Letter(s) from Vera Novoselova to Simon (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my loved Simon!
Or you any more do not love me?
I simply want to know as you to understand...
You know me have let out, I have certainly told that you want to talk to them because do not believe me, but People from tax have told that at them not agency on reconciliation and not the house of jokes, they the serious state organization..
I had nothing them to tell..
For me certainly is unimportant that you think of me.
Also that to you spoke, but I never in a life feel so much humiliations because of the man, And you know why because I love you, yes, even after that that I had to go through..
I had to give all money that I could be released, I have called mum and have told that with me happened She all over again has thought that it is draw, but I have told that I do not joke and it is necessary to search money..
I do not know that she thinks about me now but she will not throw me and will not turn away, we shall find money, I do not understand why you so have acted with me, I have some money.. I'll call you and we'll talk, and you to me will tell that I am unreal, I want to hear it from your lips, And if you to me it will tell, I shall not prevent you any more, I shall try to find money to repay, And then to give you of money from my salary, I think that it will arrange you..
You can laugh but I all the same love you..
I'll call you soon ..