Letter(s) from Oksana Seryakova to Darren (England)

Letter 1

Hello dear Darren. At me all is good. And how at you today affairs loved? Darren I understand that you can help me with the opportunities. Also that you want to save money. But all problem in that that at me on holiday begins in April approximately in the tenth. And the following holiday at me will be only the next year. I with pleasure would take holiday later but I can not make it as at us at work all holidays are distributed between employees. And I can not take it in other time especially spring this very good time take holiday. Dear Darren I very well understand you and I want ask you how many you to me can to help as I already wrote to you that documents and visas cost 520 $ and still it is necessary for me on avia tickets approximately about 1200 $. And I certainly understand that it is the big money and I you see too have the though and not the big accumulation. Dear I very much want to arrive to you and I think that it will be the most good holiday in my life. Darren I think that you will understand me. And still I certainly heard about scammed and I think that certainly very bad. But I think that you believe me also I actually the present girl. And my surname Oksana Seryakova. And in days off we with girlfriends went to cinema and as always it was pleasant to me. And at my girlfriends all is good. And still I send you a photo. Well all right loved it is time to me to go home. I wait for your letter loved tomorrow. Kiss you.
Yours Oksana.


Letter 2

Hello dear Darren. At me all is good. And how at you today affairs loved? Dear I am very glad that both of us want to meet. Darren at me holiday will be in the beginning of April approximately in the tenth. And I want to arrive at once as holiday will begin. But dear Darren you know what small salary at us in Russia and I can not pay travel to you independently. Dear I very much like to go to cinema, museums and alcoholic drinks I almost I do not drink. But sometimes with pleasure. And still Darren excuse that I write the short letter as I today am very tired and I want home. Well that's all that I wanted to tell. I wait for your letter tomorrow loved. Kiss you Darren.

Letter 3

Hello dear Darren. At me all is good. And how at you an affair? I think that too all well. Dear Darren I am glad that you can to help me. And still I do not know how many all will cost. And I tomorrow shall go in travel agency and all I shall find out about my trip to you and how many all will cost. Dear Darren I so would like to arrive to you and to take a walk with you on your sights. And I necessarily want to visit on that bridge which you to me showed on a photo. Well and now I need to work and again the chief shout will lift that. Well all right I have gone. I wait for your letter tomorrow. Kiss you loved. Oksana.

Letter 4

Hello my lovely Darren! At me all is good. And how at you today affairs? Today in a lunch break I went in travel agency. And all has learned about my possible trip to you, and what package Documents it is required to me. On the one hand I am madly glad, that all Appeared, not so it is difficult as I assumed. On the other hand I am slightly upset. On all my charges, without air tickets it is required to me $520 . I have counted it at the rate a currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia. Also has transferred in dollars. I, certainly, assumed, that all costs dearly, but what so it is expensive! And I even was upset slightly. And now I shall send you this letter, and I shall wait the answer. If my charges for you will be dear, I, certainly, all I shall understand, do not doubt Darren. You see sometimes it is necessary to refuse itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In any case we shall be good friends. And at all I do not know, that I would like more, that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come. And still dear Darren there is a photo with the bridge the girlfriend has sent me when has learned that I am going to you. And today I have learned it also she to me have told that this beautiful place. I wait for your answer. Good-bye. I hope, that up to fast.
Your Russian girlfriend Oksana.