Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Krylova to Chris (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Chris! How are you?
I am not very good and I have serious problem. Sorry for my short letter on friday, but I did not want to write you about my problems , because I did not want to make you sad. I am still in Minsk.
As you know , Friday was my last day of work , all was good and I came to my boss office to get salary for my work with children and for my work at restaurants and at wedding. We talked and he told me that he cant pay me now , he told me that he will pay me on 14 of December. I was in shock and I did not undestood what he told me , I told him that I need my salary now , because I must to pay for my trip to US ,and that it is very important for me. But he told me that it is not his problems and that I will get my salary only on 14 of December. I tryed to explain him that I need my money now and that he must pay me now , but he did not want to listen to me. He said that he is very busy and he cant talk with me anymore , he told me that he will be waiting for me on 14 of December. I was very angry and I told to him all what I think about him , but it seem to me that it did not care him. I did not try to talk to him again , because I saw that it was useless and he did not want to listen to me. I leaved his office and I did not know what to do. I think that I know why he did it with me. When I started to work for him I worked only as private piano teacher for children , I did not play at weddings and at restaurants. My boss brother's wife worked here too , she played with other musicians at weddings and at restaurants. But she had only one problem - she was not very good piano player and all musicians did not like to play with her. After some time other musicians understood that I play piano much better then she and they told to boss that they want play only with me , because I am much better pianist. After that I started to play with other musicians at weddings and at restaurants , it was good , because it is very good pay job. And after that situation boss begun to hate me , he always made different problems for me , he gave me most hard work in late time , but it did not care me , because I am very hardworking woman and I was ready to all work. I think that it was the main reason of my situation on friday, I think that it was his small revenge and it seem to me that he was very happy on friday, because he got what he wanted.
On friday after my talk with my boss I was in shock , because I knew that I need to pay to agency on monday. I did not know what to do. I thought alot about my situation and I understood that I must to do something, and I decided to ask all people whom I know to borrow me money. I called to transportation servise and I told them that I have problems and that I do not need truck , I told them that I will call them when I will need it. On friday evening I called to my grandma and I told her that I must stay in Minks for 2-3 days , I did not tell her about my problem , because I did not want to worry her. She was very sad and she told me that she feel herself very lonely. That is why I called to woman who will care about my grandma when I will leave Belarus,(I told you about her , her name is Lena), and I asked her to take my grandma in her flat on weekend , she said that she will be very glad to invite my grandma to her flat and to spend weekend with my grandma. That is why all weekend my grandma was with Lena and now she stay with her too , my grandma will stay in Lena's flat till I will come to Brest.
On very early saturday I started to visit all people whom I know , I asked them to help me and to borrow me money ,I told them that I will give money back on 14 of December. But some of them told me that they cant help me , and some of them told me that they want to help me , but they have not money now. I was very sad , because I helped to most of them many times and it seem to me that they forgot about it. It is a pity that I cant find woman who will buy my piano , she is in Germany and she will come to Belarus only on 14 of December , that is why I cant find her. All weekend I was on my legs , and it was most terrible weekend for me. I did all what I could and when I understood that I did not find help , I was very sad , it seem to me that it was most unhappy days for me.I did not sleep and I was nervous very much, because I always thought about what I will tell to agency on monday.
Today is monday , and at morning I came to agency. I told them that I cant pay them for their servise today , I explained to them my situation and I told them that I will be able to pay them on 14 of december and I asked them to wait till 14 of December. They told me that they cant help me. They told me that all what they can do for me is to wait till this friday. I was glad that they gave me time till this friday, because it means that I have chance. If I will not pay them till this friday , I will not go to US and it will take 5-6 monthes again to make all papers , but I cant wait 5-6 monthes , because I lost my work and I do not want to wait. When I think about all of it , I become very sad. I was very happy past weeks , but on friday all changed in one minute and I still cant belive in it.
You know , I though alot about my situation and it is very hard for me to write and to think about it , but I do not have other way...I decided to ask you for help. I decided to ask you to borrow me 800 us dollars. I need 800 us dollars to pay to agency. I will give it back to you , I swear , I am human of my word. It is very hard for me to write all this words , but I have not other way. When I worked in Germany I used WesternUnion servise to send money to my grandma , it is very easy and fast. You can use WesternUnion to send money to me too . As about me I will send you money back on 14 of December , when I will get my salary from my boss , or I can give it back when we will meet. I will do how you want. To send money you will need my full name , city and country where I will get money. Here it is :
full name : Tatsiana Krylova
city : Minsk
country : Belarus .
When you will send money , WesternUnion will give you 10 digits number , and you must send this number to me , because I will need it when I will get money here , without this number WesternUnion will not give me money. And also to get money I will need your full name and adress , please write it to me without errors , because I must be sure that it is correct.
Chris I am very sorry that I wrote this sad letter to you, and I hate myself for it , but I hope that you will understand me. Please write me as soon as you will be able. I will be waiting for your answer and I will check my mail very often.
Sorry for sad news. Your Tani.
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