Scam letter(s) from Natalia Gumerova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend,
I really want to know you better. You seem a very nice person to me. If you want to find the great beautiful, tender, loving and passionate woman, then it is me. Please write me back to the address:
Yours Nataly
Letter 2

Hello my dear,
I'm glad that you haven't forgotten me:)
Sure i do read your letters and wantt o continue our correspondence.
I think it's my turn now to tell about myself,are you curious?
I live in Donetsk,Ukraine.My parents live in another country and i visit them very rarely:(
I rent a flat here and it's rather difficult life but still i like it.I've graduated from the University and my profession is khoreographer, so now i work in this field. I teach small children to dance, it is very interesting:)
Do you really think that we make a couple because i really hope for it?
I hope that you won't be against of the thin that i'm going to tell you, i use the translator to help me in our communication, so as ou understand i don't know English:( I hope to hear from you very soon.
Kiss you hotly and passionately:)
Your Nataly
Letter 3

Thank you so much for your letter,i'm very very glad to get it. Haven't you noticed that we became very close to each other thought we've written not so much letters but i think there really exist some kind of link between some people,and maybe we are those people?...
Today i have to tell you not very pleasant news... I won't be able to write you anymore but you should know that it's not because i don't want but because i just can't afford it... I'm afraid a little bit to tell you about because i know that you'll think bad about me... please don't think bad...
But just imagine what would you do if you were me?...I think that it'd be difficult to answer this question...
Just don't judge me for that but help if you can.I'm sure that you don't want to lose me as i don't want to lose you.I was never happy in my relations with men and hoped that you can help me with it...Can you?...
I won't tell you anything else because i'm ashamed of this letter but what else can i do?I do it because i can't just dissapear and lose you forever. Here is the address of the translation firm i use : you can ask them any questions and maybe you'll decide to continue our correspondence.
Waiting with a glim of hope in my heart,
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