Letter(s) from Oksana Seryakova to Ian (England)

Letter 1

Hello Ian!
I already wanted to go home, but have checked up a mail and have seen your letter. And Certainly, I on him shall answer, and I shall not pull about tomorrow's day. Well, what we shall get acquainted? You already know my mark of the zodiac and my age. My birthday March, 15. But if it is fair, it would be desirable to look more youngly. It is a pity, there is no such means always to look young. I necessarily would use him! Thank that has found time to write. And I have stretched till evening and already I am not in time almost on the bus, but nevertheless necessarily I shall answer. Certainly, it would be desirable to find out about you on much greater. But in due course I think, we shall get acquainted closer. Yes? No, nevertheless I shall be late on the bus, it is exact. But it is not terrible. But to go in shop, all - equally need to be bought products for supper. Only today it is cold, and I yesterday could lose a glove, I do not know, where have overlooked, it is necessary to buy a new pair, a pity. It is good, that the working day was already finished, and it is possible to have a rest. Now I shall come home and on I amuse myself, than be tasty. I sometimes like to prepare on kitchen. But, the truth, it happens not so frequently and to be going especially there is nobody. I have dinner at work in our cafe. So houses I prepare only for supper and breakfast. I live in a small apartment approximately lived the area at me of 56 square meters. Well, what? Probably, the most important, I not for the husband and children still, unfortunately have no. And from it it happens me very sadly. But I believe, that at me still all ahead. Well, still, probably, it is necessary to tell about my family. I have mum to my mum 52 years, she very silent, kind both sympathetic woman and daddy to him 53 years, they live separately, at them the apartment, and I regularly try to call in to them on a visit. Usually on days off or on holidays. Still I have sister Olga, she is more senior than me for some years and lives in the other city. Very far, it is some thousand kilometers. We also see very seldom, usually in the summer. She is married also her husband the officer and serves in army. They live in city of Omsk. Olya speaks, that it is very beautiful city. And you about the family tell? Probably, it too will be slightly interesting to you. I live in town Alekseiha. It is an average strip of Russia. Well, like and all. I do not know what more to write. And so has already written it is not not enough. And at me the request to you. Send, please, with the letter the photos, well? It will be very good!