleased, when have found your letter in a box.
Now I go home after work and I think of our acquaintance.
I spend(see off) a lot of time on street.
I want to inform you more in more detail about private life.
I think, which we nothing should disappear from each other.
I have some disappointment in Russian people.
I had sad experience with the person from my city.
It (it((he)) was a few(a little,little bit) lot of the grown-up than me. We have acquainted with it (it((him)) at birthes of the basis of my girlfriend and liked each other.
We have met (have executed) (his((its)) this some time.
It (it((he)) was the most beautiful person and has made pleasant impression on me.
But then I have learned(found out) (found out), that it(he) (it) has other girl and that it (it((he)) has deceived all this time of me. Now it (it((he)) lives with other woman.
To me was very sick to transfer (to move) his(its) (his((its)) deceit. Now I feel me completely. But I already cautiously address with people. I think, that in Russia there is no enough of decent (significant) people. Therefore I have decided (decided((solved)) to search on me directly for the foreign friend.
Whether I know after this history, that there (there) - existing love between the person and the woman.
Now it is very difficult to me to entrust to people.
Whether I know, may, I find persons to whom I can trust completely. I hope, that I have not tired you with this sad letter.
Please inform me more in more detail about private life?
Tomorrow I shall search for your letter in a box. I hope, that you will answer me.



Letter 3

Greetings my best friend Akram.
Thank for your fast answer to my letter.
I want to inform to you, that I very much waited for your letter. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
I felt very alone in it day.
I thought of you!!!!!!
Thanks!!! I have received yours Greeting card!!!
I shall be very happy to speak with you on the phone.
Please inform me your number(room), where I can call you. Your letter is filled with honesty and kindness.
It gives me some hopes. You very good and attractive person!!! It - very much pity, that we while are far from each other.
To Cheboksary it is impossible to find the real person, the real husband who may love his (its) (his ((its)) wife and provide his (its) (its ((her)) happy life, happy life to the future family.
I think, that I might be the good wife to the husband.
Each woman searches for persons whom will love and respect her (it) (it). I want, that you knew my attitude (relation) (attitude ((relation) to life of family.
I only want the good relation (attitude ((relation) and the kind person for me am direct.
The person who becomes the good father to my children.
I want the good relation (attitude ((relation) to me.
I shall answer the person yours faithfully (attitude ((relation)), and lady to this everyone will love (it ((him)).
I search for serious attitudes (attitudes), whom, that who may understand me and who will be understood (n) by me.
Attitudes (relations) (attitude ((relation) between the person and the woman are very important.
The person always should address with the woman well, with love and respect (attitude ((relation).
It (it ((he)) should help with bad both good times and care (care) of all its (her) (its ((her)) needs (requirements) (requirement).
The person should give the woman all love and care (care). It (by which (it ((he)) should do (make) so that his (its) (his ((its) woman was the happiest on all basis (ground).
The woman should do (make) (do ((make) also most of all for the person. To support it (it ((him)) always, to be number (number) (line) when the person demands it (her ((it)).
I think, that the love is very important concerning the person and the woman.
I believe in this kind of attitudes (relations) (attitudes ((relations), for this purpose, that I search for it in life.
My ideas - it is close to yours?
Inform please what attitudes (attitudes) search for you?
You should know, that I live not in the best country.
I want, that my children had the best life, than I.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our attitudes (attitudes).
I think, that you, that the person who is necessary for me.
Dear Akram I want to convince you, that I - honour with you, that, I should not deceive you.

I shall look forward to hearing from you.



Letter 4

Hi my honey Akram.
I am very pleased, which has received your new letter. Your letter is very interesting to me!!!!
I with pleasure shall answer your letter.
Please excuse for a delay of my letter.
I was compelled to go away in business trip, and I have arrived only today and at once I write you this letter. Thanks for pictures.
You live in a very beautiful place.
I want to inform you more " my character and my soul.
I think, that you should know my private world.
I want to inform you " to me directly maximal Akram, I do not search for the rich person for me directly.
I search for the person who will share (divide((share)) with me love, persons with whom I can have happy family!!!
The majority of people in Russia does not come nearer for a marriage(spoilage) (to (damage) because they use set of alcohol, tobacco, drugs (medicines).
I am very pleased, which has found you Akram You very kind deeply loving(liking) person.
You are similar to the person of my dream!!!!! I examine(consider) (count) me as the most romantic woman.
I think, that I can trust you completely.
I can discuss with you in friendly conversation various themes. I can speak with you " problems.
I want to find in you the supporter, the friend and the husband. I can do(make) by kindness and tenderness your life accomplished(perfect). From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and a deceit of some people. I hate egoism.
I very much would like, that all people on the basis (ground) were happy. I receive many pleasures from dialogue with friends and interesting people.
I as love to execute (I spend I ((spend(((see off)) a lot of time of a house, I love an internal cosiness, I love calmness.
At this time I listen to music, silent slow music which brings many calmnesses and the consent.
You like to listen to music? You listen to what music?
I love various music. I love the Russian novels and some classical music. From foreign executors it is pleasant very much to me Madona, Scorpions, Mettalica and others.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses.
But nobody gives me them already during long time.
I dream, that in such beautiful season I shall have my love and to go with it(him) up to street with red roses in hands and a kiss with it(him) long long.
It - everyone will be so beautifully and romantically, I already during long time not test such feelings, and I want to feel it very much! I hope, that you have the pleasant moments in life when my letter is read. I very much would like to study (find out) you more.
I with impatience wait your answer.



Letter 5

Hello my dear Akram.
I am very pleased to receive your letter today.
For me the large pleasure to answer your letter.
I am very grateful to you for attention and interest to me.
My friend Akram I want you shall be possible to ask I to name you in the letters my love?
I think, that it will be pleasant for you.
It is very a pity, that we while are far apart.
We are divided (shared) by (with) thousand kilometers and large ocean. But I think, that we can overcome all barrier with the help of language of love.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no the force near to such strong, clever and careful man as you Akram.
My love I shall remember day of our romantic meeting all life.
I very much want to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamed, how we sit at a fireplace. The candles burn by soft, pleasant light.
The fire wood slightly cracks in a fireplace.
We look against each other and all our ideas on love.
I always try to continue traditions of my family.
My parents very much love each other.
They always help and support each other.
My mum always learned (taught) me to be independent.
I very love the clever and strong people, which have the point of view of representation concerning life.
I try to surround myself with the honour and sincere people, having one rare feature which the kindness refers to as.
The love for me means freedom.
Freedom of a choice of the favourite man. I should freely choose that the man, which I should give all sincere kindness, all feelings.
I think, that the creation of family should be based on love. If the marriage (spoilage) is created not on love, it (he) will not be long and happy.
The love is a victim.
If the soul of the man is remarkable, his (its) weak parties remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on new.
I Wanted shall have love for which I is ready to give back life. I would like to have such understanding and affinity, for the sake of which I would be ready to give back all.
What you think of all it?
What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
Akram Our vital ways have met.
Let them to burn as a bright star of our amazing love.
I shall wait your answer.
I hope for the destiny.

Love and kiss.


Letter 6

Hello my honey Akram.
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank for your sincere and warm letters.
It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man, Which trusts me.
How you?
How your days off have passed?
I hope, that at you all is good.
Well, I shall expect your arrival in Russia.
When you will arrive to me, it will be the happiest day in my life.
Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.
I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.
I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life.
I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me. That I have divided(shared) with you the life.
I love you my prince.
Your bride in Russia.

Letter 7

Hello my love Akram.
How are you?
I am indefinitely happy to receive your letter.
I always feel a lot of pleasures and happiness inside my heart when I read your letter.
I am very happy, that you recover.
They give me very much is warm and help to feel you during several minutes.
When I have met you I has changed.
You have opened the new world for me, world of love.
Now I rise in the morning with a smile on my person, because I know that not one. In this large world is The man, who thinks of me.
I want to tell you a thank. With you I feel myself by the woman, which wants to be happy to love.
I have lost the hope on happiness, seeing the rough Russian men. When I have met you you have given me Hope for happiness.
My love even the colleagues at work speak, that I have changed. They speak, that I more often smile also my eyes burn by light of pleasure. I am very grateful to you for it.
Akram I am very happy, that you do not leave me and estimate our correspondence.
You the present man, which is not afraid of problems, which can care. I am very happy, that you have chosen me and have given me chance to give you all love and tenderness.
I think of you my love.
Akram I need in you in my life.
My honey Akram I shall finish this letter, I wish to you all best and good mood.
I very much wait your answer and I send you the warm embraces.
Love on always.
Your bride.

Letter 8

My dear Akram.
Your letter again has brought light in my life.
How you? I hope, what at you all is good?
I shall be on the first of April in Moscow to meet you!
Akram, I want to ask you of the help, that you have paid my ticket up to Moscow.
I shall arrive there for day earlier and as I shall require hotel for one night.
It is necessary about 300 $ to pay all this.
I think, that the life is not so bad, if there are such people as you mine Love. The large thank to you for it.
You have kind heart and it can do(make) our attitudes(relations) more Warm.
Now when I have you I think that our life will change. The world becomes Kind, bright and warm for us. I think, that everyone requires this world in heat and love.
Why the world such? Why all happens?
I would like to create strong and amicable family with heat and love. I would like, that you smiled to me each morning and each evening. And I shall give a smile to you, I think, that it will bring to us a lot of pleasures and love.
I am ready to give back all for this purpose.
To find the present love it is a very difficult thing. But I have made it!!!!!!!!!
I love you my prince.
Whole you.