Letter(s) from Lilia Odintsova to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Bob,

It is very pleasant for me that my letter did not remain without attention and you write to me back. I am glad that we have started to learn each other and I shall be happy if you man for me and I girl for you! I passionate young lady with witching eyes and full of vital sexual energy. In the basis of my heart I - sentimental and sensual. I want meet true love, someone especial, special to divide with him my life. If our feelings will be mutual, I shall make the future husband the happiest the man on the Earth! I shall give him all my love! I do not know, when this fine moment will come, but I shall be happy if our relations will go forward every day and then we shall see that occurs. I have the visa and ticket of the plane and if we shall decide to meet I shall be ready to fly to you at any time! As I have already told, I have ticket of the plane up to NY and I can change any information of the ticket during one year. In the ticket I can change not only date, but state of flight too. My visa is available and now is in embassy. To receive visa I should go in Moscow till February, 21. I shall be a straight line and I want tell you that if we shall decide meet, I need your help because I have lost many money to buy ticket of the plane, to legalize documents etc. I simply want that you knew that if we shall decide meet, that I cant fly to you without your help. I have the visa and the ticket of the plane but to fly in USA for me necessary money to change the information of flight, also to fly to you to me it is required to take trip to Moscow because the nearest airport only in Moscow. The visa is given for 90 days and if we shall decide to meet I can take holiday from work and can remains together with you for 80 days. I dont want to hurry event, but I simply give you more information. I know that one day of a meeting face to face lets know more each other than even 1000 letters and I want to tell that if we shall decide to meet, I shall be ready to a meeting face to face! On February, 20 I should go to Moscow for receive the visa. Then on February, 21 I shall have the visa in hands and if we shall decide to meet it would be convenient to fly to you since February, 22-27! I understand that hope on our relations is silly, but I shall be happy if we are created to be together! To understand it it is necessary to meet and we have fine opportunity! On it I finish my letter. Write to me more about you and any ideas about my letter. Also you can send any photos. I send you my photo. I hope that you love it. Tomorrow I shall send some more photo of me. I with impatience wait your answer.

Kiss, Lilia.